NJ Lightning Beep Baseball has DH in Matawan Sunday

first_imgThe New Jersey Lightning Beep Baseball team announces its first game since its formation earlier this year. NJ Lightning will play its first game ever against the Pennsylvania Wolfpack on Sunday (June 13). The game will actually be a doubleheader with the first game beginning at 11 a.m. The games will be played consecutively at the Matawan Municipal Center ball field located at 210 Broad Street in Matawan. The New Jersey Lightning is New Jersey’s first baseball team for the blind and visually impaired. The team is nine years in the making as many municipalities were unwilling to provide a field for the blind athletes to practice and play their games on. The borough of Matawan has made its fields available and allowed the NJ Lightning Beep Baseball team to finally become a reality. The New Jersey Lightning is sponsored by the Association of Blind Athletes of New Jersey (ABANJ), a nonprofit organization. The New Jersey Lightning was formed in 2010 by Sherlock Washington, Ohmny Romero, John Sanfratello and Joe Sanfratello. The team has two current Beep Baseball World Series champions on its roster. Washington and Romero are NJ Lightning players both of whom won the World Series of Beep Baseball while playing for the West Coast Dwags in 2009. The NJ Lightning’s stated mission is to empower blind and visually impaired athletes to play beep baseball as well as other sports. New Jersey Lightning also wishes to raise awareness for all of New Jersey’s 290,000 blind and visually impaired residents. The team’s further mission is to help the sighted community better understand the capabilities of the blind and visually impaired community.last_img read more

Solid England searching for World Cup identity

first_imgBut for a contentious late VAR decision, England manager Gareth Southgate would have been planning his next World Cup steps on the tail of back-to-back wins over two major footballing powers, draws against two more and a run of six successive clean sheets.Lorenzo Insigne’s penalty to earn Italy a 1-1 draw at Wembley skewed those stats, but not the underlying theme – namely that England are proving adept at keeping teams out, though still struggle with their own penetration.The Italy draw, along with a 1-0 win in the Netherlands and goalless draws with Germany and Brazil, showed that, in friendly situations at least, England can still parade themselves among the big guns of the international game.However, the acid test comes in Russia in three months, where their woeful displays in recent tournaments will suddenly become the more relevant touchstone.Southgate is realistic enough to not invest too much hope on the back of friendlies but he will at least be finalising his World Cup squad from a position, if not of comfort, then at least not panic.With only two more friendlies against Nigeria and Costa Rica to come in June, he will already have a firm idea of the bulk of his squad. Also, with such a small pool of top level English talent performing in the Premier League, his options are limited anyway.His bigger issue is his likely starting XI, which looks anything but settled, though in terms of shape he does seem to have opted for a five-man defence, featuring wing backs.Ironically, given that Tuesday’s penalty was the first goal England have conceded in more than 10 hours of play, his defensive lineup for the opening World Cup game against Tunisia remains anyone’s guess.John Stones is assured of his place but any two from five could be played alongside him. On Tuesday it was debutant James Tarkowski and wing back Kyle Walker but Harry Maguire, Joe Gomez and Alfie Mawson are also options, if inexperienced ones.The manager also has to make a decision about his goalkeeper, where he runs the risk of repeating the fatal error of several of his predecessors in showing loyalty to a long-serving but past-his-best stalwart, in this case Joe Hart.ATTACKING THREATThe only real attacking certainties in the team and the only players likely to strike fear into top-class opposition are Harry Kane, who missed the Dutch and Italy games through injury, and Raheem Sterling, man of the match on Tuesday. Jamie Vardy, on target against Italy, will also carry a goal threat.Sterling’s incisive running combined with his improved strength and better finishing make him a real weapon but Southgate has to find a way to get the best from him and also work out how he combines with the other classy attacking midfielder, Dele Alli.With the rest of his midfield options looking a little so-so, England’s best chance of beating any of the major teams in Russia is probably to develop further into a counter-attacking team, using the pace of their wing backs.That approach is unlikely to be called upon in the group stage against Panama, beaten 6-0 by Switzerland on Tuesday, or Tunisia. However, it might pay dividends against Belgium should Southgate’s side find themselves needing to take some risks in their final group game.last_img read more

Debbah Tracks ‘Cream of Players’

first_imgWith at least 35 days to the opener of the 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) against Togo in Lome, Coach James Salinsa Debbah is still in the hunt for a cream of players to begin intensive training.Since the start of the Coca-Cola Big 8 Tournament, the Lone Star manager has been seen on the Blue Field purposely to “pick and choose” super players in the absence of the domestic league, which has been deferred for the 3rd time on Monday, May 25.On the tournament’s opener, Coach Debbah sat in the VIP stand during BYC and Nimba United derby but moved on the technical bench of Mighty Barrolle, his former club in which in played for five years, 1984-1989, and his presence might have motivated the Rollers to draw with LISCR FC, 2-2.The 47-year-old watched the rest of the preliminary rounds which ended yesterday at the VIP.Though Debbah is tightlipped on his selection many football connoisseurs believe that most of the players would come from BYC I, because the ‘Go Blue Boys’ are the only team that won all her games and didn’t concede a goal.The Group A leader whipped Nimba United 1-0, as well as Barrolle and LISCR FC 2-0 and 1-0 respectively.NPA Anchors, head of Group B emerged with seven points, having convincingly whipped FC Fassell and Aries 4-0 and 2-0 respectively and drawing with IE, 1-1.The runners-up of Group A and B, Nimba United and IE are also in the fray for their players to be single out. Players from second runners-up LISCR FC and Mighty Barrolle are not an exception for the ‘go-after’.Amidst the crucial call-up of players being hinged on the nine-day football league, some connoisseurs are admonishing the coach to begin intensive practice on Monday, May 11 to have adequate time to prepare for the showdown.Meanwhile, besides the local players, Coach Debbah has announced the call-up of at least 40 overseas players for the 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).For the oversease players, Coach Debbah named Sam Johnson (in Sweden), William Jerboe (Portugal), Alex Nimely (England), and Baba Kar, a young Liberian who is playing in Italy, among others.He dismissed reports that South Africa based Anthony Laffor remains captain of Lone Star. Reports have it that he has verbally resigned.Coach Debbah argued that a new coach has the right to retain or appoint a new captain, though he has not officially unveiled whether the ex-skipper would be among his 40 foreign based players.Lone Star, particularly, the local players would also participate in the 2016 African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifiers, (the Orange African Nations Championship in Rwanda 2016.)The CHAN competition is organized for players who feature in the local league, while the AFCON tournament is for both foreign based and local players.Many football connoisseurs are doubtful that the employment of an inexperienced coach, the delay in the selection of players, lack of deputy coach and the unpleasant relationship with the LFA and the Liberian government coupled with the ‘No Money Syndrome” would lead Liberia to qualify since we last appeared in 1996 and 2001.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Race, class and politics

first_imgThe strength of a “class” lies in the economic interests of its members; but generally, it fails to satisfy the affective emotional need of man to belong to a wider collectivity.The salience of ethnicity is based on its accomplishment of both tasks – it is simultaneously instrumental and expressive. A person is born into an ethnic group, and especially – as in Guyana – if it is simultaneously a racial group, he can hardly jettison it. If he attempts to do so, he risks great psychic damage to his “self”, because so much of his personal identity is enmeshed with his ethnic identity. His ethnic group is the home, the womb to which he can always return, and from which he cannot be turned away. It is the only social grouping that accepts him for what he is, and not for what he does.This reflection of the group’s ethnic identity in the individual’s identity has several consequences. Firstly, attacks on the group are equated with attacks on the self. Every Indian winces when he hears, “Coolies are cowards”. But accolades on the group also elicit similar identification reactions. It is for this reason that lower class members of an ethnic group are the most vociferous supporters of the ethnic politics of their upper classes. For in addition to promising the economic rewards (the instrumental purpose of ethnicity), which may or may not be delivered, there is the psychological boost which will certainly be delivered in knowing that his group is ruling.In the modern world therefore, ethnicity is particularly susceptible to politicisation. In a world of scarce resources and powerful, all-pervasive states, ethnic political entrepreneurs do not find it difficult to persuade fellow group members that their economic interests are better served if their ethnic group controls the state. The affirmation of themselves as a people and the economic interests served mutually reinforce each other.Secondly, if it is felt that the ethnic group’s interest is threatened, the individual can be motivated to defend it at almost any cost: it is literally a matter of the latter’s survival. It is for this reason that ethnic conflicts are so intense. We see this dynamic operating quite clearly in the wake of the PPP’s successful no-confidence motion. African Guyanese are convinced that if the PPP returns to power — as do Indian Guyanese with the PNC — they will be faced with “extinction”. It does not matter whether this is a perception or not: as Thomas’ Theorem states, “If men define their situation as real, they are real in their consequences”…Thirdly, an individual can rise out of his economic class, but not from his ethnic group, which makes the former not an inescapable fate. This very openness of “class” makes its hold on members very tenuous. Every poverty-stricken individual has a dream of “striking it rich”, not as a member of the “blessed” poor, but on his own. Class position is one of the several social roles an individual performs on a quotidian basis, and the greater the possibility of the individual escaping his class position, the less will be his class identification. It is an article of faith in the Indian community, for instance, that if they work hard and the Government does not discriminate against them, they can rise in class position. Even if this possibility is only a myth for most, as in the US, class loosens its hold.Fourthly, a person’s conception of self is formed to a large extent by the socialisation provided by his primary (read ethnic) contacts during his early years. Thus by the time the individual enters the wider world of economic and wider societal concerns as a young adult, the new influences are much more diffuse, with the class role etc., typically not as intense as the ethnic one.The dominance of race over class does not imply that class — or for that matter any other orientation, affiliation, segmentation, differentiation etc — has disappeared: within each ethnic group, they are alive and well. In this sense, class is more fundamental. Class and ethnicity both exist objectively, and the subjective preponderance of one over the other depends on the situation and context, as the two interact dynamically within the nexus of the personality of individuals.In multi-ethnic, multi-class societies such as Guyana, situations that appear to threaten unrelieved domination by one ethnic group over another will trigger “ethnic” responses. Hence the desperateness of our ethnicised politics.last_img read more

True nature of PNC-led APNU/AFC regime

first_imgDear Editor,Now that the estimates in the Budget are being examined in the Parliament, we are once again seeing the nature of this PNC-led APNU/AFC Regime.The estimates gave us a good indication of the regime’s priority, what is important for them.As we have noted before, there are no significant developmental projects on stream. All the projects that they currently have were the ones started by the PPP/C Administration; even the funding was acquired by the PPP/C Administration.In almost two years, the regime has not been able to put up a single new development project of any significance.Yet the size of the spending has grown greatly. The interesting issue is – what is the money being spent on?In the first place, there has been a huge increase in the amount for contract workers. This amounts to almost billion more in salaries alone.This is an added burden on taxpayers, coming so close to the increase in ministers’ salaries by more than 50 per cent, plus hundreds of percentage increase in allowances.The Ministry of the Presidency will spend a whopping 0 million on eleven contract employees, who were recently added to the staff.Moreover, we see a huge amount allocated for non-productive activities.Prestige seems to be of utmost importance for this regime.The Ministry of the Presidency alone will spend a big amount to acquire a fleet of 142 new vehicles, five of which they claim will be for visiting Heads of State!Of course, we want to treat our guests well but can we afford to mothball five expensive vehicles for visiting Heads of State? After all, just from memory, last year we had only one such visit.We do not know as yet what would be the total size of the Government’s fleet of vehicles. However, what is clear is that it will be huge. If the Ministry of the Presidency alone has 142 vehicles, then the Government’s total will not be less than 1000 vehicles.Millions, if not billions will go to ‘upgrading’ Government officials’ offices. It was announced that Minister Trotman is being allocated almost 0 million to furnish an office!This whopping amount can build a small hotel!Another area where a lot of resources would be utilised is in the area of procurement of goods and services.In less than two years, we see the regime’s record. Two that stand out are the Bond that is costing our taxpayers some $14 million a month and the D’Urban Park project, whose total cost is still unknown. However, we know that it is in the area of hundreds of millions of dollars.Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has said that procurement of goods and services is being slowed when suppliers, not favoured by the regime win bids. The regime finds all kinds of excuses to stop the process and retender in an attempt to give the contracts to their friends.As a result of that, shortages are being created. The most notable is regular supply of drugs for the health sector.The huge growth in expenditure in a slowing and stagnating economy has to be paid for somehow. Resources have to be formed to keep up the high lifestyle of the bureaucrats.Where is it coming from? Taxes of course.The Guyanese people are now among the most taxed in the world.We have already stated that the VAT is going to garner billions for the regime. The burden of the top-heavy bureaucracy is being carried by a smaller productive sector. The regime is destroying sugar, rice, forestry and small- and medium-scale mining.Therefore, to pay for this, they have resorted to taxing the daylights out of our people.This is a “tax and spending” Government, as the Americans would say.Sincerely,Donald RamotarFormer Presidentlast_img read more

Vettel makes it magnificent seven

first_imgGerman Nico Rosberg was third in a Mercedes.Vettel’s win drew him level with compatriot Michael Schumacher’s mark of seven successive wins (2004) and should he win the last two races of the season he will equal the overall record of nine held by Alberto Ascari (1952/53).The German, who also equalled his personal record set in 2011 of 11 race wins in a season, can also equal Schumacher’s overall record of 13 wins in a campaign if he lands the final two races of the season.Vettel was ecstatic at his victory especially as it came in front of his parents.“I have spent most of my life racing in front of them (his parents) as a kid, the toys are a bit bigger now, but I am so pleased they are here to see me today.“They taught me lots of good things and one day I want to pass that on to my children if I have them. So today I dedicate this victory to them.”Webber said he was content with his end result.“The start wasn’t great and Nico got an unbelievable start,” said the 37-year-old.“I had to battle with Nico for second. I would have liked the win, but I matched my best result here.”Rosberg said that Mercedes had achieved its objective for the weekend.“I am happy, third place was good. The plan for the weekend was to be the best of the rest behind the Red Bull and we achieved that. It could have been second on another day, but it didn’t quite work out.“The most important thing is to finish second in the constructor’s’ championship not only financially, but also motivationally for the team to see that we have the second best car.”Once again, as he did in India last Sunday when he sealed his fourth title, Vettel threw his Red Bull car into a series of ‘doughnut’ pirouettes on the circuit to delight the crowd. A week previously, he had been reprimanded and fined for his celebrations.“I think Sebastian can pay the fine this week,” said team chief Christian Horner. “That was a champion’s drive.”Vettel, recording his 37th win of his career, started second alongside Webber but the Australian once again failed to benefit from starting from pole, he has won just once on the last nine occasions he has started there.Sensing this Vettel took the lead at the first corner and went on to dominate the race, turning the contest into a master-class.Webber, who had started from pole position, endured a typically incident-filled contest on his way to second ahead of Rosberg while Frenchman Romain Grosjean of Lotus finished fourth.Two-time champion Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who had started 10th for Ferrari, came home in fifth position and recorded the fastest lap ahead of Briton Paul Di Resta of Force India.Briton Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes was seventh, Brazilian Felipe Massa of Ferrari eighth, Mexican Sergio Perez of McLaren ninth and German Adrian Sutil of Force India 10th.Ferrari-bound Finn Kimi Raikkonen’s rounded off a nightmare week with a suitably flat performance.Indeed the Lotus driver, who has threatened to boycott the final two races of the season because he has not been paid this year, had had to start from the back of the grid after a technical infringement in qualifying.His race then lasted to just the first corner where he clipped one of the Caterham cars.Asked whether he thought he had made the wrong decision to start from the back of the grid rather than the pitlane, from where Vettel started last year and finished third, he replied tersely: “No.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000ABU DHABI, November 3- Quadruple Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel eased to victory in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday for his seventh successive victory and 11th of the season.The 26-year-old German led home a Red Bull 1-2 — the 15th time in Formula One and giving them their 100th podium finish — with Australian Mark Webber second, taking him to over 1000 points in his Formula One career which comes to an end at the end of the season.last_img read more

Wenger still mad, Gunners draw Sheffield

first_imgThe 31-year-old, who came close to leaving Arsenal in the last transfer window, punished Tottenham goalkeeper Michel Vorm’s error to open the scoring from close-range in the first half of Wednesday’s fiercely contested third round tie.Then Flamini stole the show by lashing a sublime 78th-minute volley past Vorm from 20 yards after Tottenham had equalised through a Calum Chambers own goal.Wenger revealed he had told Flamini he was free to leave before the start of the season, but he was impressed with the way the veteran decided to stick around and fight for his place in his second spell at the club.“You do not expect Mathieu Flamini to score two goals, but he was certainly frustrated for a long time, and he went for it. He scored two good goals,” Wenger said.“He had worked very hard recently. He was focused and I wanted him to strengthen our defensive midfield.“He is a fighter, he is a winner as well. I told him at the start of the season it might be difficult to be a starter, but he decided to stay and he has been fighting.“I fought to keep him but he is at an age when you always consider it is better to let them go if they are not focused but he wanted to stay.”After successive defeats to Dinamo Zagreb and then Chelsea, Wenger was pleased to see his players’ spirit remains intact.“Overall we responded well mentally and physically to the challenge we faced,” he said.“We were unlucky to concede the own goal and still found the resources to score the winner. Tottenham dropped a little bit around 70 minutes and we found more space when Alexis Sanchez came on.”Meanwhile, Wenger admits he is still seething over the way referee Mike Dean handled Arsenal’s controversial 2-0 defeat at Chelsea at the weekend.Dean failed to send off Chelsea striker Diego Costa for whacking Laurent Koscielny in the face and then compounded the error by dismissing Arsenal’s Gabriel moments later for kicking Costa.Replays later showed that Gabriel hadn’t made contact with Costa so his three-match ban was overturned by the Football Association, while Costa was retrospectively given a three-game suspension for his antics.However, Wenger took little solace from the FA’s decisions.“They repair five percent of the damage that was done to us. Instead of us playing 11 against 10 we played 10 against 11,” Wenger said. “It just shows that they decided after the game what should have happened during the game.“I have watched the game again. There were some incidents in this game that were handled too lightly.“It’s better I don’t talk about it because I’m still angry about it. I’m in a job where sometimes you have to swallow things that are not right.”Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino made eight changes to his team but insisted he was right to make the switches despite a first defeat in four matches.“We missed the opportunity to win. We dominated the second half and had the better chances,” he said.“In general the performance was good, but both the goals we conceded were a little bit lucky and maybe we made some mistakes. This is football.“I don’t regret making the changes. There are always mistakes in football. I remember (Diego) Maradona missed a penalty once. Players are not machines.”-Sheffield draw-Second-tier Sheffield Wednesday’s reward for eliminating Premier League strugglers Newcastle United in the League Cup on Wednesday was a home tie with Arsenal in the fourth-round draw.Wednesday won 1-0 at St James’ Park courtesy of a late Lewis McGugan strike and were then paired with Arsenal, who won 2-1 at Tottenham Hotspur courtesy of an unlikely double by Mathieu Flamini.After skirting humiliation by edging fourth-tier Carlisle United 3-2 on penalties following a 1-1 draw at Anfield, Liverpool were drawn to face Bournemouth.Premier League leaders Manchester City will play Crystal Palace, while League Cup holders Chelsea also face an all-top-flight tie away at Stoke City.Manchester United, meanwhile, will entertain Championship side Middlesbrough after overcoming Ipswich Town 3-0.English League Cup fourth-round draw made on Wednesday (ties to be played the week commencing October 26):Man City v Crystal PalaceLiverpool v BournemouthMan Utd v MiddlesbroughEverton v NorwichSouthampton v Aston VillaSheff Wed v ArsenalHull v LeicesterStoke v Chelsea0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger awaits kick-off of the English League Cup 3rd round match Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal, at White Hart Lane in north London, on September 23, 2015. PHOTO/AFPLONDON, September 24- Arsene Wenger saluted Mathieu Flamini’s decision to fight for his place after the French midfielder’s brilliant brace fired Arsenal’s 2-1 League Cup triumph at bitter rivals Tottenham.Flamini was Arsenal’s unlikely hero at White Hart Lane as he scored his first goals since March in his first appearance of the season to earn his side a fourth round tie at second tier Sheffield Wednesday.last_img read more

Arsenal transfer report: Saint-Etienne star in the dark over Gunners switch

first_imgLoic Perrin has revealed he is still in the dark over whether a January move to Arsenal will happen.The Saint-Etienne captain has been heavily linked with a switch to north London since the window opened in January.Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is said to be on the hunt for defensive reinforcements and Perrin’s ability to play either in the centre of defence or midfielder appears to have made him a prime target.However, after weeks of speculation, the 29-year-old has revealed he is no nearer to finalising his future.“Right now, we are talking a little less [about the transfer]. I do not know where we are with it as I have not heard [from Arsenal],” Perrin told Al Jazeera Sport. 1 Loic Perrin [right] last_img

An Arsenal team with incredible new signings and Wenger’s preferred back four

first_img Centre midfield: Jack Wilshere Attacking midfield, wide: Malcom 11 11 Centre-back: Shkodran Mustafi 11 11 Arsenal have been linked with three high-profile signings in January, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Malcom all said to be on the club’s shortlist.The Gunners are set to come into some money thanks to the sales of Alexis Sanchez – possibly to Manchester United – and Theo Walcott to Everton.Mkhitaryan’s move is intertwined with Sanchez’s transfer, while Malcom could yet arrive in the summer if Bordeaux hold out for too much money. Aubameyang could provide competition for Alexandre Lacazette, but spell the end for Olivier Giroud.Arsenal have been playing with three central defenders for almost a year under manager Arsene Wenger despite the manager previously favouring a back four during his time in charge.The system has been played on a couple of occasions this term, though. “Yes, I decided to play with a back four,” Wenger said following a 6-0 Europa League win against BATE Borisov in December.“It is my preferred system. But I adjust always what suits the players, the quality of the players, the balance of the team.“I went to a back four [against Manchester United] as we were 2-0 down and I put on an offensive player as we had to come back. But it can change.”So, with the possible new additions, is this how Arsenal could soon line up? Scroll through the gallery to see the XI.Remain up to date with all Arsenal news here. 11 11 Attacking midfield, wide: Mesut Ozil Striker: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang/ Alexandre Lacazette Left-back: Sead Kolasinac 11 Centre midfield: Granit Xhaka Goalkeeper: Petr Cech Centre-back: Laurent Koscielny 11 11 Right-back: Hector Bellerin Attacking midfield, central: Henrikh Mkhitaryan 11 11last_img read more

Perennial film star Glenn Ford dies at 90

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREFrumpy Middle-aged Mom: My realistic 2020 New Year’s resolutions. Some involve doughnuts.Failing health forced Ford to skip a 90th birthday tribute May 1 at Hollywood’s historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. But he sent greetings via videotape and added: “I wish I were up and around, but I’m doing the best that I can. … There’s so much I have to be grateful for.” At the birthday tribute, Shirley Jones, who co-starred with him in the comedy “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” called Ford “one of the cornerstones of our industry, and there aren’t many left.” Ford appeared in scores of films during his 53-year Hollywood career. The Film Encyclopedia, a reference book, lists 85 films from 1939 to 1991. He was usually cast as the handsome tough guy, but his acting talents ranged from romance to comedy. His more famous credits include “Superman,” “Gilda,” “The Sheepman,” “The Gazebo,” “Pocketful of Miracles” and “Don’t Go Near the Water.” An avid horseman and former polo player, Ford appeared in a number of Westerns, including “3:10 to Yuma,” “Cowboy,” “The Rounders,” “Texas,” “The Fastest Gun Alive” and the remake of “Cimarron.” His talents included lighter parts, with roles in “The Teahouse of August Moon” and “It Started With a Kiss.” On television, he appeared in “Cade’s County,” “The Family Holvak,” “Once an Eagle” and “When Havoc Struck.” He starred in the feature film “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” which later became a TV series featuring Bill Bixby. BEVERLY HILLS – Actor Glenn Ford, who played strong, thoughtful protagonists in films such as “The Blackboard Jungle,” “Gilda” and “The Big Heat,” died Wednesday, police said. He was 90. Paramedics called to Ford’s home just before 4 p.m. found Ford dead, police Sgt. Terry Nutall said, reading a prepared statement. “They do not suspect foul play,” he said. Ford suffered a series of strokes in the 1990s. “It comes to mind instantly what a remarkable actor he was,” actor Sidney Poitier, who also starred in “The Blackboard Jungle,” said Wednesday evening. “He had those magical qualities that are intangible but are quite impactful on the screen. He was a movie star.” A tireless worker, Ford often made several films a year. He continued working well into his 70s. In 1992, though, he was hospitalized for more than two months for blood clots and other ailments, and at one point he was in critical condition. “Noel Coward once told me, `You will know you’re old when you cease to be amazed.’ Well, I can still be amazed,” Ford said in a 1981 interview with The Associated Press. He was born Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford on May 1, 1916, in Quebec, the son of a railroad executive. The first name reflected his family’s Welsh roots. He started in theater in the 1930s and got a break when he was signed by Columbia Pictures mogul Harry Cohn. When Cohn asked Ford to change his name to John Gower, the actor refused, but switched his first name to Glenn, after his father’s birthplace of Glenford. He married actress-dancer Eleanor Powell in 1943. They had a son, Peter, and were divorced in 1959. A 1965 marriage to actress Kathryn Hays ended quickly. In 1977, he married model Cynthia Hayward, 32 years his junior. They were divorced in 1984.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img