White: Please Think Before Buying

first_imgBy GREG WHITE Candidate for County CouncilI totally get the panic buying so many people are doing. But please stop and think.There are people who have medical conditions like diabetes, and they NEED to be able to buy rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips or alcohol wipes to sanitize there skin when testing and injecting insulin. There are other people with medical conditions that need those supplies also.The most reliable research suggests this virus has an extremely long incubation period before an infected person has any symptoms: “The implications were unnerving. There was a good chance that the virus had been circulating silently in the community for around six weeks, infecting potentially hundreds of people.” Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/10/us/coronavirus-testing-delays.html Considering how many people from other states and countries are here in Los Alamos all of us may already be infected. The good news is only less than 3 percent of people develop serious symptoms and 99.999 percent of children do NOT develop serious symptoms or any symptoms at all. Still of course anyone with the virus can transmit it to someone who might get seriously sick.You can’t find dish soap and laundry detergent that says “anti-bacterial” any more (and none ever claimed to be anti-viral) not because it’s sold out, but the FDA determined several years ago it was killing to many of the good bacteria and people were getting sick. Yes, there are good bacteria. In fact, far far more good bacteria than bad. Just think about yogurt which has live bacteria that we need for proper digestive health.There is such a thing as over cleaning your environment (home or office) to the point where the good bacteria can’t keep the bad bacteria or viruses in check. I am by no means suggesting you don’t clean your environment thoroughly and often, just stop and think. Almost all bacteria and viruses can and do travel through the air. You can’t “new air proof” your home because old homes are naturally drafty and new homes are required by building codes to be purposely designed to have a certain amount of fresh air drawn in.Do I really need to clean three times a day or more? If I have to quarantine how much supplies am I actually going to use for 14 days? If the virus subsides what am I going to do with all the leftover supplies? Remember no law requires any store to do refunds. And if they become overwhelmed and have nowhere to put merchandise, they may stop doing refunds.This is NOT the zombie apocalypse folks!!! We are NOT going to be locked in our homes for months on end (unless you’re really paranoid and choose to do so).last_img read more

Benefit For Planned Parenthood

first_imgArt works, like this by Lynn Charveriat, will be auctioned to raise funds for Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Share Margaret Sanger, a nurse-turned-activist, founded Planned Parenthood in the early 20th Century. Her belief that women should control their own bodies, and, by extension, their own destinies, was revolutionary.Planned Parenthood usually makes the headlines for the wrong reasons: political attacks on its abortion services or physical attacks on its clinics and doctors.Actually, the organization offers services not just to women but also to men, young people, and transgenders. The Hudson Peconic branch has been serving this community for 85 years, providing education and training programs, counseling, contraception, pre- and post-natal care, HIV testing, cancer screening, hormone replacement therapy, STI testing, abortion services and, when necessary, transport and translation.The 31st Annual “Artists for Choice” Planned Parenthood East End Benefit will be held this year at Julie Keyes’ new Sag Harbor Gallery at the American Hotel, starting with a kick-off preview and Paddle8 art auction and cocktail party on Sunday, June 2, from 1 to 6 PM.The second is a garden party and Paddle8 viewing and bidding followed by a concert with the Tony Award-winning Billy Joel musical “Movin Out” band at Guild Hall of East Hampton, Saturday, June 15.“The artists are key — very generous — and many made pieces just for this event, as they all realized how hard we need to work for women’s and reproductive rights,” said curator Pamela Willoughby. “I grew up on the book ‘Our Bodies Ourselves.’ I just had to jump in and volunteer on this project. We all thought the deal was done when we protested as young women, and the Roe v. Wade decision from the Supreme Court came down.”Willoughby, in turn, called Brontë Zunis, a bright young woman who conceived and organized last year’s benefit at Tutto il Giorno along with Planned Parenthood in Sag Harbor and asked her to curate at the last moment. Out of the 24 pieces of art last year, 22 were sold as the community supported the event.This year, 54 local, New York City, and Brooklyn artists all wanted to donate. Zunis and Willoughby went to work organizing, starting in November. Jenifer Van Deinse, Director of Development, Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, along with Yvonne Mann, Coordinator Special Events PPHP, met with Zunis and Willoughby, “and voila, it happened,” said Willoughby.The auction items include many different genres: painting, drawing, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and tapestry. The art will be on display at the reception, and guests will have a chance to meet many of the artists, from local luminaries and established artists, to up-and-comers.Works by Betty Parsons, April Gornik, Kenny Scharf, Bronte Zunis, Mary Heilman, Michael Halsband, Randy Palumbo, Steve Miller, and Bert Stern will be among those up for auction.To participate in the online auction, visit www.paddle8.com/auction/planned-parenthood. The auction will go live for bidding on May 30, and will close on June 15 at 8 PM. Each piece will have a “Buy It Now” price. If the bidder places a bid at this price, it immediately goes to him or her. Tickets for the fundraiser, which includes the concert at Guild Hall in East Hampton on June 15, range in price from $100 for individual tickets to $25,000 for a Presenting Sponsorship. Tickets can be purchased at www.bit.ly/PPHPJune15.last_img read more

Chilling out with gases – Wholebody Kriotherapy

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Alliance to receive funding for carbon capture innovation

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USA: Corps Introduces Jacksonville Harbor Dredging Program

first_imgU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, has introduced a plan for the Jacksonville Harbor area dredging program.This deepening work is located in the upper cuts through the Lower Terminal Channel of Jacksonville Harbor, Duval County, Florida.The base work under this contract includes maintenance dredging in the 40-foot project from Cut-41 through the Lower Terminal Channel.All dredged material will be placed in Cell F of East Bartram Island.The total cost is between $5 mln and $10 mln, and the proposals will be due on or about 13 August 2013.More info[mappress]Source: fbo.gov, July 26, 2013last_img

Swedish Scientists Study OWF Impact on Marine Wildlife

first_imgLena Bergström, a researcher in marine and coastal ecology, has published a study called Effects of offshore wind farms on marine wildlife—a generalized impact assessment, together with her colleagues from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.Overview of main pressures from OWF during the operational phase. Expected effect on the local abundance of marine organisms is indicated as (+) aggregation/increase, (−) avoidance/decrease.The abstract of the study reads: “The present study synthesizes the current state of understanding on the effects of offshore wind farms on marine wildlife, in order to identify general versus local conclusions in published studies.“The results were translated into a generalized impact assessment for coastal waters in Sweden, which covers a range of salinity conditions from marine to nearly fresh waters. Hence, the conclusions are potentially applicable to marine planning situations in various aquatic ecosystems.”The authors have also noted that the knowledge in the environmental effects of offshore wind farms has grown and accumulated rapidly, along with the fast development of the industry itself.They concluded that the construction phase “was consistently associated with negative impact”. However, the operational phase of offshore wind farms can affect  the marine wildlife both negatively and positively. This depends on local environmental conditions as well as prevailing management targets, according to the study.Noise disruption during the operational phase is still a large issue.“Many potential negative effects of OWFs can be reduced within the planning process, by avoiding important recruitment habitats and by timing construction activities outside of important breeding seasons,” the researchers said.The availability of reliable seafloor and habitat maps, along with information on population connectivity is fundamental for the sustainable development of offshore wind farms, they stressed in the conclusion.Offshore WIND staff, May 05, 2014last_img read more

Pan Ocean in new debt for equity swap

first_imgThe restructured company plans to issue 757,844 shares on April 29. The move comes as Pan Ocean settles claims arising from its recent bankruptcy.The main creditor listed is Merrill Lynch, which is awarded 595,924 shares. Other creditors include Nordana, Strategic Bulk Carriers and Korea Line Corporation.In February 2015 Pan Ocean signed the investment contract with its preferred bidder Harim Group & JKL Consortium.This also coincides with Pan Ocean’s announcement that it is currently making amendments to its rehabilitation plan, and will submit a revised plan to the Korean Court within the next few days.Key terms of the revised plan, such as the discount rate of cash repayment and the decision about the reduction of capital, will be disclosed once the company has submitted the plan, said Pan Ocean.HLPFI reported on March 25 that Pan Ocean had posted a profit of USD748.5 million for 2014, recovering from the huge loss of USD1.76 billion it posted during 2013.  www.panocean.comlast_img read more

Jackson LJ calls for better skeleton arguments

first_imgThe legal profession is failing to get the message about preparing better skeleton arguments, Lord Justice Jackson has said.The architect of last year’s civil litigation reforms used a Court of Appeal judgment to ‘speak more bluntly’ about the ‘poor quality and excessive length’ of some skeleton arguments in the upper courts.Jackson said that an appellant in a dispute over whether to commit a defendant for contempt of court had produced ‘35 pages of rambling prolixity’ which made it difficult to track down the relevant facts, issues and arguments.The judge noted that the Court of Appeal has previously deprived successful parties of the costs of preparing their skeletons but said mild rebukes were no longer enough.Jackson said: ‘As anyone who has drafted skeleton arguments knows, the task is not rocket science. It just requires a few minutes clear thought and planning before you start.‘A good skeleton argument (of which we receive many) is a real help to judges when they are pre-reading the (usually voluminous) bundles. A bad skeleton argument simply adds to the paper jungle through which judges must hack their way in an effort to identify the issues and the competing arguments.’Jackson said an appellant’s skeleton should not normally exceed 25 pages and would usually be much shorter.Lawyers should provide a ‘concise, user-friendly introduction’ for the benefit of judges, with cross-references to relevant documents and authorities.last_img read more

Class 455 suburban EMU refurbished

first_imgUK: On November 23 South West Trains returned to service the first two of its 91 Class 455 inner-suburban EMUs which are being refurbished at Bombardier’s Ashford works. The mid-life refurbishment project will be completed in March 2008. The £67m cost is being funded by Porterbrook, and will be recouped by incremental lease charges to SWT. Hornagold & Hills is project manager, with detailed design work undertaken by AEA Technology Rail and Atlantic Design. The interior layout has been revised to increase capacity by improving passenger flow. Following passenger consultation, SWT decided to drop the under-used middle seat in the former 3+2 layout in favour of 2+2 seating, with the increased space used to provide more standing room, wider aisles and easier to reach grab rails, which should accommodate an extra 60 standing passengers per unit.To determine how best to minimise station dwell times through faster boarding, The Railway Consultancy carried out detailed testing of different interior configurations using a carriage mock-up and a team of 95 people. The doors now open wider to allow two people to pass, and the draught screens have been set further back so that passengers standing against them will not block the doorways.Grammer is supplying 244 new seats for each four-car unit, and these have high backs to meet crash safety requirements. A further 28 perch seats are provided, and there are tip-up seats in the wheelchair spaces as well as in multi-purpose areas for luggage, bikes or additional wheelchairs. Accessibility has been improved within the constraints of the existing bodyshell, the Strategic Railway Authority having agreed that prohibitively-expensive modifications would not be demanded.The EMUs are receiving a complete electrical overhaul, with the auxiliary switches, relays and fuses replaced by modern equivalents to improve reliability. The existing traction equipment and wiring have been retained, but Saft 70 Ah batteries have replaced 40 Ah batteries, and the use of LED marker and door indicator lights will further reduce maintenance requirements.According to Project Sponsor Andrew McIntosh, SWT hopes the refurbishment programme will reduce delays due to rolling stock faults by 3000 minutes per month when the entire fleet is completed. ‘They will be the most reliable suburban trains in the country’, believes Managing Director Andrew Haines. The Class 455s accounted for half of the 143·5million passenger-journeys handled by SWT in 2003-04.Installation of CCTV from RPS will be part-funded by Transport for London.last_img read more

Signalisation et automatismes ferroviaires – Railway signalling & automation

first_imgCo-ordinated by Walter Schön BOOK REVIEW: This three-volume overview of signalling and train control has been compiled by academics and engineers associated with the masters degree course in railways and guided transport systems which has been offered by French engineering universities since 2008. Aimed at present and future rail professionals, the book is intended to give a complete, rather than exhaustive, introduction to the subject. Although having their basis in French railway practice, the bilingual books address other operational and technical concepts from around the world, and have been endorsed by the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers. They cover both main line and urban rail networks, including automated metros and trams. Volume 1 provides an introduction to the ‘environment’ of railway signalling, and its relationship with operating principles, track, electrification and rolling stock, which all influence the development and use of train control systems. Volume 2 covers the essential functions of railway signalling, the safety issues to be addressed, and the different technologies that have been used in the past and present, before considering the factors that will influence future developments. Volume 3 looks at specific applications of the various principles and provides technical descriptions of selected signalling and train control systems which are currently being used. ISBN 978-2-918758-48-8 (Vol 1) ISBN 978-2-918758-63-1 (Vol 2) ISBN 978-2-918758-64-8 (Vol 3) €75 per volume from Éditions La Vie du Rail, 11 rue de Milan, 75440 Paris, Cedex 09, Francelast_img read more