Family accommodation needs to get better treatment

first_imgFamily accommodation, which makes up 50% of the total accommodation capacity and in which every second tourist in Croatia stays in August, has never been systematically encouraged in qualitative development. He wasn’t really encouraged at all. Family accommodation is accommodation in private houses, apartments and backyards that the owners have registered and offered to the legal tourist market. This private property was acquired through the lifelong renunciation of Croatian citizens and investments were not accompanied by stimulating credit funds, and even less were these investments directed towards incentive measures towards certain market niches.The first complete project of branding and targeting the market niches of family accommodation, which includes loans on the most favorable terms on the market, is the “Kvarner family” project in Kvarner. In a conversation with the Minister of Tourism Anton Kliman, we agreed on the creation of a similar model at the national level. The common position is that HBOR should be included in the project not only because this bank has taxpayers’ funds at its disposal, but also because branding family accommodation as an “originally Croatian household” would oblige users of favorable credit lines to use their facilities when equipping their facilities. Croatian products and services. This would strongly encourage the placement of domestic products towards a large potential market of almost 80.000 households with more than 500.000 beds.Photo: www.kvarnerfamily.hrMinister Anton Kliman announced the already agreed arrangement of HBOR for lending to individuals – citizens, providers of household catering services with a total fund of HRK 400 million with an interest rate of 4% and a repayment period of 8 years and a personal promissory note as collateral. This is a significant step forward in concretizing the incentives to invest in recognizable quality. What should accompany this initiative of Minister Kliman is additional co-financing of interest by interested counties, municipalities and cities so that the final interest rate reaches 2% and 1% for depopularized areas such as Slavonia, Gorski Kotar, Lika, smaller islands… and of course effective a network of HBOR representative offices that could quickly and efficiently process loan applications in any part of Croatia.It is crucial that this project is accompanied by the CNTB with a good, effective promotional campaign in which every household that has taken out a loan and started investing will have strong promotional support through digital marketing. Regarding Croatian products and services, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce should also participate in the project of creating a stock exchange of bidders that includes product groups for rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, textiles, indoor furniture, garden furniture, pool equipment, horticulture, digital technology. services would give the household the status of “originally Croatian household”. Such a household would be the bearer of the brand of Croatian family accommodation in well-designed promotional campaigns of the CNTB. We hope that the excellent move of Minister Anton Kliman will develop into the desired marketing product that brings a complete solution and benefit to all project stakeholders.Nedo Pinezićlast_img

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