More than 800 totoaba swim bladders confiscated by Mexican authorities in smuggling busts

first_imgAnimals, Biodiversity, Bycatch, Cetaceans, China wildlife trade, China’s Demand For Resources, Conservation, Critically Endangered Species, Endangered Species, Environment, Fish, Fishing, Illegal Fishing, Iucn, Law Enforcement, Mammals, Marine Animals, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Conservation, Marine Mammals, NGOs, Oceans, Overfishing, Saving Species From Extinction, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Vaquita, Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation In two separate arrests of Chinese nationals, Mexican police confiscated more than 800 swim bladders from a large fish called the totoaba.Totoaba swim bladders are used in traditional medicine and can fetch thousands of dollars per kilogram in Chinese markets.Fishing for totoaba has also pushed a small porpoise called the vaquita close to extinction. One recent estimate puts the number of animals left in the wild at 12. In a span of five days in late April, Mexican police arrested two men attempting to take hundreds of dried swim bladders, harvested from a critically endangered species of fish, out of the country, according to reporting by the Mexico News Daily.On April 22, officials caught a Chinese citizen at the Mexico City International Airport with 416 swim bladders, or maws — 355 of which came from the totoaba (Totoaba macdonaldi), a large fish that lives only in the Gulf of California. Three days later, authorities discovered 417 totoaba maws in two suitcases of another Chinese national who was on his way to Guangzhou in southern China via Tokyo, the office of Mexico’s attorney general said in a statement.NOAA Fisheries picture from 1992 showing a vaquita captured as bycatch (bottom) along with a totoaba (top) in Sonora, Mexico. Image by Omar Vidal (Public domain).Buyers in China prize the swim bladders for their use in traditional medicine, leading to a recent surge in demand for totoaba. The fishery has also exacted a devastating toll on the vaquita (Phocoena sinus), a small porpoise endemic to the Gulf of California. Entanglement in nets has driven the population down to a handful of individuals, and it’s considered the world’s most endangered cetacean. Andrea Crosta, who directs the investigative NGO Elephant Action League (EAL), recently told Mongabay that they believe that only 12 vaquita still live in the wild.Crosta was not optimistic about efforts to protect either species.“The central government of Mexico recently stepped up efforts to curb the use of gillnets in the area where the vaquita lives, but with very poor results, in my opinion,” he said in an interview published on March 8. In his recent trip to the Gulf of California, he said he saw “dozens” of illegal fishing boats in areas with vaquitas.“I think they are actually waiting for the vaquita to go extinct so they can fish more and with fewer restrictions,” Crosta said.A suitcase stuffed with totoaba maws confiscated on April 25. Image courtesy of Mexico’s Office of the Attorney General.At the average price of RMB 140,000 ($22,000) per kilogram reported in a 2017 EAL investigation, the 29.7 kilograms (65.5 pounds) of totoaba swim bladders confiscated on April 22 would be worth more than $650,000 in Chinese markets.The Mexico News Daily said that a judge ordered the man arrested in that instance to remain in Mexico, where he will be tried for “transporting endemic wildlife products for commercial purposes.”In the second case, the attorney general’s office said it turned the contraband and the alleged smuggler, known as Deqing “N,” over to a special prosecutor’s office. Authorities could charge him with transporting an aquatic species for which the season has been closed.In Crosta’s view, stamping out the illegal trade in totoaba maws is critical.“Given the dire circumstances surrounding vaquitas and the issues associated with the totoaba swim bladder trade in Mexico, including possible corruption and involvement of drug cartels, it is vital to fully research, investigate, and map all aspects of the totoaba supply chain,” Crosta said following EAL’s investigation in 2017.A vaquita swims in the Gulf of California. Image by Paula Olson/NOAA via Wikimedia Commons (Public domain).Banner image of totoaba maws courtesy of Mexico’s Office of the Attorney General. 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As you seem to have spoken with an Isha spokesperson, if you could connect the concerned parties, it would be great, because I see that the ecologists are genuinely interested in making sure things are done the right way.May we all come together and make things happen.Rare Amazon bush dogs caught on camera in BoliviaCarrot1 Feba very good iniciative to be fallowed by the ranchers all overSponsoredcenter_img Article published by John Cannonlast_img read more

Tryall, Global, Ken’s seal spots in NJ league finals

first_img Major ‘A’ final The big final, the Major ‘A’ showdown between Jamalco and Tivoli Gardens, is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. Also on Sunday, teams in the Intermediate and Minor leagues that did not qualify for the quarter-finals are invited to participate in the end-of-season Rally, which is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. In the Minor League, Speg will face Arnett ‘B’ at 5:45 p.m. on Court One, with Excelsior Eagles and Blades ‘A’ battling simultaneously on Court Three in the Sunshine Cereals Intermediate League. Tryall Heights, Global ‘A’, and Ken’s Wildflower all secured spots in Sunday’s finals for Netball Jamaica’s league championship play-offs. In Tuesday evening’s Sunshine Cereals Intermediate League semi-finals at the Leila Robinson Courts, Tryall Heights defeated Blades 41-33, while Global ‘A’ beat Excelsior Eagles 38-24. Nickeisha Duncan, with a game-high 30 goals from 38 attempts, led the way for Tryall Heights. Blades’ leading scorer was Jenelle Russell, with 23 goals from 27 tries). In the other Sunshine Cereals semi-final, Amanda Pinkney stood head and shoulders above the other shooters, netting 33 of 38 attempts in the 38-point tally posted by Global ‘A’. Excelsior’s top scorer was Ramona Edwards with 11 from 13. In the evening’s most exciting contest, the Major ‘B’ semi-final, Ken’s Wildflower scored a nail-biting 39-37 win over Tantrum. Stephanie Anderson was primarily responsible for Ken’s Wildflower’s win, scoring 35 points from 40 attempts. For Tantrum, Shanoy Fletcher led the way with 25 goals from 30 tries. All finals in the divisional leagues will be played on Sunday at the Leila Robinson Courts, beginning at 2:30 p.m., with the Minor League clash between Bethel Town and Maxfield. Tryall Heights and Global ‘A’ will then play the Sunshine Cereals Intermediate League final at 3:30 p.m., to be followed at 4:30 p.m. by the Major ‘B’ final between Ken’s Wildflower and Liguanea.last_img read more

Who exactly re-negotiated the Exxon contract?

first_imgDear Editor,The nation is still reeling from the startling disclosure of the US$18 million golden handshake between ExxonMobil and the Government of Guyana which was found to be stashed away in a secret bank account.The brazen attempt by the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change to whitewash the expose and its disastrous tsunamic impact at home and abroad, continues to encounter old and new persistent and unanswered questions.Lies and more lies are being churned out by the coalition Administration, before and after the publication of the contract, to fend off a volley of searching questions fired by the political Opposition, sections of the media and other national stakeholders.One of the more pressing questions which the Administration has refused to answer thus far is; who were the members of the team that re-negotiated the modified ExxonMobil contract in 2016.At a press conference held on December 29, 2017, Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman announced that: “It was a team of professionals that conducted the discussions with ExxonMobil.”Trotman went on to add that: “I did not take it upon myself to do so” and that “he never proposed to be the negotiator of the contract…”Trotman’s confession, however, flies in the face of statements by his Cabinet colleague Joseph Harmon, Minister of State, who, answering questions about the negotiations with ExxonMobil at a press conference held in July this year, had stated;“The matter is led by the competent Minister of Natural Resources…The Government has all the confidence in that Minister to lead the sector and to lead any negotiations.”Later, in an attempt at covering up a previous statement, Harmon went on to state that “the names of key figures negotiating with ExxonMobil are under wraps.”“Government” Harmon said, “is not ready for the Guyanese people to know the names of the main professionals negotiating with the oil giant.”Earlier, President Granger had announced the establishment of a shadowy group branded the Quintet+1 comprising five Ministers plus one other person. The team, according to Granger, had been established to cover all areas of negotiations with ExxonMobil.This announcement was later obfuscated by Granger in a public declaration in August 2017 in the presence of ExxonMobil’s Chief Executive Officer, Darren Woods when Granger said: “We have got to keep the public informed to ensure that civil society does not feel there is some underhand relationship between the Government and ExxonMobil.”Three months later, the disclosure that the Government had deposited a signing bonus to the tune of US$18 million in a secret bank account exposed the deceptive and cynical nature of the President’s assurances.As pressure mounted on the Granger Administration and events began to unfold an important development took place overseas that attracted significant media and political attention.In August 2017, a high-level ministerial delegation accompanied by two named officials paid a two-day official visit to the Headquarters of ExxonMobil in Texas.The ministerial delegation comprised Carl Greenidge, Raphael Trotman, David Patterson, Dominic Gaskin and Winston Jordan. Jan Mangal formed part of the official delegation.Questions arose about who funded the airfares, hotel accommodation, meals and out of pocket allowances for each member of the delegation including the two officials accompanying the five Ministers.With the composition of the Quintet+1 still ‘under wraps’ by  government it was reasonable to assume that the 5 ministers who travelled to Texas were in fact the ‘Quintet’ and that the ‘plus one’ was Dr Jan Mangal.As subsequent events unfolded, the Government’s propaganda about ‘full disclosure’ rang hollow, leaving much to be desired.To this day, the Granger Administration stubbornly refuses to disclose what the public deserves to know, that is, who are the members of the shadowy Quintet+ 1 negotiating team and what was the role this team, with Trotman as lead negotiator, play in clinching the modified contract with ExxonMobil.Another matter of grave concern to the Guyanese nation are the much touted ‘National Security’ implications which we were told are inherent in the release of the contract.Heavy weather was made of these ‘national security’ concerns by the President himself so much so that they were used as a pretext for keeping the contract close to their chests.Now that the contact is in the public domain it follows that our country’s national security is vulnerable and at serious risk.Clarification of these national security vulnerabilities, assuming they exist, must be of grave importance to the Guyanese people as a whole.Matters of national security, in the context of the Guyanese body politic, should not be exclusive to the small coterie of ex-Army officers who now parade the corridors of power at the Ministry of the Presidency.If the threat level to the nation is indeed high and authentic, then it behoves the coalition Administration to come clean and in the spirit of transparency and accountability, and as a basic minimum, alert the parliamentary Opposition to the nature and seriousness of the threat to our nation’s security.Yours faithfully,Clement J Roheelast_img read more

City OKs $836,000 for anti-crime video system

first_imgMONTEBELLO – The City Council approved Wednesday spending $836,257 on the purchase of video surveillance equipment police say is the future of crime prevention and prosecution. Montebello Police Chief Garry Couso-Vasquez told the council they were visionaries for giving the OK to the program. “Cameras are the wave of the future,” Couso-Vasquez said, “and will make the statement that the city of Montebello has zero tolerance for all crime.” Implentation of the video surveillance program from Axium Technologies, a Phoenix-based company, will occur in three phases beginning by the end of the year. 165Let’s talk business.Catch up on the business news closest to you with our daily newsletter. Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The first phase will cost $513,595 and will include the installation of 12 cameras on Whittier Boulevard, three cameras on Linclon Avenue and police station equipment. The price also includes a four-year warranty on parts and labor and a four-year comprehensive maintenance agreement.last_img read more

Job Vacancy: Donegal software company require experienced Sales Representative

first_imgJOB VACANCY: A leading Donegal software company is seeking a Sales Development Representative due to continued expansion in the UK, Europe and the US markets.Operating in the fire safety market, FireCloud365 is a disruptive SaaS technology.Our clients include hotels,  local government, healthcare, educational institutions, large entertainment venues, and many other building types. This position, based in Letterkenny, gives you an opportunity to grow your career with an innovative SaaS technology in the fire safety market.The salary is negotiable depending on experience.Duties: The Sales Development Executive’s day will be unstructured, with autonomy to manage yourtime and produce results.Our Sale process and target market is defined, but you will have to work on your owninitiative to conduct research, grow connections and arrange meetings.You will be required to travel.You will need strong administrative skills and a great phone manner.Experience:The Sales Development Executive will have proven outbound sales experience for 1-2 years.Lead generation.Telesales sales, face to face sales. Knowledge of cloud-based solutions.A track record of meeting and exceeding targets.If you feel you are suitable for this position please email your resume to: jobs@firecloud365.comApplications close on 9th November 2018www.firecloud365.comJob Vacancy: Donegal software company require experienced Sales Representative was last modified: October 22nd, 2018 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CoLabCoLab LYITdonegal jobsFireCloud365jobsSoftware companylast_img read more

‘He must start!’ Chelsea fans delighted with new signing’s debut

first_img Antonio Rudiger 1 Chelsea may have lost 2-1 to Inter Milan in their latest pre-season friendly, but supporters were at least impressed by one of their debutants.A minute after going 2-0 down, manager Antonio Conte put Antonio Rudiger onto the pitch in place of Marcos Alonso, and fans liked what they saw.The German, who joined from Roma earlier in the summer, slipped into the back-three well and looks good on the ball, showcasing his superb passing range.And now most Chelsea fans on Twitter want to see their new boy start ahead of Gary Cahill.You can see what they had to say below…last_img

Week 2: Sept. 7 to Sept. 13

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREFrumpy Middle-aged Mom: My realistic 2020 New Year’s resolutions. Some involve doughnuts.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Sept. 7 South East at Marshall, 3 Burbank 56, Golden Valley 7 Alhambra 53, Glendale 0 Sept. 8 Canoga Park 20, Eagle Rock 14 F Granada Hills 13, North Hollywood 0 F Grant 26, Monroe 20 F Palisades 20, Hollywood 13 Alemany 30, San Fernando 26 F Reseda 38, South Gate 13 F Poly 17, Santee 6 F Verdugo Hills 27, Kennedy 2 F Belmont 22, Cleveland 20 F Lincoln at Garfield, 7 Crenshaw 26, Taft 7 F Burroughs 21, Schurr 7 F La Canada 14, Crescenta Valley 8 F Mountain View 22, Hoover 6 F Paraclete 20, Desert 13 F West Ranch at Mojave, 7 Quartz Hill at Rosamond, 7 Twin Pines at Viewpoint, 7 Grace Brethren 18, Kilpatrick 14 F Notre Dame 18, Canyon 17 F Moorpark 42, Hart 24 F Valencia 52, Bishop Amat 37 F Agoura 14, Ventura 7 F El Camino Real 14, Calabasas 13 F Long Beach Poly 46, Birmingham 8 F Newbury Park 21, Camarillo 14 F Chaminade 26, Royal 11 F Buena 14, Simi Valley 13 F Rio Mesa 41, San Marcos 9 F Boron at Kern Valley, 7 Harvard-Westlake 42, Van Nuys 0 F Oak Park 34, Cathedral 26 F Oaks Christian 60, Muir 6 F Crespi 32, Palmdale 0 F Loyola 30, Thousand Oaks 12 F Los Osos 34, Highland 14 F Pioneer Valley at Knight, 7:30 Orange Lutheran 35, Lancaster 7 F Chatsworth 24, Littlerock 20 F San Fernando at Alemany, 7:30 St. Francis 24, Arcadia 0 F Los Angeles Lutheran vs. Discovery Prep at Van Nuys High, 1 New Designs at Cornerstone Christian, 7 Saugus 20, Antelope Valley 6 F Beverly Hills 26, Palos Verdes 7 F Brentwood 12, Lucerne Valley 6 F Duarte 42, Monrovia 12 F Serra 42, Peninsula 30 F Bishop Diego 31, Mary Star 7 F Gabrielino 9, San Marino 7 F Temple City 35, Arroyo 14 Oxnard 42, Santa Barbara 7 F Oxnard Pacifica 17, Lompoc Cabrillo 0 F Santa Monica 40, Hueneme 21 F Salesian 33, Bosco Tech 14 F South Pasadena 25, San Gabriel 20 F Rio Hondo Prep 14, Bakersfield Christian 7 F Nordhoff 28, Santa Maria St. Joseph 17 F Sept. 9 Malibu at Flintridge Prep, 1:30 Filmore vs Los Angeles Baptist at Alemany, 7 Twentynine Palms vs Village Christian at Kennedy, 7 Pasadena Poly at Campbell Hall, 2 Desert Christian at Villanova Prep, 4 Bell-Jeff at Santa Clara, 2 St. Genevieve at San Ysidro, 7 Immanuel Christian at Antelope Valley Christian, 1 Hesperia Christian at Faith Baptist, 1 Hillcrest Christian/GH at California Lutheran, 7 Bethel Christian vs Santa Clarita Christian at Canyon, 7 Ventura County Christian at Westmark, 1 last_img read more

Arsenal target 22-year-old midfielder for summer transfer

first_img Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury Arsenal are interested in signing Charlton midfielder Joe Aribo this summer, according to reports.The Addicks are desperate to keep hold of the 22-year-old, who is out of contract at the end of the season. Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? gameday cracker Montenegro vs England (Monday) – talkSPORTFrance vs Iceland (Monday) – talkSPORT 2Czech Republic vs Brazil (Tuesday) – talkSPORT 2West Brom vs Birmingham (Friday) – talkSPORT 2West Ham vs Everton (Saturday) – talkSPORTPortsmouth vs Sunderland (Sunday) – talkSPORT 2 Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS huge blow Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT ADVICE Joe Aribo is one of the first names on the Charlton team sheet BEST OF He starred for Charlton in their 2-1 win over promotion rivals Portsmouth earlier this month.Charlton offered Aribo a new deal, on half of his current weekly wage, which was rejected last summer.But Addicks boss Lee Bowyer revealed Aribo has told him he wants to stay at the Valley. Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade center_img Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move REVEALED Aribo has scored six goals in 28 appearances to help his side climb to fifth in the League One table.And The Mirror claim Arsenal have watched Aribo ‘a number of times’ this season.The Gunners would be able to land the former Staines Town ace for a small compensation fee due to his age.Frankfurt and Benfica are also believed to be interested in Aribo, who made his Addicks debut in 2015. REVEALED Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars REPLY Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card LIVE on talkSPORT no dice shining There are six live commentaries across the talkSPORT network this week. Find out what they are and where to hear them, below… 1 RANKED In February, Bowyer said: “We’re working on it, we’re working hard. I’m hopeful that he’ll sign.“He has said to me personally that he wants to sign, all we can do is keep trying, trying and get it over the line but it’s not through lack of effort, trust me.”Aribo has made 86 appearances for Charlton, scoring 11 goals.last_img read more

School Board Ballot Set For November Election

first_imgThe following filed to run for school board positions in the three county school districts before Noon on Friday, August 26.East Washington School Corp. – (Vote for one (1) in each twp./town)Polk Twp. – Thomas K. Coats 4996 S. Fire Lane Rd. Pekin IN 47165Polk Twp. – Ray Ramsey 7975 E. Hurst Rd. Pekin IN 47165Town of Pekin – Jeff Clem Jr. 728 S. Gobbler Knob Rd. Pekin IN 47165 Salem Community Schools – (Vote for four (4) at large candidates)Mark E. “Bubba” Abbott 2347 S. James St. Salem IN 47167Rodney S. Brough 800 N. Cave Spring Rd. Salem IN 47167Erika Garloch 2497 N. New Hope Rd. Salem IN 47167Ron Haendiges 105 Lacey Ct. Salem IN 47167Steven R. Motsinger 1275 Patience Lane Salem IN 47167Jason K. Pepmeier 2997 E. Magnolia Ct. Salem IN 47167Aaron “Spud” Schocke 6214 N. State Rd. 135 Salem IN 47167Lacy Tucker 1853 N. New Hope Rd. Salem IN 47167West Washington School Corp. – (Vote for one (1) in each township)Madison Twp. – Aaron P. Dennis 180 E. Main St. Campbellsburg IN 47108Posey Twp. – Anthony A. Cardwell Jr. 9502 S. Cedar Ln. Hardinsburg IN 47125Vernon Twp. – Salvatore (Sal) Sama 2001 S. West Washington Sch. Rd. Salem IN 47167last_img read more

Sen. Houchin Responds to Governor’s Address

first_imgState Sen. Erin Houchin (R-Salem) made the following statement in response to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s 2019 State of the State address:“I was encouraged this evening to hear that Gov. Holcomb’s vision for 2019 includes improving access to both affordable high-speed broadband as well as quality treatment for those addicted to opioids, both of which are issues that greatly affect residents of Senate District 47.“There are more than 500 Suboxone providers across our state treating those with opioid addictions, yet they do not have to conform to regulations like other opioid treatment providers do. It is crucial we put guardrails in place to help ensure these office-based opioid treatment providers are providing quality, effective treatment that helps those who fight addiction. This is why I authored Senate Bill 141, which would create a framework of regulations for these programs to help the public distinguish the good clinics from the bad and ensure responsible spending of Medicaid dollars. “Along with the governor and my colleagues in the General Assembly, I look forward to improving our state through these and other initiatives this session.”last_img read more