Boeing invests in better battery power

first_imgZunum’s electric-jet hybrid could benefit from Boeing’s battery investment. Photo: Zunum New battery technology that’s lighter, less likely to catch fire and delivers a higher energy density has caught the eye of US aerospace giant Boeing.Boeing is investing in California-based start-up  Cuberg Inc. which is  developing next-generation battery technology for potential aerospace and industrial applications.The technology combines a lithium metal anode, a highly stable proprietary electrolyte and a high-voltage cathode to achieve high energy density and thermal durability. It is designed to be a drop-in solution for off-the-shelf lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment.Both Boeing and Airbus are investigating electric propulsion and the US manufacturer is also backing a Seattle-based start-up, Zunum Aero, planning to bring a small hybrid-electric commuter plane to the market in 2022.READ: Electric-jet hybrid could rekindle services to small cities.Boeing is also keenly aware of the limitations of battery technology after overheating problems with the Boeing 787’s lithium-ion batteries grounded the fledgling fleet in 2013. The company subsequently made design changes to address the problem.The new investment is being made through Boeing’s innovation cell, HorizonX Ventures, which was behind the investment in Zunum.Since its establishment in April 2017,  HorizonX has also invested in autonomous systems, wearable technologies and artificial intelligence.  However, Cuberg is HorizonX’s first investment in energy storage.“Cuberg’s battery technology has some of the highest energy density we’ve seen in the marketplace, and its unique chemistries could prove to be a safe, stable solution for future electric air transportation,” HorizonX vice president Steve Nordlund said.Cuberg was founded by founded by Stanford University researchers and chief executive Richard Wang said the partnership with the aerospace giant would allow the company to extend its battery capabilities to help  power aerospace platforms.“With funding from Boeing, we will expand both our team and our research and development facilities to help customers integrate our batteries into their products, while also scaling up our technology to fully automated production,”  he said.last_img read more

Striking pictures of British Airways’ BOAC 747 and the Red Arrows

first_img These striking pictures show the UK’s Red Arrows flying in formation with the British Airways Boeing 747 in BOAC livery at The Royal International Air Tattoo on Saturday.Flight BA100 led the air tattoo’s display and was flanked by nine Hawk jets belonging to the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic team.READ: Final British Airways retro livery lands at HeathrowWATCH The fly past here.The special Boeing 747 has been painted in the airline’s predecessor BOAC  livery to mark the airline’s centenary this year.Credit: Peter Steehouwer / https://www.steehouwer.comSenior First Officer Tom Perrins was at the controls, while Captain Richard Allen-Williams was in command of the aircraft. They were joined on the flight deck by Captain Simon Scholey and Captain Jonny Lutton.READ: British Airways 100 years in exclusive and glorious color Also on board was cabin crew member Julia Lowes whose brother Flight Lieutenant Dan Lowes is Red 9.British AirwaysImagery taken from Red 10’s aircraft piloted by Red 10, Sqn Ldr Adam Collins with Circus 10, Cpl Ashley Keates, Photographer in the rear seat.“I only joined British Airways four months ago and this is Dan’s last year flying in the Reds so the timing couldn’t be more perfect,” Lowes said.“Dan and I have both pursued our dream careers, but to fly together is something I’d never have imagined. It was fantastic watching Dan in action from the BOAC aircraft.“Aviation is a very much a family affair as our Dad was a 747 Captain and our younger brother is a First Officer.”Bitish AirwaysImagery taken from Red 10’s aircraft piloted by Red 10, Sqn Ldr Adam Collins with Circus 10, Cpl Ashley Keates, Photographer in the rear seat.Captain Allen-Williams said he hoped the BOAC liveried Boeing747 provided “a wonderfully nostalgic moment” for the Air Tattoo audience.The airline has a long history of displaying in the Air Tattoo and first joined the flying program in 1985 when Concorde and the Red Arrows flew together in a dramatic display.In the early 2000s, several British Airways 747s and 777s performed a fly-past, and in 2013, the airline performed with the Red Arrows once again, to the delight of the large air tattoo crowd.Credit: https://www.steehouwer.comThree of the photso above are taken by Peter Steehouwer one of the world’s best aircarft photographers. Peter takes up his story:“Since 1975 (44 years ago) I visited airshows, military exercises, and other aviation events in the: United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Replublic, Poland, Hungary, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bahrain, Morocco, Japan, Russia (Moscow, Zhukovsky) and United States (California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New Mexico).“Also some US Navy carriers: USS Nimitz CVN-68 in the Persian Gulf (a visit in June 2003 and May 2007), and USS Constellation CV-64 in San Francisco CA, USA“When I am at airshows I photograph the airplanes for 99% in action (some times ground/static pictures), but most pictures are taken from “ground to air”“I started in 1997 with my website : ‘Airshow Action Photo Gallery’last_img read more

Executive Book Club: December

first_imgEveryone who works with people is realizing that the old autocratic method of leadership simply doesn’t work. The way to win is to build a great team.John C. Maxwell has been teaching the benefits of leadership and team building for years. Now he tackles the importance of teamwork head on, writing about teamwork being necessary for every kind of leader, and showing how team building can improve every area of your life.The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork not only contains laws that you can count on when it comes to getting people to work together, but it tells them in such a way that you can start applying them to your own life today. And it’s illustrated with great stories of team leaders – and team breakers – from history, business, the church, and sports.To visit the SHRM Store, please click here.last_img read more

Arcosanti staff and workshop participants prepare

first_img Arcosanti staff and workshop participants prepare a traditional Indian feast. [Photo: Yuki Yanagimoto & text: sa] The menu: Shrimp in Coconut Milk, Basmati Rice w/mixed Nuts, Palak Panir Sak – a chopped Spinach w/homemade Panir Cheese, Potato and green Peas stuffed Samosa’s, Mint Chutney, Pumpkin Dal Soup, Papadamm Bread – a fried flat bread, and Mango Ice Cream with Gulab Jamun, which are fried Milk Balls, dipped in rose-scented Syrup. [Photo: Yuki Yanagimoto & text: sa] April 27, 2005 The Event Season of the Colly Soleri Music Center opens with a day of music, dance and discussion. Sanchita Bhattacharya starts the schedule with a dance workship. Sanchita is a classical Indian Dancer and Choreographer. A faculty member of the Omega Institute in New York, she performs the highly technical, yet classical form of dance, Odissi. [Photo & text: sa] center_img Lunch is enjoyed in the congenial atmosphere of the Crafts III cafe. More photos from this event will be posted on 5/29. [Photo: Yuki Yanagimoto & text: sa]last_img read more

Rep Afendoulis recognizes Michigan bookmark contest winners

first_img State Rep. Lynn Afendoulis recently held a bookmark-creating contest for students at Orchard View Elementary of Forest Hills Public Schools and Beach Elementary of Cedar Springs Public Schools to commemorate March is Reading Month. The Michigan-themed bookmarks were reviewed by a committee before being judged by Rep. Afendoulis and Rep. Jon Hoadley of Kalamazoo. The representatives serve as co-chairs of the bipartisan Creative Caucus, a group of legislators dedicated to supporting the arts in Michigan.“Interacting with our young people is one of the things I love most about being your state representative,” Rep. Afendoulis said. “I always appreciate the opportunity to answer their questions and hopefully pique their interest in positively engaging with their state government. It is a very rewarding part of my job.”The winners were announced at their respective schools and received a 20th anniversary copy of The Legend of Sleeping Bear by Kathy-Jo Wargin. Their classrooms also received cookies to celebrate the event. After presenting the awards, Rep. Afendoulis read Duck for President by Doreen Cronin to several groups of students at each school and emphasized the importance of reading throughout the year.March is Reading Month is an annual educational program designed to recognize the importance of reading inside and outside of the classroom and to instill a love of reading in young people. Many legislators use the opportunity to read to youth across their district.Rep. Afendoulis serves the people of Michigan’s 73rd House District, including the city of East Grand Rapids and the townships of Grand Rapids, Plainfield, Cannon, Courtland, Spencer, Nelson, and Oakfield.PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Lynn Afendoulis reads to a group of students at Orchard View Elementary for March is Reading Month. 28Mar Rep. Afendoulis recognizes Michigan bookmark contest winners Categories: Lynn Afendoulis Newslast_img read more