Three Ghosts Wandering Around the Korean Peninsula

first_img Entire border patrol unit in North Hamgyong Province placed into quarantine following “paratyphoid” outbreak North Korea tries to accelerate building of walls and fences along border with China News Three Ghosts Wandering Around the Korean Peninsula SHARE News AvatarDaily NKQuestions or comments about this article? Contact us at [email protected] RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img There are signs that North Korea is running into serious difficulties with its corn harvest Facebook Twitter News By Daily NK – 2005.07.22 4:58pm [imText1]There are three ghosts roaming around the Korean Peninsula. Ghosts do not have substance. Although there is no substance, it makes us believe there is. That is a ghost. Each of the ghosts have different name. First one, ‘lie,’ second one ‘delusion,’ and third one ‘arrogance.’ The ghost of lie is the word of Kim Jong Il of « denuclearization of the Korean peninsula ». Kim Jong Il came up with « denuclearization of the Korean peninsula » with no substance. Denuclearization will be done automatically when North Korea dismantles all the nuclear. However, it is foreseen that this ghost of lie will change its face and resolve the six party talks. The ghost of delusion is ‘people’s (minjok) cooperation’. It is also called « among ourselves. » This ghost has been roaming around for a long time now. People’s cooperation could only be done when the North Korean Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Suryeong autocratic regime transfoms into a democratic government, and when the 70 million of Koreans will build their future together. That is Minjok Cooperation. Believing that cooperation with the Kim Jong regime will settle peace in the Korean peninsula and lead the Koreas to a peaceful unification is a delusion. However, this ghost is to be wandering around the Korean peninsula for a while. 23 Million North Koreans Owners of the Nation after the Kim Jong Il RegimeThe ghost of arrogance is related to the problem of who is the owner of North Korea in the future. That is North Korea after the Kim Jong Il regime. This ghost is yet to reveal its clear face.Some say that China is trying to take over North Korea through ‘economic Northeast Project.’ Others say ‘imperialist’ Americans will destroy Kim Jong il’s regime and are trying to fly American flag in North Korea. Although the ROK-US aligned due to the ‘General plan’, some people even argue that the reason why South Korea refused the Plan of Operation 5029 is to exclude the US in case of emergency (such as an eruption of war) occurs in North Korea. There are also many people who argue that according to the article 3 of the ROK constitution, North Korea must be included as part of the South Korean territory. I am not to argue against such disputes. However, there are principles we all must be reminded of. Who is the owner of North Korea ? It is the 23 million of North Korean people. They are the ones who will bring an end to the Kim Jong Il dictatorship and establish a democratic government. It does not matter who is the practical actor to change the Kim Jong Il regime, the owner of post-Kim Jong Il North Korea is the people of North Korea. They are the main force responsible for building a democratic governement and for reconstructing North Korea. Whatever argument or assertion it may be, it would be nothing more than ‘arrogance’ to dispute over who is to ‘obtain’ North Korea after Kim Jong Il. However, this ghost of arrogance too will likely blurr people’s consciouness. North Korean Nuclear – Four Agreements and a Broken PromiseThese three ghosts are not separated from each other. Lies, delusions and arrogance will overlap each other in the process of North Korean nuclear dismantlement → democratization of the NK regime → peace building in the Korean peninsula → peaceful unification → peace of Northeast Asia, and will blurr the fundamentals. However, there is a common denominator in the three ghosts. That is Kim Jong Il. Whether it is advantagious or disadvantageous for Kim Jong Il, they were produced and originated from Kim Jong Il. Ghosts are destined to die once their substance is revealed. Therefore the work must be started to discover their substance. The first step for it is disregarding the ‘theory of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula’ presented by Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il said, “Our goals are the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the teaching of Kim Il Sung.” The whole world knows that this is a lie. After the ‘Inter-Korean Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,’ denuclearization was realized in South Korea. In the 1994 Agreed Framework, North Korea promised to freeze its nuclear prorgram and to allow inspectors to visit North Korea, and delayed it with all sorts of excuses. Then they backlashed with the October 2002 with the HEU program. Then they officially declared their possession of nuclear weapons on February 10 this year. All together, North Korea breached the four agreements ; the Inter-Korean Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the 1994 Agreed Framework, the IAEA Safe Guard Sytem Agreement, and the South-North Basic Agreement. Kim Jong Il, the Chief Commander for Nuclear Development is clearly the criminal. Despite this fact, Kim Jong Il came up with the idea of ‘denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula’ while blaming everything on the US. Multifaceted « Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula », the Six Party Talks to be Turned DownTherefore the five other countries of the six party talks excluding North Korea must put all efforts and cooperate with each other to eradicate the first ghost. China and Russia cannot be exluded from this problem either. Once the first ghost is gone, it will benefit all five nations. Denuclearized Korean peninsula is in the interest of all the people of the international society and liberalization and reformation as well as democracy in denuclearized North Korea will be accelerated. The Fourth Six Party Talks to be Held on July 26 It would be better the close the meeting if North Korea once again brings another once of ‘denuclerization of the Korean peninsula’ plan only with its face changed in such forms as arms reduction talk, amity with the NK-US, the nuclear freeze without the premise of nuclear disarmament. It would be better if the time comes faster. Newslast_img

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