Testosterone level in men during partner’s pregnancy may predict relationship dedication: study

first_imgLinkedIn Share Share on Facebook Pinterest Share on Twittercenter_img Email Changes in paternal testosterone across pregnancy, and hormonal linkage with the pregnant partner, may underlie fathers’ dedication to the partner relationship across the transition to parenthood, according to a study published online this July in Hormones and Behavior.Many men show shifts in behavior from being mating-oriented to parenting-oriented during the transition to parenthood. From an evolutionary perspective this is advantageous but the biological mechanisms behind this are not well understood.Testosterone, an androgenic steroid hormone, may play a role in men’s preparation for fatherhood. High levels of testosterone have been associated with competition and aggression, whereas low levels of testosterone have been associated with nurturance and particularly the care of offspring. Furthermore, lower levels of testosterone have been found in fathers who are in a relationship and fathers who are more involved in their children’s care, as compared to men without children. Research has also shown that lower salivary testosterone is related to higher relationship satisfaction and commitment, lower interest in sex outside the marriage, and a lower likelihood of divorce. Therefore, it appears that a father’s decreases in testosterone levels around the transition to parenthood may reflect a shift away from pursuing new mating opportunities in favor of investment in offspring and the partner relationship.The study, led by Darby Saxbe of the University of Southern California, followed 27 couples expecting their first child across their pregnancy and the first few months after birth. Parents provided repeated samples of testosterone across pregnancy to explore whether fathers’ change in testosterone, and the correlations with a mothers’ testosterone, were associated with levels of investment after the birth of their child. Thus, participants rated their investment, commitment, and satisfaction with their partner a few months after their child’s birth.The results revealed that fathers showed significant declines in testosterone as the pregnancy progressed, as well as significant positive correlations with their partners’ testosterone level at each time-point. Moreover, the changes seen over the pregnancy and the degree of synchrony with mothers predicted the fathers’ investment, commitment, and satisfaction in the couple relationship. Interestingly, testosterone levels before the birth of the child predicted the relationship outcomes after the birth, even after adjusting for fathers’ scores of investment early on in the pregnancy.The researchers concluded that, “The direction of our effects suggests that hormonal change and synchrony predict relationship investment, not the other way around; that is, relationship investment at the first prenatal assessment was not significantly associated with testosterone change or coordination with mothers.”last_img read more

Voters warned to take upcoming election seriously

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Share LocalNewsPolitics Voters warned to take upcoming election seriously by: Dominica Vibes News – November 12, 2014center_img 958 Views   no discussions Share Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (file photo)Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has called on citizens to treat the upcoming general election with seriousness.Mr Skerrit, who is also the leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) said in his address at a DLP rally in Wesley on 11 November 2014, citizens must treat the election seriously as according to him, Dominica’s development and future is at stake.“Dominica is at the social, economic and political cross roads, the outcome of this general election campaign will either make or break Dominica,” the DLP leader said. “How you vote on December 8th will determine how seriously the international community takes Dominica hereinafter,” Mr Skerrit stated.He also invited all voters to ask and answer “some very serious questions” before going to the polling station on 8 December. “Firstly, who do you wish to lead you in this country,” Mr Skerrit asked and noted that the choice is between himself and Lennox Linton – the political leader of the Opposition, United Workers Party (UWP).“If you do not vote for Roosevelt Skerrit and the party led by Roosevelt Skerrit, then you are voting for Lennox Linton to become Prime Minister of Dominica,” he said.The second question which Mr Skerrit said voters must ask and answer is “does it matter whether you vote or not”.“I will say to you of course it matters whether you vote or not. If you do not vote for Labour, you are supporting Lennox Linton and the Workers Party”.“By not voting, you are making it easier for the challenger to reach and surpass the incumbent candidates”.“In order words, the UWP does not need your vote for them to win in Wesley, they only need for you not to vote and that will be all the help that they will need from you,” Mr Skerrit explained.He also cautioned his to ensure that they vote for the shoe which is the DLP’s symbol. “If you do not go out and vote then you are conspiring with the UWP to change the government”.“If you chose not to go out and vote, then you are indirectly voting for Lennox Linton to become the prime minister of Dominica. I say tonight that the blood of Dominica would be on your hands, all those who triggered the demise of this beautiful country of ours,” he said.The third question Mr Skerrit said voters must consider and answer is “will your vote make a difference”.“Of course, your vote will no doubt make a difference…every single vote matters and counts in this general election. Every seat matters”.“The ruling party in St Vincent won the election by one seat; the ruling party in Barbados won the last election when their very last seat was declared. Your vote my dear brothers and sister…your vote matters,” Mr Skerrit said.last_img read more