Didnt line up for an iPhone 5S Heres what you missed at

first_imgThe launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are upon us, and if you didn’t decide it was worth waiting in line for one on launch day you might find yourself surprised how smooth the experience really is.As an Android fan who has been using the platform since the G1 (with many, many other Android phones in between that first phone and my HTC One), I have never stood in line at an Apple store. It’s not that I’m opposed to standing in line for things, I’d just never wanted something from Apple so badly that I absolutely had to have on the release day. Since I had decided to pick up an iPhone 5S I thought, “Why not go all out and get the whole experience?”So, as we discussed during our Geekout, I packed up and wandered to the local Apple Store to see what I had been missing out on.The waiting part is pretty much exactly the same no matter what you are waiting in line for. There’s a couple of troublemakers, a number of cranky people who haven’t slept, and a lot of time spent playing video games or just talking to your neighbor in line. I was fortunate enough to be tenth in line for a location that grew to have nearly 250 people waiting before the store opened.To say I felt out of place is a bit of an understatement — standing there with a Moto X and Google Glass in a sea of Apple logos. I didn’t see a single person who wasn’t upgrading from a previous generation iPhone, which I suppose is to be expected when you’re talking to the first few standing people in a line like this.When the store opened, I was blown away by the roar of applause from the staff and the excitement in the brightly lit Apple store. I wandered to the back of the store with everyone else, and the transaction was completed very quickly. I wasn’t in the store for five minutes before I was completing the transaction and walking out with my purchase.A T-Mobile 16GB iPhone 5S in Space Gray with a project(RED) leather case. Let the games begin.last_img read more