GuySuCo’s new Board, fresh ideas and decades of experience

first_imgDear Editor,I was elated to see the full-page advertisement on March 14, 2018, showcasing GuySuCo’s new Board of Directors. The Cabinet did well in the selection of this new Board. From the information on the Directors shown in the advertisement, one can gather that this new Board is filled with years of experience in the sugar industry, as well as experience managing companies and finances.Moreover, I was heartened to see that the new Chairman of the Board is Colvin Heath-London. As an avid reader, I have seen Heath-London’s name pop up many times over the years, and it is always something positive about the work that he has done on the international scene, or at home in Guyana. To paraphrase the full-page advertisement, the new Chairman is a man with a wealth of experience in consultancy/advisory positions and is no novice in the world of sugar, and business turnarounds. He has worked on multibillion-dollar projects in the Region, and across the world, and was instrumental in putting together the US$150 million CJIA expansion project.I also gathered from the advertisement that the Board is well balanced in age. This should enable a balance of fresh ideas with the knowledge from decades of experience. In addition to this, I also took note that three former Directors of the Board are on this new Board. These veterans, in retrospection, should be able to show the new blood where things have gone bad and where the Board was able to have success in the past. As with every important thing that we do in life, striking a balance is vital to being successful.As a proud citizen of Guyana, I implore all of my fellow Guyanese, especially those in powerful and influential positions, to give this new Board a chance. Our sugar industry is important to our economy and livelihood of thousands of Guyanese, and anything other than working together would be counterproductive to reviving the sugar industry. With the balance, experience and knowledge of the new Board, we should be optimistic about the future of the sugar industry.Sincerely,Tony Morganlast_img read more