North Korean Apologist On Bosworth Visit

first_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR News SHARE News There are signs that North Korea is running into serious difficulties with its corn harvest North Korean Apologist On Bosworth Visit AvatarChris Green A first-hand opportunity to take a look at the views, half-truths and propaganda of the North Korean regime has come in the form of the latest essay by Kim Myong Chol, a Zainichi Korean academic and close associate of Kim Jong Il.Writing in the Asia Times on Monday, Kim explains the North Korean view of the circumstances surrounding the current visit of Ambassador Stephen Bosworth to Pyongyang.Bosworth’s visit, Kim asserts, represents the culmination of a fantastic year for North Korea, a year during which “Kim Jong Il has engineered the irretrievable emergence of the Land of Morning Calm as a full-fledged space and nuclear power.”According to Kim, the U.S.’ desire to send Bosworth to Pyongyang was so strong that the South Koreans’ deliberate provocation in the West Sea, “an attempt to induce the U.S. to cancel the U.S. envoy’s visit,” failed. Indeed, the Korean People’s Army subsequently “refrained from taking any prompt retaliatory steps in response to the U.S.’ call for restraint,” displaying what Kim sees as their rationality in the face of South Korean militarism.The reasons why Kim believes North Korea has had a great year so far are as follows; first, the meeting between Kim Jong Il and former President Clinton to obtain the release of two American journalists who strayed across the North Korean border, a meeting during which Clinton apparently issued a “plea” for bilateral contact which Kim Jong Il “granted.” Second, there was “the DPRK’s second launch of a satellite into orbit,” and then the second nuclear test. Finally there has been the most recent event, the currency redenomination. Bosworth, Kim claims, will be able to see for himself that “Kim Jong-il has steered his country towards an impressive economic recovery and that the leader is well poised to lead the nation to economic prosperity by 2012, effectively resisting the US-led UN sanctions and rendering unattractive any offers of economic assistance.”In Kim’s analysis, all of this can be put down to one thing; Kim Jong Il’s “Military-first Politics.” In Kim’s own words, “Its bottom line is unmistakable: full ties with the US can be dispensed with when building a mighty and prosperous state, even though the contrary was the case with Japan, South Korea and China.”And what of the future? Well, Kim believes the U.S. policy is “an ‘ostrich’ policy, and it does not affect the fact that North Korea is a nuclear weapons state with a fleet of Intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching US metropolitan areas.” He says that the Obama administration must learn to live with a nuclear North Korea and act as it would when talking with India, Pakistan or Israel.For any clash could, Kim asserts, “rapidly escalate into a new war between the US and North Korea, which would be the first nuclear exchange between the nations.” “A doomsday scenario will come into full play in the metropolitan US,” he continues, “with H-bomb warheads exploding in the skies as resumed hostilities over Korea spiraled into a nuclear exchange fought on the mainland U.S.” “The booming economies of South Korea and Japan will also be annihilated in a nuclear conflagration, which will in turn spill over into neighboring China and Russia,” he concludes threateningly.center_img Facebook Twitter Entire border patrol unit in North Hamgyong Province placed into quarantine following “paratyphoid” outbreak News By Chris Green – 2009.12.09 3:46pm News North Korea tries to accelerate building of walls and fences along border with Chinalast_img

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