Velaro RUS to St Petersburg

first_imgPARTICIPATING in the 1520 Forum conference of broad gauge railways being held in Sochi, Russian Railways Vice-President Valentine Gapanovich formally signed a €276m contract with Siemens President Hans M Schabert on May 18 for the supply of eight high speed trains.Due for delivery from the end of 2008, the 10-car sets known as Velaro RUS will run at up to 250 km/h, carrying 600 passengers each. They will be derived from the German ICE3, but with bodies 330mm wider. Siemens and RZD are negotiating a second contract for maintenance of the trains over 30 years, which is valued at around €300m.The trainsets will initially be used on the Moscow – St Petersburg route, but will later work between Moscow and Nishni Novgorod as well. Some sets will be equipped for both 25 kV 50Hz and 3 kV DC operation.Work is expected to start next year on construction of the planned high speed line between Moscow and St Petersburg. Transport Minister Igor Levitin announced on April 4 that RZD is to form a joint venture with high speed line company RAO VSM to reactivate the project, which began in the 1990s but was later mothballed. Recent studies by the Academy of Transport have estimated the cost of building the line at US$8bn, with an estimated payback period of just eight years. According to Vice-Minister A S Micharin, the state will underwrite the construction of the line, although he expects the project to be ‘most attractive to private investors’. Much of the land is already owned by RAO VSM, having been acquired for the previous attempt.On April 20 RZD confirmed that it will form a joint venture with VR to improve passenger services between St Petersburg and Helsinki. Karelian Express will acquire four eight-car trainsets, which will be hauled by EP10 dual-system electric locos. Initially operating at 160 km/h, the trains will cut the journey time by 20min, but upgrading the route for 200 km/h running from 2008 will increase the time saving to 90min.last_img read more

Jamaican Singer-Songwriter Chevaughn Releases Quiet Giantz to Celebrate Unsung Heroes

first_imgThe former lead singer of the band C-Sharp hopes the message in this latest single will resonate well with audiences, quoting the great Nina Simone who once said, “how can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” “This song is two years in the making and I hope it is embraced by every soul with immense gratitude for our essential and frontline GIANTZ. It also reaches beyond our current crisis, our everyday people, teachers, parents, and civil servants alike,” Chevaughn stresses. Currently, the lyric video QUIET GIANTZ feat. Agent Sasco and Riff Raff is available on YouTube: Chevaughn believes music is a conversation, adding that the collaboration with Agent Sasco and Llamar ‘Riff Raff’ Brown was a natural synergy, having worked with them closely over the years. “Riff Raff and I have worked together for more than a decade and he is, simply put, a genius, so I was confident he would interpret my crazy ideas. I’ve worked with Sasco on a few of his singles and his last project Hope River I was fully involved, so when he heard it, he was immediately impressed and saw that the timing was fitting – sooner than I did,” Chevaughn notes. Not wanting to give away too much about his upcoming projects, he encouraged fans to follow him on all channels @chevaughnmusic. However, he did give an indication that he is much closer to the completion of his debut Album. . . ??????, ???? ???????.  Same Xoul Different Sound.  When asked about the release of the video to accompany the single, he pointed out that work is ongoing to ensure they create a visual masterpiece that will certainly express the truth of this song. “Even though the time restrictions are a bit of a challenge, we will deliver,” notes the smooth velvet tenor. The musical phenomenon notes that initial idea was sparked about two years ago following a performance, when he heard some audience members talking about the event and how much work the artists have done over the years. It was a result of that conversation that reignited a fire and served as confirmation of the hard work many artists including himself put in to building their craft, which is often unseen.   Chevaughn admits that is has been a difficult time for everyone, but he’s confident that we will get through this together. And how is he coping? “I do my best to stay present and positive and I am grateful for the souls I’ve been blessed to call friends and family who keep me grounded. The world will get through this with love.” When Jamaican singer/songwriter Chevaughn began working on this project, he had not envisioned a time like this, but what he knew is that he wanted to celebrate and pay tribute to many of our QUIET GIANTZ, hence the title of his new single which has just been released featuring Agent Sasco and Llamar ‘Riff Raff’ Brown. However, Chevaughn is hopeful that that song will be on all digital platforms by the time the world is reading this.last_img read more

Anies Baswedan Ganti ‘Nama’ OK Otrip Menjadi Jak Lingko

first_img(berita satu) OK Otrip atau One Karcis One Trip merupakan program integrasi yang masa uji cobanya berakhir pada September 2018 kemarin. Program ini merupakan program untuk memudahkan pengguna angkot atau angkutan kota dengan integrasi ke TransJakarta. Selesainya uji coba tersebut, 1 Oktober 2018 kemarin, program ini resmi diterapkan dan nama OK Otrip sendiri kemudian diubah. Pengubahan nama ini dilakukan oleh Gubernur DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan dengan nama Jak Lingko.Baca juga: TransJakarta Terintegrasi KWK dengan Kartu seharga Rp15 ribu di Jam merangkum dari berbagai laman sumber bahwa, kata Jak Lingko dipilih karena lebih tepat dengan program tersebut dan dinilai lebih sesuai dengan maknanya. Anies mengatakan, Lingko sendiri memilik arti tersambungkan dan diambil dari jenis pengelolaaan pengairan sawah di Kabupaten Manggarai, Nusa Tenggara Timur. “Hari ini kita luncurkan penamaan untuk sistem transportasi yang terintegrasi. Penamaannya Jak Lingko. OK OCE memang ada maknanya. Itu adalah One Kecamatan One Center for Entrepreneurship. Tapi kalau OK OTrip tidak ada, ya kemudahan ngomong saja. Karena itu, saya sampaikan, kita cari nama. Dan pilihannya setelah riset sana-sini, pada ‘lingko’,” kata Anies.Anies mengatakan, Lingko sendiri merupakan kosakata baru dalam bahasa indonesia yang diserap dari bahasa Manggarai, NTT. Kata ini sendiri muncul di Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia pada akhir Oktober 2018. Pemilihan kata Lingko untuk mencerminkan jejaring rute integrasi transportasi antarmoda di Jakarta.“Kami ingin gunakan kata lingko ini menjadi sistem transportasi terintegrasi. Bayangannya seperti jaring laba-laba. Jaring laba-laba itu bisa nyambung, dari rute mana pun bisa, dari titik mana pun ke titik mana pun dalam jaringan ini,” ujarnya.Dia menambahkan, pemilihan Lingko sendiri dipilih juga untuk mempopulerkan kosakata tersebut dan Pemprov DKI bersama dengan Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan untuk meluncurkan nama Lingko bersama ratusan kosakata lain. Pemprov DKI saat ini ingin membuka sayembara kepada masyrakat untuk merancang logo dari Jak Lingko.“Kami ingin membuka sayembara kepada masyarakat untuk merancang logo Jak Lingko. Logonya tidak ditentukan oleh pemprov, kami mengundang warga Jakarta, mari rancang desain untuk Jak Lingko ini,” tutur Anies.Baca juga: Naik Kelas, Kartu Multi Trip Siap Berevolusi Jadi E-MoneySehingga logo Jak Lingko bisa diluncurkan pada akhir Oktober. Mekanisme dan ketentuan sayembara ini akan diumumkan melalui akun media sosial Pemprov DKI Jakarta dan TransJakarta. Meski berubah nama, sistem pembayaran tetap menggunakan kartu OK Otrip dan program ini dipastikan Anies sama serta tidak ada perubahan.Diketahui, selain kartu, tarifnya pun tidak berubah. Masyarakat tetap gratis menggunakan bus kecil atau angkot yang sudah bekerja sama dengan PT Transjakarta. Saldo di kartu OK Otrip penumpang mulai terpotong ketika mereka melanjutkan perjalanan dengan bus transjakarta. Biaya perjalanan yang dibebankan kepada warga maksimal Rp 5.000 dalam waktu 3 jam. Namun, tarifnya bisa lebih rendah dari itu jika penumpang hanya menggunakan satu kendaraan dalam sekali perjalanan.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedTerintegrasi Jak Lingko, Naik Bus TransJakarta Lebih Hemat28/08/2019In “Bus dalam kota”TransJakarta Sosialisasikan Mikrotrans di Wilayah Jakarta Timur23/11/2019In “Bus dalam kota”Resmi Ganti Nama dari Sisingamangaraja Menjadi ASEAN, Stasiun MRT Ini Juga Terintegrasi Halte TransJakarta11/04/2019In “Darat”last_img read more

Germaine de Randamie Stripped of UFC Featherweight Women’s Title Belt

first_img Vince McKee Related TopicsCris “Cyborg” JustinoHolly HolmMMARonda RouseyUFC The UFC has stripped their current Women’s Featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie due to her refusal to fight mandatory number one challenger Christine “Cyborg” Justino.The UFC released this statement earlier this morning on the matter.“UFC has informed Germaine de Randamie and her management team that she is being removed as the women’s featherweight champion due to her unwillingness to fight the No. 1 ranked contender, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino,” the UFC said on its website. Subsequently, top contender Justino will face newly signed Invicta FC featherweight champion Megan Anderson for the UFC women’s featherweight title in the co-main event of UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2, July 29 in Anaheim, Calif.UFC maintains that any champion is expected to accept fights against the top contenders in their respective weight classes in order to maintain the integrity of the sport.”Cris “Cyborg” Justino will meet Megan Anderson to lay claim to the UFC featherweight championship after Germaine de Randamie was stripped of the belt. This will now give Cyborg to capture the one belt that has always eluded her throughout her dominant career. She has held the Strikeforce and Invicta FC titles. Initially, the Featherweight division was created for her to face Holly Holm, but a number of issues derailed that. Those issue included health and an anti-doping violation charge, which led the UFC to match de Randamie against Holly Holm for the inaugural featherweight title instead.Amazingly enough, de Randamie has recently declared that she would not put her belt on the line against Cyborg because she was a “proven cheater.” When in all irony, it was de Randamie who used late strikes after the bell several times in her match with Holm to win the title in the first place.As for her opponent, Megan Anderson, she won the interim Invicta FC featherweight title early this year by defeating Charmaine Tweet. She was then promoted to champion when Cyborg relinquished the Invicta FC championship in March to intensify her pursuit of the UFC title. The irony in all of this is off the charts.It will be interesting to see where we go next.last_img read more