Global warming, human activities causing increased storm runoff, flash floods

first_imgA new study published in the journal Nature Communications this week looks at how storm runoff levels might respond to future changes in surface temperature and atmospheric moisture content driven by both natural causes and human activities.The research team behind the study, led by Pierre Gentine, an associate professor of earth and environmental engineering at Columbia University in New York City, says that there’s is the first global analysis to show that storm runoff extremes are rising sharply in response to climate and human-induced changes — and that the magnitude of storm runoff is likely to continue increasing in most regions at rates substantially higher than projected by previous climate models.Gentile and team argue that there is “an urgent need” to increase human society’s resilience to both climate change and the changing environment, because storm runoff extremes are intensifying as the world warms and our existing infrastructure systems may not be able to cope. According to a report by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, climate-related catastrophes like droughts, floods, and other extreme-weather events accounted for more than 90 percent of the 7,255 disasters recorded over the past 20 years, which collectively killed 1.3 million people and left 4.4 billion more either injured, homeless, or displaced.Of those climate-related disasters, 43 percent were flash floods, one of the leading causes of deaths and economic damages driven by severe weather events around the world. A 2017 study found that floods have been responsible for an average of $30 billion in economic damages every year for the past decade. And as global temperatures continue to rise and the impacts of human activities accelerate, increasing numbers of extreme precipitation events are expected to make flash flooding even more frequent and costly.A study published in the journal Nature Communications last week looks at how storm runoff levels might respond to future changes in surface temperature and atmospheric moisture content driven by both natural causes and human activities. The research team behind the study, led by Pierre Gentine, an associate professor of earth and environmental engineering at Columbia University in New York City, says that there’s is the first global analysis to show that storm runoff extremes are rising sharply in response to climate and human-induced changes — and that the magnitude of storm runoff is likely to continue increasing in most regions at rates substantially higher than previously projected by climate models.Jiabo Yin of China’s Wuhan University, the study’s lead author, is currently a visiting student at Columbia University in New York City, where he’s working with Gentine’s research group. He says the team performed a global-scale hydrological analysis in order to determine what physical mechanisms are driving increasing extreme precipitation and runoff events.“We know that precipitation and runoff extremes will significantly intensify in the future, and we need to modify our infrastructures accordingly,” Yin said in a statement. “Our study establishes a framework for investigating the runoff response.”After determining the mechanisms driving increased precipitation and runoff, the researchers systematically compared runoff rates and temperatures over the past several decades to precipitation levels across the globe. They found that changes in storm runoff extremes in most of the world are in line with or in some cases even higher than those of precipitation extremes.Because a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture, and precipitation is the result of atmospheric water vapor condensing, climate scientists have long projected more intense precipitation extremes due to global warming. But Yin, Gentine, and team determined that storm runoff rates will have an even more dramatic response than precipitation to human-induced pressures like climate change and land-use changes such as deforestation, posing potentially severe threats to ecosystems and communities.“These strong responses imply that more attention should be paid to the potentially underestimated response of storm runoff to climate and anthropogenic changes in order to improve our understanding and projection of flash flooding events and to improve community resilience,” the researchers write in the study.Gentile and team argue that there is “an urgent need” to increase human society’s resilience to both climate change and the changing environment, because storm runoff extremes are intensifying as the world warms and our existing infrastructure systems may not be able to cope.“Our work helps explain the underlying physical mechanisms related to the intensification of precipitation and runoff extremes,” Gentine said in a statement. “This will help improve flood forecasting and early-warning alerts. Our findings can help provide scientific guidance for infrastructure and ecosystem resilience planning, and could help formulate strategies for tackling climate change.”Columbia Engineers lead first global analysis to characterize the responses of storm runoff extremes to climate and human-induced changes; study sheds new light on rising magnitude of extreme flash floods. Photo Credit: Eric Buermeyer/Shutterstock.CITATION• Roxy, M. K., Ghosh, S., Pathak, A., Athulya, R., Mujumdar, M., Murtugudde, R., … & Rajeevan, M. (2017). A threefold rise in widespread extreme rain events over central India. Nature Communications, 8(1), 708. doi:10.1038/nclimate1911• Yin, J., Gentine, P., Zhou, S., Sullivan, S.C., Wang, R., Zhang, Y., & Guo, S. (2018). Large increase in global storm runoff extremes driven by climate and anthropogenic changes. Nature Communications 9. doi:10.1038/s41467-018-06765-2 Article published by Mike Gaworecki Adaptation To Climate Change, Climate, Climate Change, Climate Change And Extreme Weather, Environment, Extreme Weather, Flooding, Global Warming, Impact Of Climate Change, Research, Weather center_img Popular in the CommunitySponsoredSponsoredOrangutan found tortured and decapitated prompts Indonesia probeEMGIES17 Jan, 2018We will never know the full extent of what this poor Orangutan went through before he died, the same must be done to this evil perpetrator(s) they don’t deserve the air that they breathe this has truly upset me and I wonder for the future for these wonderful creatures. So called ‘Mankind’ has a lot to answer for we are the only ones ruining this world I prefer animals to humans any day of the week.What makes community ecotourism succeed? 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It is mentioned that planting trees in village common lands will have negative affects socially and ecologically. There is no need to even have to agree or disagree with it, because, you also mentioned the fact that Cauvery Calling aims to plant trees only in the private lands of the farmers. So, plantation in the common lands doesn’t come into the picture.2.I don’t see that the ecologists are totally against this project, but just they they have some concerns, mainly in terms of what species of trees will be planted. And because there was no direct communication between the ecologists and Isha Foundation, it was not possible for them to address the concerns. As you seem to have spoken with an Isha spokesperson, if you could connect the concerned parties, it would be great, because I see that the ecologists are genuinely interested in making sure things are done the right way.May we all come together and make things happen.Rare Amazon bush dogs caught on camera in BoliviaCarrot1 Feba very good iniciative to be fallowed by the ranchers all overSponsoredlast_img read more

SA legal firm in UK outsourcing deal

first_imgLegal firm Eversheds South Africa is to pilot an innovative joint venture with Eversheds UK to provide a range of outsourced legal services more cost-effectively to the firm’s UK clients. 25 January 2010 During the pilot, two associates from Eversheds’ Johannesburg office will be sent to Eversheds’ Cardiff office to acquire an understanding of their clients’ requirements. Once they move back to South Africa, after about six months, they will continue to liaise directly with the UK clients, while still reporting to their team leader in Cardiff, UK. The new services will include high-volume work such as mortgage repossessions and insurance recoveries on a case-ownership basis, while personal injury claims and employment tribunal work may be taken on at a later stage. This initial project acted as a catalyst in developing discussions to provide services for other clients, from February 2010 onwards, in a joint venture between the firm’s UK and Johannesburg offices. Low-cost centres “This is different to the outsourcing concept followed by many organisations, where work is mainly outsourced because it only requires low-level skills,” Laurenick said. “The manner in which legal services are delivered is in the process of undergoing enormous transformation worldwide and we are excited to be trendsetters for this new outsourcing concept,” said Eversheds South Africa chairman Terry Mahon.center_img “We provide high-quality professionals and the same quality of legal expertise as our UK office with good turnaround times at lower rates than the UK, simply because overheads for legal services are lower in South Africa and the exchange rate is in our favour.” “Discussions with our UK office started in December 2009 about the drafting of leases for a major UK based client, who had requested that this service be outsourced in order to cut costs,” Sven Laurencik, a partner at the Johannesburg office that is managing the joint venture in South Africa, said in a statement this week. “The key is to build trusted relationships with clients and, once these are established, we will review the success of the pilot,” Laurenick said. “In addition, the firm has an excellent infrastructure that allows us to take on high volumes of additional work at a higher level of complexity than the type of work that may be outsourced to other ‘low-cost centres’. “Eversheds operates internationally as one, and it makes sense for us to use our network of offices to move work from higher-cost centres to lower-cost centres, giving clients the benefit of a high-quality service, but delivered cost- effectively.” SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Five Things You Can Do With This New Facebook RSS App

first_imgRelated Posts Tags:#How To#web marshall kirkpatrick A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Sometimes the low-hanging fruit holds the most potential – but it’s hidden in plain sight. Facebook opened up the activity streams of users’ friends this week to outside developers to put into new interfaces. The showcase examples in the news were things like Facebook-inside-desktop-Twitter applications. A San Francisco developer named Teck Chia saw another opportunity. Chia built a Facebook application that you can grant permission to pull your Facebook newsfeed out of the site and publish as an RSS feed. It’s called Newsfeed RSS. It’s a simple thing, but it’s an important development in the gradual opening of the walled garden that Facebook has been. Just to give you some ideas, here are five things that can now be done with the Facebook RSS feeds that Chia has set free.It’s important to note that the feeds Chia’s app publishes are not secure feeds. They are only secure through their obscurity. You probably won’t be able to figure out another user’s feed URL. The feed is also without images or links right now, though Chia says that might change in the future. App notifications are also not included. Messages posted to Facebook are delivered though, and that’s probably what’s most important.Here’s what mine looks like right now:What can be done with this? Why would you want your Facebook newsfeed as an RSS feed? RSS is an incredibly pliable technology – now this app makes the newsfeed pliable too.1. Ambient AwarenessBelieve it or not, not all of us are glued to Facebook all day. Plug your RSS feed into Gmail Webclips, a startpage/dashboard like iGoogle or Netvibes or another RSS reading app and you can notice Facebook updates in passing. You may receive more updates to your Facebook feed than it’s realistic to read – ambient awareness can give you an opportunity to catch missed items serendipitously. I do this with lots of other RSS feeds and can see how it would work well with one from Facebook.2. Filtered WatchlistsHard-core social networkers have friends and then they’ve got particular groups that they keep an extra close eye on. In many fields Facebook may be home to more of the conversation than Twitter is. Why not filter your Facebook RSS feed for just the usernames of particularly high-priority people to you and then consume that filtered feed through a high-priority system of feed reading? Yahoo! Pipes is probably the best way to filter those feeds, but there are many options. We can imagine some people setting up a filtered list of people for whom they want to be able to respond in near real time, thus building relationships with those people fast. We can also imagine some people being really annoying with this tactic, so don’t be that person. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 3. Follow Facebook Friends via TwitterMany of us are already pushing Twitter updates into Facebook. (Our poor friends on Facebook! Imagine the deluge.) Why not pull our Facebook friends out into an RSS feed and then plug that into Twitterfeed or PingVine to populate a dedicated Twitter account for you to follow? You can’t reply directly but you can monitor the updates that way and click through to interact on Facebook.4. Cache in a Feed Reader or Other SystemThrow that feed of updates into a good RSS feed reader and you should be able to search an archive of friends’ updates. 5. Follow Facebook in FriendFeedYou can sync your personal Facebook status updates with FriendFeed and share them with your friends on that aggregation service, but why not add your new Facebook RSS feed as an “imaginary friend” (just an RSS feed) and then monitor what all your Facebook friends are doing through the FriendFeed interface. All you need to do is “like” or “comment” on any of the items that come in that way and all of a sudden all of your FriendFeed friends will be able to see your Facebook friend’s update. Whether they have permission in FriendFeed or not. [Update: Phil Glockner says this isn’t quite how it works, below in comments.]Something tells us that this “walled garden” that is Facebook can’t possibly remain closed forever. The web is just too fluid, and the social web is even more so. The information that Facebook holds is just too useful to keep locked up in one network.You can install Newsfeed RSS here. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Jwala-Ashwini set eyes on World Championships

first_imgHaving ended their title drought with a win at the Canada Open Grand Prix, doubles exponent Ashwini Ponnappa and Jwala Gutta have set their eyes on the upcoming World Championships in Jakarta next month (August 10-16). The pair already has a bronze medal to show from the 2011 World Championships, a historic feat for a doubles team in India.”The title has come at the right time for us just before the World Championships. It will definitely lift our morale and motivate us to do well,” Ashwini told Mail Today on her return to India.”We know the challenge in front of us. It (World Championships) is a big event but we have won a medal before and we will go all out to repeat our show. This year, being an Olympic qualification year, all the tournaments are important and we want to be consistent in our results,” she said.They have risen to World No. 13 in the rankings and would be looking to crack the top-10 for the first time in their career.Ashwini also hoped that the sports ministry has taken note of their steady performances and include them in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme, a programme is meant to help athletes towards their preparation for 2016 Rio Olympics. “I don’t know why we were left out of the TOP scheme. I hope we are included now.”last_img read more

Samudera Indonesia Entrusts Rickmers with 2 Bulkers

first_imgzoom Samudera Indonesia has appointed Rickmers Shipmanagement, part of Rickmers Group, as the new technical manager of two Supramax bulk carriers including their crewing. Samudera Indonesia currently owns three dry bulk carriers, the 57,700 dwt Sinar Kutai and Sinar Kapuas, both built in 2011, and the 1998-built, 8,911 dwt Sinai Kudus.Rickmers Group CEO Dr Ignace Van Meenen said: “Our shipmanagement approach is based on a particularly high level of transparency ensured by extensive technical, financial and operational reporting, and supported by our focus on energy efficiency and performance monitoring. This approach provides our customers with immediate benefits and has been independently confirmed by our positive rating by RightShip of 4.7 out of 5 possible points.”The Rickmers Group has recently also won Westfal-Larsen as a new customer, adding 16 ships to its fleet under management which now numbers 115 vessels.PT Samudera Shipping Services, part of Samudera Indonesia, provides services to the industrial shipping segment, especially to the liquid chemical industry, oil and gas and bulk cargo (liquid petrochemical, petroleum and bulk shipping).Apart from bulk carriers and oil and chemical tankers, Samudera Indonesia owns container vessels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tankers and offshore support vessels.last_img read more

Vancouver gets first licensed pot shop as BC lags behind other provinces

first_imgVANCOUVER — A licensed marijuana store is set to open in Vancouver as the number of legal pot shops in British Columbia still lags behind other provinces.Evergreen Cannabis owner Mike Babins said the store received its provincial licence this week and plans to open its doors on Saturday.As long as it receives a municipal licence, it will be the first legal store in the city since recreational cannabis was legalized on Oct. 17.Babins said the provincial licensing process was “extremely, extremely thorough.”“They worked really, really, really hard to make sure there’s no organized crime in this industry,” he said.“They went back 20 years with me and my wife to find out every job we’ve had, every vacation we’ve taken.”The store co-founded by Babins and his wife Maria Petrucci in the city’s Kitsilano neighbourhood originally opened as a medical marijuana dispensary in September 2015. It operated for three years with a municipal licence under the city’s old licensing regime.The couple shut the store’s doors on Oct. 16 while they waited for provincial approval to reopen as a recreational weed shop.A number of illegal dispensaries remain open in Vancouver despite a court order this month affirming the city’s authority to shut them down.The approval of Evergreen brings the total number of licensed marijuana shops in B.C. to five, with the others in Kamloops, Kimberley and Pouce Coupe.Provincial government websites list 65 licensed pot retailers in Alberta and 20 in New Brunswick, while Ontario will not have any stores until April.B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has defended the province’s pace on pot shops, saying the government gave more of a voice to municipalities than others.Babins said he believes B.C. licensing officials are working hard and he understands why it’s taking so long to licence stores.“Having seen what the process is, I completely understand now,” he said.The couple paid taxes from Day 1, tracked everything they purchased and never borrowed money, instead using retirement savings to open the store, he said. They also hired a lawyer and consulting firm to help with the application.“We did everything right. We made it easy for them and it still took this long because they had to check to make sure we were squeaky clean.”They applied for a provincial licence in mid-August and finally received it on Tuesday.The store still requires a new municipal licence to operate legally. Babins said the city has signalled its support of the store but no one is available over the holidays to issue their licence, so the couple plans to be at city hall first thing on Tuesday.He said he isn’t worried about the city cracking down on the shop in the intervening days.“I think with all the completely illegal and illicit stores that haven’t been shut down … it would be a bit of a media disaster if they came after the first licensed shop in the city because we opened up two days earlier than they came back from their Christmas vacations.”Although shortages persist across the country and many items on the BC Cannabis Store are listed as “limited quantity,” Babins said he anticipates having enough supply.He ordered from the province’s distribution centre in nearby Richmond on Thursday and expects to receive his shipments in time to open on Saturday. His goal is to have 20 different strains on site at all times. Asked what he expects from customers on Saturday, Babins described Kitsilano as “ground zero for legalization of cannabis since the 1960s.”“We have a large amount of old hippies who have been waiting for this day a very long time. We’re right near UBC, so we have a large amount of students who’ve been waiting for this day a long time,” he said with a laugh.“Then there’s all the middle-aged couples, the parents, the soccer moms, who are so glad the stigma is finally up. … And I’m assuming there are going to be a lot of people who are just curious, too.”— Follow @ellekane on Twitter.Laura Kane, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

More fight for the Bight coming

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 21, 2016 – The dust may not be settled yet for the Bight constituency; the PNP secured the seat after a tie where lots were cast and Porsha Smith, the incumbent for the PNP was the name pulled from the bag.   There were a range of thoughts on how the seat in The Bight was ultimately won and comments flooding social media leaned to this being a ridiculous and archaic conclusion to such an important process.Once people learned that it went from being the popular vote that decided the winner, to a game of chance saying who would represent the 814 voters of ED#6 for the next four years, there was criticism of the law and the method of resolve in the case of a tie.Stubbs-Smith got 285 votes to win; George Pratt with 284  and PDA Candidate, Dozzlie Delancy, had 38 votes.  Astoundingly, 204 voters did not even show up at the polls in The Bight; putting voter turn-out at 74.57%, just under 10 percentage points down from the 2012 General Elections where 83.13% of the 800 voters showed up. Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Ruling on the Bight, PNP leader calls for respect of decision Decision – George C.D. Pratt v Porsha Stubbs and Orscenter_img #MagneticMediaNews#FightForTheBight Related Items:#FightForTheBight, #magneticmedianews Bight ruling coming, PDM Leader says Pratt is betterlast_img read more

Film Camera Conversation

first_imgIndia Habitat Centre’s annual Habitat Film Festival kicked off on May 8 in the city with the opening screening of Margarita, With A Straw directed by Shonali Bose and starring Kalki Koechlin. Kalki enthusiastically interacted with the audience. Post screening she presented her views, discussed some issues and shared her anecdotes while the movie was shot.An exhibition titled Rhythm, Raga and Melody in collaboration with National Film Archive of India, Pune was also inaugurated by Kalki Koechlin, Bauddhayan Mukherji – Director of Bengali movie Teen Kahon, Rakesh Kacker – Director, India Habitat Centre, and Vidyun Singh – Programme Director, India Habitat Centre at the Convention Centre Foyer just before the opening screening. The exhibition of around 90 films posters highlights the contribution of music in Hindi Cinema. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The other film which was screened on Day one was Bauddhayan Mukherji directed Bengali movie Teen Kahon. It seemed that it touched the audience immensely and the post screening interaction was lively.One of the highly anticipated and most loved events of the Habitat cultural calendar, the film festival showcases the Best of Pan-Indian Cinema from the past year. This year it will feature 48 films in 13 languages presenting some fresh and innovative storylines, stunning cinematography, veteran actors and directors, rising stars and award winning performances of 2014-2015 apart from 19 National Award Winning Films. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixA major attraction of this edition of the Habitat Film Festival is the Kamal Haasan retrospective. Kamal Haasan’s retrospective showcase his amazing multifaceted talent with Vishwaroopam, Ek Duje Ke Liye, Sadma, Chachi 420 and Saagar, Hey Ram (in Hindi) and Virumandi, Nagayan and Eenadu (in Tamil) and opened on May 9 with an interaction with the star followed by the screening of Vishwaroopam.Over the next 10 days, Habitat Film Festival will see the screening of several outstanding films including Marana Dandane (Kannada), Bey Yaar (Gujarati), Lajwanti and Gour Hari Dastaan (Hindi), Quolf (Kashmiri), Shukha Asuchi (Oriya), Elizabeth Ekadasi & Ek Hazarachi Note (Marathi), Ottal (Malayalam), Qissa, Punjab 1984 and Chaar Sahibzaade (Punjabi), Pallepfam(Manipuri), among a host of other films from various regions and languages.last_img read more