Real Estate Act to be Revised

first_imgRelatedMinistry Welcomes New Pipes to Reduce Water Loss FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Act is to be amended to increase fines for breaches and protect the interests of all players in the real estate market.Minister of State in the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Ian Hayles, made the announcement during his contribution to the 2013/14 Sectoral debate on June 18 in the House of Representatives.He explained that the Act is being revised to “tighten-up” the accountability of real estate professionals, especially developers, as the Real Estate Board has been called upon to expend huge resources to defend the welfare of purchasers, where developers have failed to honour contractual obligations.“The Board is also increasing the penalty fees for breaches of the Act. Legislation will have to be drafted to ensure that the Board is able to carry out new anti-money laundering duties that it was instructed would be assigned,” he noted.Mr. Hayles also informed that the Real Estate Board will be regulating timeshare properties in Jamaica and licensing the marketers of timeshare.He said the Ministry of Tourism is piloting legislation to regulate timeshares in Jamaica, with the Board slated to become the Registrar of Timeshare.“Although timeshares are generally thought of as a tourism product, it is real estate-based, hence the interest of both bodies in the matter. The board will also have to licence the agents, who sell timeshares. The legislation to support these new responsibilities will be tabled shortly,” he noted.Contact: Latonya Linton RelatedRenewed Focus on Cassava Advertisementscenter_img Related35 in Duanvale Get Land Title Real Estate Act to be Revised EnvironmentJune 20, 2013Written by: Latonya Lintonlast_img read more

Legal Trainee at The European Roma Rights Centre

first_img The Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program at Harvard → Legal Trainee at The European Roma Rights Centre Share 0 Tweet July 6, 2015 Published by nina Deadline: 31 July, 2015Open to: candidates with a degree in law from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey or UkraineRemuneration: shall be commensurate with experience in accordance with the annual budgetDescriptionThe European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) seeks a legal trainee familiar with the legal system of one of the non-EU Member States in which the ERRC is active (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine) to assist in litigating Roma rights, ethnic/race discrimination and related cases in domestic, European and international tribunals. The ERRC is a public interest law organisation that defends the human rights of Roma throughout Europe and serves as a legal resource centre for advocates working in this field. The ERRC pursues its objectives by engaging in legal representation, research, monitoring and reporting, human rights education and international advocacy.The ERRC offers a traineeship which will last up to two years for recent law graduates. The trainee programme is designed to provide lawyers at the beginning of their legal careers with the training and skills needed to start a legal career that will have a positive impact on Roma communities. The aim in particular, for the legal trainee, during the course of the traineeship, is to pass the bar exam in the jurisdiction where s/he intends to practise. The traineeship is designed to start in autumn 2015 and so students currently finishing a law degree are free to apply.There are two possibilities for the traineeship:The preferred option is to be based in the ERRC’s Budapest office; this option is only available to candidates who are able to work in English.A second option is to be based in one of the non-EU Member States where the ERRC is active, working under the direction of an ERRC legal consultant or a lawyer affiliated with the ERRC. This option is meant to deal with the situation where the preferred candidate is unable to work in English or is, for some other reason, unable to relocate to Budapest. The ERRC cannot guarantee that such an arrangement will be possible.The programme is designed to be flexible to allow the trainee to advance her/his career, and may therefore include, for example, education leave to prepare for the national bar exam or magistracy exam, secondment to a law office at national level to complete a traineeship needed to become a fully qualified lawyer, or other professional development opportunities. The ERRC may be able to assist in identifying a suitable mentor at national level. Candidates who are currently preparing for their bar exams should feel free to apply. The ERRC will work with the successful candidate to design her/his traineeship.EligibilityEssential requirementsSignificant experience living and/or working with Romani communities;Knowledge of a language spoken by many Roma;A law degree from one of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey or Ukraine;Knowledge of Roma-rights issues in Europe;Solid legal reasoning skills;A commitment to advancing Roma rights, particularly through law.Preferred:Ability to work in English;Knowledge of other European languages;Advanced studies of human rights law, anti-discrimination law and related fields;Previous work experience (paid or unpaid) in law offices or NGOs;Understanding of the language and legal systems in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and/or Serbia.RemunerationThe traineeship is paid and shall be commensurate with experience in accordance with the annual budget. However, the trainee should pay for his/hers transportation costs and accommodation.How to applyApplicants should submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae, together with a legal writing sample and a list of two referees by email, before 31 July 2015, to: Hajnalka Nemeth, [email protected] mark the subject line: [First Name] [Surname] – legal trainee.The letter and writing sample should be in English, if possible; however, ERRC will accept letters and writing samples in the language of any of the countries listed above. Please indicate clearly in your covering letter if you are not capable of working in English and therefore would prefer to be considered only for the second option (in-country placement) and interviewed in another language. ERRC cannot guarantee that could be able to conduct interviews in all languages and this may prevent them from considering your application.While actual recruitment to all ERRC jobs is strictly on merit, the organisation strives to increase the number of persons of Roma origin in its staff and therefore specifically encourages candidates of Roma background to apply.Official web site +1 LinkedIn 0 ← ArtsLink Five-Week Residencies in the US Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. Similar Stories Pocket Redditlast_img read more

Beluga adds financial partner

first_imgManaging director of the OCM branch office in Frankfurt, Hermann T. Dambach said: “Oaktree has substantial investment experience within the shipping sector. We see Beluga Shipping as an innovative, strong and successful company with enormous growth potential in its core business as well as in the emerging offshore business segment. Furthermore, we are convinced that Beluga will be well placed within the market to take advantage of additional opportunities as these arise. Our partnership will enable Beluga to strategically and profitably extend its market leadership.”Niels Stolberg, founder and sole managing partner of Beluga Shipping is equally positive about the new partnership: “In Oaktree Capital Management we have found a competent partner who understands our philosophy and business strategy and who will strongly support us in the further growth of Beluga Shipping. I am convinced that the excellent working relationship that we have developed to date will continue and together we will harvest the fruits of our cooperation.”The partnership between Oaktree Capital Management and Beluga Shipping will officially be sealed later on this month and Beluga is expected to order its first new special vessels shortly after. Initially, additional growth is expected in the offshore wind farm sector. Later on, the offshore market is expected to become Beluga’s second main pillar alongside the attractive niche market of project and heavy lift cargo shipping: the company’s core focus since it was founded in 1995.For more than 12 months Beluga has been engaged in the development and construction of the P-3 ship series. These special multi-purpose heavy lift project carriers will be fitted with cranes capable of lifting weights of up to 2,000 tonnes in tandem using their onboard 1,000 tonne cranes. The market conditions for these carriers have significantly improved over the last 18 months, says Beluga.In addition, Beluga is engaged in the construction and development of erector ships for its joint venture with Hochtief Construction AG: BELUGA HOCHTIEF Offshore. These erector ships – a type of jack-up vessel – will be able to load, transport and even install offshore wind energy farms. In addition to these erector ships, Beluga is also planning two cable-laying ships and two supply vessels for the offshore wind farm sector.last_img read more

Subsea restaurant on the move

first_imgHLPFI reported in August 2015 that GAC had awarded Jumbo a contract for the transportation of the underwater restaurant to the Maldives.The restaurant, which had a 13 m high stairwell, is on its way to the resort of Hurawalhi, where it will offer guests an underwater dining experience with panoramic views of the surrounding marine life when it opens in August 2016.12 months of detailed planning were required for the shipment of the unit, based on GAC’s CAD-assisted lifting and lashing calculations to prepare the structure’s voyage.The first stage involved transporting the 410-tonne unit over 8 km by road from the construction company’s facility in New Plymouth to Port Taranaki, using a 200-wheel trailer and four tractor units.On arrival at Port Taranaki, the unit was lifted on board Jumbo’s heavy lift vessel Fairlane, before being lashed and secured to the deck.”After lengthy and detailed preparations, it’s a big relief to know the restaurant is now safely en route,” said GAC’s group project logistics manager Per Thörnblom. “Depending on stopovers, weather and other factors, we hope that Fairlane will arrive at the brand new resort of Hurawalhi during the first week of March.”In the Maldives, the structure will be lifted from the vessel and positioned on 8 m and 14 m piles. www.gac.comwww.jumbomaritime.nllast_img read more

Ugliest Uniform Ever

first_img 1 52 posts 4,436 473 Sports Logo News Yikes 2,362 Followers 1 Ugliest Uniform Ever MCM0313 Location:detroit All Activity 2,302 245 Page 1 of 2   Link to post 4 2 4 Number 52 is easily 28 years old.And needs to stop watching Duck Dynasty.Work release. 2,591 Banned 0 Members Location:detroit MCM0313 You know what they say… Share this post Share on other sites Share this post Link to post Posted May 12, 2015 Mustard and Ketchup 58 3,803 6,127 posts Members 16,001 6,127 posts 3,803 Posted May 12, 2015 0 2,591 Location:somewhere in Kansas… Raymie 2,591 Buster Location:Longueuil, Québec 3,530 posts pianoknight 2x MegaBowl Champion – The Poster Formerly Known As bkknight95 473 You know, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before…Some of the camo jerseys are actually pretty cool for a one time thing. But those “pixel” uniforms in the picture above….Lord Jesus WTF is that? They take the cake, for sure!Here’s another one… 2,975 Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Blackhawks, DevilsBulls, HeatWhite Sox, Angels, CardinalsLeast Favorite logo: All chewing tobacco logos Posted May 12, 2015 16,001 Rise Above Mediocrity. Share this post 2 Posted May 12, 2015 Link to post Link to post Sports Logos Posted May 12, 2015 It should always be Christmas in New Jersey 16,001 Share this post Share this post oldschoolvikings Link to post oldschoolvikings 4thandPunt Morgan33 Location:Calgary AB Canada Share on other sites 2,302 Share on other sites 16,001 waltere Favourite Logos:MSU Spartan Head, Kansas Jayhawk’s new rebrand, TB Buccaneers 97-13 primary, Jordan era Wizards logo,Charlotte Bobcats, Cubs 3,803 Favourite Logos:Indianapolis Colts; Kansas City Chiefs; Green Bay Packers; Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Ohio State; UCLA script; Tulane; Portland Trail Blazers; most of MLB’s “interlocking letters” logos; Seattle Mariners. Posted May 12, 2015 OnWis97 Link to post Hail to the Redskins…forever. 16,001 Share on other sites TheRicSlick Share on other sites TheRicSlick Share this post hershey chocolate 5,735 posts 844 I see a school with underfunded music, theatre, and art departments. 3,486 Let’s not forget that they have Michigan wings, and still feel the need to have a logo on the helmet.The black set is probably their best set, which, is saying something. Posted May 12, 2015 Share on other sites You know, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before… 1 Link to post Share on other sites Share this post 16,001 2 Share this post 2,591 Deserves it’s own thread.Oakdale (CA) High School.If I had photoshop, I’d whip something up in 5-10 minutes that would far outclass this drivel. 3,765 posts Share this post Posted May 12, 2015 Share this post SportsLogos.Net waltere Logos ‘n Such Deserves it’s own thread.Oakdale (CA) High School. Share on other sites 3,486 Members Members 0 Sign in to follow this   Hail to the Redskins…forever. Vamos Hector! Posted May 12, 2015 Share on other sites These honestly wouldn’t be too bad if they ditched the “spring green”.I normally hate weird modern uniforms, but I actually kind of like these.They look sort of like landsknechts and I dig it. All Activity Sports Logo News pianoknight Posted May 12, 2015 Favourite Logos:Indianapolis Colts; Kansas City Chiefs; Green Bay Packers; Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Ohio State; UCLA script; Tulane; Portland Trail Blazers; most of MLB’s “interlocking letters” logos; Seattle Mariners. SportsLogos.Net Sports Logos Link to post 21 Posted May 12, 2015 Members Members 11,361 posts 0 2 Share on other sites Go To Topic Listing 0 oldschoolvikings 844 Members Members Posted May 12, 2015 Prev 1 60 Morgan33 0 12,787 posts Location:Ohio Link to postcenter_img 2,591 Members Link to post 1 3,486 hershey chocolate Link to post Link to post Sign in to follow this   Share this post 0 Location:Calgary AB Canada 12,787 posts Share on other sites Logos ‘n Such 4,436 Dynasty You know, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before…Okay, that is the ugliest uniform everDoes this uniform make everyone look skinny or does everyone on the team happen to be skinny? 2,975 Members Share on other sites 3,803 Location:Right over there Recommended Posts 0 oldschoolvikings MCM0313 OnWis97 You know, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before…I always forget that this uniform set was a thing (sorry Admiral ), and then I see it again and am always freshly surprised by just how goddamn, stinky, how-the-hell-did-anyone-even-let-that-happen terrible it actually was. Morgan33 4thandPunt habsfan1 Location:Boise, Idaho Posted May 12, 2015 Members Share this post Members Favourite Logos:Hartford Whalers, plus homer picks of the Mets & Carolina Panthers 844 Link to post Raymie Posted May 12, 2015 Link to post Share on other sites 60 0 0 MCM0313 Banned 0 1,122 posts 3,199 posts Location:Not to be disclosed 2,362 Posted May 12, 2015 Ugliest Uniform Ever Link to post Share this post Posted May 12, 2015 Share this post Dynasty Location:Eugene, OR Share this post Members seahawks ? Ugliest Uniform Ever Members 11,361 posts 473 5,747 posts Location:Ohio Share on other sites Next Link to post 0 245 Favourite Logos:New Jersey Devils 1,163 posts JasonFromMiami 58 Posted May 12, 2015 4,436 3,530 posts 0 2,362 Posted May 12, 2015 Forums Home Share this post Share on other sites 3,803 245 habsfan1 1 0 Members 2,591 Share this post Link to post 245 it is very very bad, but probably not the worst we will ever see, some school will probably come out with something before next year. 3,803 1 0 21 By Buster, May 12, 2015 in Sports Logo News 4 This topic is now closed to further replies. Banned Members 18 posts Posted May 12, 2015 What a cashabanga that is.Red and yellow is a very hard color scheme to pull off correctly if the red is too bright. Add too much black and there’s a problem.The camo uniforms are an absolute disaster. The red uniforms are less of a disaster but are still a mess.In recent years they’ve also had a black set……and a white set that matches nothing.They also have a gold pants option, apparently. Favourite Logos:AZ Hotshots 23,613 posts Number 52 is easily 28 years old.And needs to stop watching Duck Dynasty. 70 posts 60 Buster 0 Next colinturner95 Share on other sites You know, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before…Yikes. In some of these pictures there are wearers of the unis who look legitimately embarrassed. 245 You know, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before…Okay, that is the ugliest uniform ever Link to post Number 52 is easily 28 years old.And needs to stop watching Duck Dynasty.Bet you wouldn’t say that to his face though. BAM!!! Second encore! JasonFromMiami 0 Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Wild, Whalers, North Stars, Avalanche Favourite Logos:Wild, Whalers, North Stars, Avalanche 2,975 Share this post Share on other sites Share on other sites colinturner95 Link to post 0 Forums Home 0 Share this post Buster Posted May 12, 2015 0 2,302 Share this post 245 Page 1 of 2   58 Link to post Buster Banned These honestly wouldn’t be too bad if they ditched the “spring green”. Morgan33 Prev Followers 1 14,934 posts 3,203 postslast_img read more

Who will replace Sergio Perez? Racing Point racer tests positive for COVID-19

first_img WATCH US LIVE Written By LIVE TV Who will replace Sergio Perez? Nico Hulkenburg favourite after Sergio Perez COVID 19 test While Esteban Gutierrez and Stoffel Vandoorne provide obvious answers to the ‘Who will replace Sergio Perez?’ question, the Silverstone team could eye Nico Hulkenburg as another Sergio Perez COVID 19 replacement. Racing Point boast of friendly relations with Hulkenburg, who drove for the team during its Force India days before parting ways in 2016. Unlike Gutierrez, the German has been away from Formula 1 for a short time, with his last season coming in with Renault in 2019.The 32-year-old is set to race in the ADAC GT Masters series at the Nurburgring on 15-16 August, where the Le Mans 24 Hour winner will be behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo, courtesy the GTronix 360 mcchip-dkr team. According to reports from Motorsport and Racer, Racing Point is leaning towards the German’s services for the British Grand Prix this weekend. The Racer reports that Hulkenberg visited Racing Point’s Silverstone factory for a seat fit on Thursday.Also Read: Mercedes To Finish Formula E Season In All-black CarsAlso Read: F1 Reserve Drivers 2020: Full List Of Reserve Drivers Of Each Team Amid COVID-19 Crisis(Image Courtesy: Esteban Guiterrez Twitter, Last Updated: 31st July, 2020 12:43 IST Who Will Replace Sergio Perez? Racing Point Racer Tests Positive For COVID-19 With Formula 1 fans curious to know who will replace Sergio Perez, here are the potential replacements Racing Point could draft for the British Grand Prix. FOLLOW US First Published: 31st July, 2020 12:43 ISTcenter_img SUBSCRIBE TO US Sreehari Menon COMMENT BREAKING: Sergio Perez will not take part in this weekend’s British Grand Prix after testing positive for COVID-19He is self-isolating and we wish him a speedy recoveryRacing Point’s driver line-up will be announced in due course— Formula 1 (@F1) July 30, 2020 Formula One (F1) racing team Racing Point are in search of a Sergio Perez replacement after their Mexican ace tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of the British Grand Prix. As a result of the Sergio Perez COVID 19 test, the 30-year-old has entered self-isolation and well be ruled out of participating in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Racing Point are re-testing all their team members for the virus as is the due procedure and are expected to announce their revised driver line-up in due course. Fans are curious as to who will replace Sergio Perez and here’s all the potential racers Racing Point could bring in as the top Sergio Perez replacement.Also Read: F1’s Pandemic Pause Spurs Hamilton To Race On For 2-3 YearsWho will replace Sergio Perez? Esteban Gutierrez the Sergio Perez replacement?With the Sergio Perez COVID 19 test returning as positive, Racing Point are currently scrambling to find a replacement for their Mexican driver, who is currently under isolation. Racing point reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez presents the team with an obvious option as a Sergio Perez replacement, with fellow reserve Stoffel Vandoorne being a major doubt due to his Formula E commitments, with the season set to resume soon.Gutierrez’s last F1 season was with Haas in 2016 and the Mexican racer is the officially simulation driver for Mercedes. Like Racing Point, McLaren also has a similar deal with Mercedes but the former has the advantage and could draft the Mexican, who will replace Sergio Perez in their line-up. Also Read: F1 Track In Mexico Converted Into Drive-in Cinema By Government To Lift Morale Of Peoplelast_img read more

The End May Be Nigh For Keyboard, Mouse And Monitor, Thanks To Microsoft

first_img4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… adriana lee Yesterday, Microsoft was still a sad sack desperately trying to make up for missing out on the mobile hoopla. Today, the formerly boring office tech supplier got its innovation mojo back in one of the most exciting ways possible. The change is enough to induce whiplash. Just the same, at its Windows 10 press briefing in Redmond, Wash., Wednesday, the company unleashed a bevy of announcements and demos—the most noteworthy of which revolved around Cortana voice features, gestures and something it calls “Windows Holographic,” a sort of souped-up augmented reality platform. Microsoft’s take puts more realistic 3D images in front of eyeballs along with text, layering them over our view of the real world as seen through its new HoloLens goggles. (To see the product video, scroll down.)See also: Holograms! Also, What Else Microsoft Announced TodayVoice, gestures and wearable face gear are nothing new to the tech scene, but Microsoft’s bold play here certainly is. It’s as if the company, vowing never to miss out on another emerging trend again, flipped a switch to shake up human-to-computer interfaces. When people can talk to their tech, see 3D representations in the air and interact with media or docs by waving their hands, the long-term survival for the keyboard, mouse and monitor suddenly seems precarious. Microsoft is far from alone in trying to usher in the new golden age of interfaces that Hollywood has been promising for years. Oddly enough, it might even have the best chance of succeeding. Speak UpIn Her, Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a computer he can talk to. Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now, Cortana has been making its way from frivolous smartphone distraction to a key part of the company’s strategy. The voice feature cements its place now as part of Windows 10.Cortana, whose name comes from the popular video game Halo, factors heavily in some of Microsoft’s other initiatives—like its partnership with Insteon last year, which promoted Cortana as a way of enabling voice for its smart home. It’s also a main feature of the Microsoft Band, the company’s first foray into wrist gadgets. Insteon’s smart home can respond to voice commands, courtesy of Cortana.Now people will be able to talk to their Windows computers—possibly en masse. Although desktop PC sales have slumped in recent years, “the U.S. consumer PC market will finally move to positive growth in 2015,” says IDC’s Rajani Singh, senior research analyst for personal computing. The reason: “the slowdown in the tablet market, vendor and OEM efforts to rejuvenate the PC market, the launch of Window 10, and replacement of older PCs,” he said. Although Apple has increased its share in the last quarter, the lion’s share of computers today are still PCs running Windows. According to NetMarketShare, more than 90% of personal computers currently run Windows, with nearly two-thirds running Windows 7 or 8. Moving users through the upgrade cycle can be a slow process, but Microsoft wants to fast-track version 7 and 8 users to the new environment. The company announced that Windows 10 upgrades will be free this year for those users. It also made it somewhat irresistible: Microsoft baked its new Windows Holographic into version 10, to give possibly legions of users a taste of the future. Holla Back, HoloLensThese innovations got their start under former CEO Steve Ballmer, but his successor, Satya Nadella—a man who has proven to be an exciting (though slightly long-winded) speaker—will get the credit. It is under his watch that Microsoft finally trotted out the pet project of chief innovator, Alex Kipman, which was seven years in the making.The main news isn’t that Microsoft has developed voice, 3D visuals and gesture support. Most major tech companies have done the same. It’s that the Windows maker has tied them together in a way that strikes a chord with our inner child, who still so badly wants to be Iron Man or rock Minority Report-style technology. This morning, Microsoft made us believe we can, even if we won’t look as slick with fat glasses lashed onto our heads. But at least the hardware for Windows Holographic would put supposedly realistic 3D imagery in front of our eyes. Meanwhile Cortana would let us speak to conjure information or kick on actions, and gesture support would transform us into conductors of symphonic computing, allowing us to manipulate virtual items in mid-air. (If you absolutely must have a display, and have plenty of funds, then ponder the Surface Hub, Microsoft’s 84-inch 4K behemoth—a huge, incredibly high-res screen that could cost as much as a car. That’s a guess, though. Microsoft didn’t actually announce pricing or availability.) This is the future Microsoft thinks it can give us, not in 10 years or five years, but with Windows 10 this year. The lynchpin for those changes is the HoloLens, a set of goggles with the equivalent of a small computer embedded inside.  Marty McFly’s kid tipped us off ages ago.The real-life HoloLens Microsoft just announced.The technology could have big implications for pursuits like gaming and entertainment. But Microsoft knows its best chance at reaching the public may lie in workplace applications. Existing augmented reality devices like Epson Moverio, virtual reality goggles like the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR and other face gear like Google Glass may have the highest utility in enterprise environments—think doctors that can conjure step-by-step procedures hands-free or warehouse workers who can check on supply chain levels by looking at certain beacon points. Educators have been excited about the technology as well, bringing lessons to life in classrooms and museums.None of those options deliver realistic imagery, though, and they don’t tie into gestures and voice. Microsoft also announced APIs, to give developers a chance to show us what we can really do with this technology. Voice- and gesture-activated virtual computing environments certainly won’t become mainstream overnight. But it could happen sooner than anyone thought. And surprise, Microsoft, of all companies, could be the one to make it happen. For a taste of the future it envisions, check out its product video below. Film publicity photos courtesy of respective companies: Iron Man (Paramount Pictures), The Minority Report (20th Century Fox), Her (Annapurna Pictures), Back to the Future, Part II (Universal Pictures), and Ender’s Game (Summit Entertainment); screenshots of Microsoft press event captured by Stephanie Chan for ReadWrite; all other photos by Adriana for ReadWritecenter_img Related Posts 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Tags:#hologram#Hololens#Microsoft#virtual reality#Windows 10#Windows Holographic last_img read more