10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jose Mourinho

first_img 9. Home Fortresses – Between February 23rd 2002 and April 2nd 2011, Jose Mourinho didn’t lose a single home league match with any of his clubs. The Special One’s incredible nine year run came to an end when his Real Madrid side lost 1-0 to Sporting Gijon! 2. Quitting School On Day One – At the age of 23, after he gave up on his playing career, Mourinho’s mother enrolled her son in a business school. Jose quit after just one day to pursue other careers in football. It wasn’t a bad decision in the end! 3. PE Teacher – Next, Jose Mourinho became a PE teacher in Portugal as he continued his development. A former pupil of his said: ‘Until he arrived, no girls ever wanted to do PE, but suddenly nobody was asking for a sick note.’ 1. Arrested – click the arrow above to find out nine more fascinating facts about Mourinho – Days before the 2007 FA Cup final, Mourinho was arrested and cautioned for refusing to let police take his dog, Gullit, into quarantine. Mourinho apparently smuggled the Yorkie, which police thought had not received proper injections, out the back of his house. 10 10 Jose Mourinho is one of the most recognisable sporting figures in the world today and, because of this, much of his life story is already well known to the public.However, there are a few lesser known facts you may not have heard about Manchester United’s new manager.Did you know about his run in with the law, about his job as a teacher back in Portugal, or about how he turned down the chance to become the Newcastle boss near the beginning of his career? If not, you’re in the right place!Click the right arrow above to scroll through our list of things you didn’t know about Jose Mourinho. 10 10 10 8. Speaking Catalan – Jose Mourinho speaks six different languages, including Catalan, which he picked up while at Barcelona. Mourinho also speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian. 7. The Laundry Bin – In 2005, so the story goes, Jose Mourinho mischievously worked around a UEFA stadium ban by using a laundry bin! Mourinho allegedly snuck in and out of the Chelsea dressing room using the container and gave his usual team talk before a Champions League quarter-final. 10. The Newcastle Job – Mourinho opted not to become Bobby Robson’s assistant at Newcastle despite working with him between 1992-97. ‘He told me it would only be for a year, two tops, and that, at the end, I would be head coach. I didn’t take him up on his offer, knowing sooner or later, my time would come.’ 10 10 6. Influential – Jose Mourinho was named the ninth most influential man in the world on a list by AskMen, and he laughed it off by saying: ‘What position is my wife in? Eighth, at least. I’m not even in charge of my own home!’ 5. Dr Mourinho – In 2009, Mourinho received a doctorate for his accomplishments in professional football from Lisbon’s Technical University. Mind you, doctors are a touchy subject for Mourinho. 10 10 10 4. Rockstar – In 2011, Mourinho was named “Rockstar of the Year” by the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone magazine. They cited Jose’s ‘provocative attitude on the bench and at press conferences’ as one of their reasons for awarding him the title. last_img read more