Australian Teams Ready For Trans Tasman Battle

first_imgAfter wins in the Open’s and Youth Trans Tasman Series over the past 18 months, it’s now the Masters turn when they take on New Zealand from Friday, 11 until Sunday, 13 June at Queens Park. Five divisions will be contested in the three game series, with the following divisions to be played: Men’s 30’s, Women’s 30’s, Men’s 40’s, Men’s 45’s and Men’s 50’s.The Australian players arrived in Townsville on Wednesday and will compete in some practice matches against local sides on Wednesday night. At 6.30pm the Australian Men’s 45’s team will take on the Thuringowa Men’s 27’s side and the Australian Men’s 40’s will play the Townsville Men’s 40’s side. At 7.30pm the Australian Men’s 50’s side will play the Townsville Men’s 50’s team, while the Australian Women’s 30’s will play the Townsville Women’s Open team. The Australian Men’s 30’s will take on Thuringowa’s Men’s Open side at 8.30pm. Thursday will see the final touches put on all the team’s preparations, before an official welcome and opening function will be held on Thursday night, with the series beginning on Friday night. 2010 marks 25 years since the first Trans Tasman Series was played in Melbourne in 1985. Touch Football Australia Chief Executive, Colm Maguire, says that it’s a great time to reflect on Australia’s achievements. “The recommencement of the Masters Trans Tasman Series is a great opportunity for long time servants of the game to represent their country and it will complete the final link in the pathway at the Trans Tasman level which we have recently established,” Maguire said. November 1991 was the last time that Masters players had the chance to play a Trans Tasman. Australia and New Zealand Masters teams last competed against each other in the 2007 World Cup against New Zealand, but haven’t played in a Trans Tasman Series for almost 19 years.  Given the time frame since the last time the teams met, TFA High Performance Manager, Wayne Grant, is unsure what to expect from New Zealand, but is confident of Australia’s chances. “We haven’t played them in most senior divisions for quite some time now, but as always they are very tough and determined whenever they play us,” Grant said. The Trans Tasman Series is being played in conjunction with the 2010 North Queensland Championships, which will be contested on Saturday, 12 and Sunday, 13 June. Game one will be played on Friday night, with game two held on Saturday and the final game of the series played on Sunday.Game 1 – Friday, 11 June 2010 5.00pm – Men’s 50’s 6.05pm – Men’s 45’s 7.10pm – Women’s 30’s 8.15pm – Men’s 40’s 9.10pm – Men’s 30’s Game 2 – Saturday, 12 June 2010 10.30am – Men’s 50’s 11.30am – Men’s 45’s 12.30pm – Women’s 30’s 1.30pm – Men’s 40’s 2.30pm – Men’s 30’s Game 3 – Sunday, 13 June 2010 9.15am – Men’s 50’s 10.15am – Men’s 45’s 11.15am – Women’s 30’s 2.00pm – Men’s 40’s 4.00pm – Men’s 30’sTo keep up to date with all of the latest news and results for the 2010 Masters Trans Tasman Test Series, please visit the Trans Tasman website:

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