MCC reacts to Ashwin Mankad row: Understandable how Buttler was given out

first_imgThe MCC has issued a statement on the controversial Mankading incident in the Indian Premier League. On Monday, Kings XI Punjab captain R Ashwin Mankaded Jos Buttler who was leading Rajasthan Royals’ chase of 185. Buttler was run out for 69 and RR stumbled to a 14-run defeat.Opinions were divided immediately after Ashwin’s Mankading act. Eoin Morgan, Jason Roy, Kevin Pietersen and Dale Steyn slammed Ashwin while Shane Warne said it was embarrasing and disgusting. However, the likes of Sanjay Manjrekar, Harsha Bhogle and Murali Karthik felt there was nothing wrong with what Ashwin did.The MCC said batsmen should remain in their ground with the bat behind the crease until it’s fair for them to leave. But the question raised in several sections was whether Ashwin delayed his delivery stride on purpose and plotted the Mankading. Ashwin said he did not plan the dismissal and it was instinctive.MCC said Ashwin’s Mankading would have been unfair only had he delayed the release of the ball deliberately.”The crux of the issue is when the non-striker can safely leave his/her ground, and what the bowler can do to effect this form of dismissal without courting controversy. To clarify, it has never been in the Laws that a warning should be given to the non-striker and nor is it against the Spirit of Cricket to run out a non-striker who is seeking to gain an advantage by leaving his/her ground early,” the MCC said in its statement.”Furthermore, with batsmen now being deemed in or out by millimetres by TV replays on quick singles, it is right that they should remain in their ground at the non-striker’s end until it is fair for them to leave.advertisement”Yesterday’s incident could have been ruled out or not out, depending on how “the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball” is interpreted. Some feel that Ashwin delayed his action to allow Buttler the chance to leave his ground and that Buttler was in his ground when he expected the ball to be released. If it was a deliberate delay, that would be unfair and against the Spirit of Cricket. Ashwin claims this not to be the case.”The TV umpire had to make a decision and, under the Law (and indeed ICC’s interpretation of them, which clarifies the expected moment of release as when the arm reaches its highest point), it was understandable how he opted to give Buttler out,” the statement further said.last_img read more