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first_imgObiter just adores the chance to put on a posh frock and head to west London to channel some of the old glamour of Belle Epoque – everyone in a ballroom so elegant, amusing, refined and fragrant. Thrilling, then, to be invited to the Commerce & Industry Group’s annual dinner at the five-star Carlton Tower hotel on Cadogan Place – occasional hangout of prime ministers, spies, diplomats, royalty and models. Cutting a dash at Obiter’s event was the (as it turned out) superficially reserved figure of SRA chief executive Antony Townsend, there to deliver the keynote speech. Townsend began promisingly, assuring the assembled lawyerati that he would be telling a story about the perils of being a regulator at the close of his speech. As to what was to come, Obiter can only ask ‘who knew?’ And more specifically, ‘why wasn’t he stopped?’ ‘I haven’t just worked in legal regulation,’ Townsend reminisced. ‘After the birth of my fourth child,’ he warmed to an increasingly clinical theme, ‘I went for a small procedure. Lying on the operating table – naked from the waist down – the surgeon appeared from around the curtain they had put across me clutching a scalpel. “Ah Mr Townsend,” he said, “I understand you work for the General Medical Council”.’ Fortunately, no one was taking questions – and guests were able to recoup till 1am with a necessary gin and a restorative dance.last_img read more

It’s Live (New Nike NFL Apparel)

first_imgphutmasterflex Claystation360 Yeah I noticed Seattle isn’t updated 0 phutmasterflex 1,979 posts Sign in to follow this   83 1,264 Seattle omitted completely, no spoilers there.Whenever they put it up, it should be here. Share this post 1,979 posts Sodboy13 603 RHSNEYES 2,155 posts Location:West Coast Members 0 Recommended Posts Posted April 1, 2012 Share on other sites 1,005 Posted April 1, 2012 Legend 0 1,005 0 61 It’s Live (New Nike NFL Apparel) 83 0 1,005 Page 1 of 8   603 Tealpocalypse Link to post Share this post Share this post 137 posts Share on other sites Kill em all, let God sort em out. Share this post 2,877 posts Posted April 1, 2012 1,264 5 1,005 61 83 illini1 Peachy 0 Next Posted April 1, 2012 phutmasterflex Page 1 of 8   Link to post Members 83 it is april fools….so we’ll have to be careful… 659 Favourite Logos:Pensacola Blue Wahoos Primary 659 603 This topic is now closed to further replies. It’s Live (New Nike NFL Apparel) GriffinM6 Location:Jacksonville, FL Share this post Share this post Posted April 1, 2012 SportsLogos.Net 5,159 603 0 Legend Share this post Link to post 83 So fresh. There are polos and other clothing on Nike’s website that aren’t on the NFL’s website. Members RHSNEYES Location:Effington Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfish 2,877 posts Share on other sites 61 Share this post GriffinM6 Members Claystation360 Pizzaman7294 659 Forums Home Share this post Claystation360 1,005 Ray Lewis is a tight end now according to Nike, murderer, overrated old LB, and a TE? Man of many talents. phutmasterflex 603 Posted April 1, 2012 0 I love that Nike isn’t lazy like Reebok and pick some stupid font and use on all clothing for all the teams. Nike actually did the sensible thing and used each team’s specific font.Developing a custom unique font is lazier than using existing team fonts? 603 Share on other sites GriffinM6 Posted April 1, 2012 861 posts Ray Lewis is a tight end now according to Nike Lewis must’ve signed with them or something.Yeah and didn’t give us a heads up …. I love that Nike isn’t lazy like Reebok and pick some stupid font and use on all clothing for all the teams. Nike actually did the sensible thing and used each team’s specific font. Peachy Claystation360 Location:Jacksonville, FL Posted April 1, 2012 61 5,835 posts Share this post 61 Members Location:West Coast Link to post 2 603 Members Share this post 1,264 0 agent009 Share on other sites 2,155 posts Members 0 3 Ray Lewis is a tight end now according to Nike Lewis must’ve signed with them or something. Share on other sites illini1 Location:Atlanta Gr3g3 0 Posted April 1, 2012 Favourite Logos:FSU Spear, Prowling Jaguar, Bucco Bruce, Swashbuckler, Current Jaguar, FSU state logo, Oiler’s Rig, Michigan’s Wing Helmet, Cubs, OG Hornets, Apple, Oiler’s icons, Pontiac, Whalers, JaExpos, Seattle Pilots, Pentastar logo, DMC, FedEx, The Peacock, NExT, Members Posted April 1, 2012 Sign in to follow this   0 Members Link to post 479 illini1 Ray Lewis is a tight end now according to Nike illini1 Share on other sites Sports Logos 0 0 By agent009, April 1, 2012 in Sports Logo News Link to post Legend 19,560 posts Kill em all, let God sort em out. 659 83 Share on other sites Followers 1 Members 1,005 Share this post 3 9,565 posts 1,963 posts Posted April 1, 2012 Posted April 1, 2012 603 1 0 Share this post Share on other sites Members 1,963 posts Link to post 2,877 posts All Activity 257 Gr3g3 6 0 Silver helmets for the Bucs? lighting. Bucs aren’t changing team colors. 83 Pizzaman7294 shut up dude Share this post 603 phutmasterflex Favourite Logos:FSU Spear, Prowling Jaguar, Bucco Bruce, Swashbuckler, Current Jaguar, FSU state logo, Oiler’s Rig, Michigan’s Wing Helmet, Cubs, OG Hornets, Apple, Oiler’s icons, Pontiac, Whalers, JaExpos, Seattle Pilots, Pentastar logo, DMC, FedEx, The Peacock, NExT, 1,264 Silver helmets for the Bucs? 0 Link to post Followers 1 4 Link to post 0 Link to post Share this post 5,159 Share on other sites 10,968 posts 83 Location:Toledo, OH 10,968 posts Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net Location:The United States of America Link to post Banned Location:Atlanta Posted April 1, 2012 6 Posted April 1, 2012 Pizzaman7294 Sports Logo News 4 Share on other sites 5,159 agent009 Location:Nap Town Posted April 1, 2012 Share this post 1,005 0 phutmasterflex Members Link to post 0 1,005 Prev 6 posts 5 shut up dude Patrick Willis the running back Location:The United States of America 479 Members 1,264 Share this post 83 Seattle omitted completely, no spoilers there. Members Link to post Link to post Members 1,264 1,005 5,835 posts Location:West Coast 61 Members Pizzaman7294 Share on other sites Share on other sites Share on other sites 479 I love that Nike isn’t lazy like Reebok and pick some stupid font and use on all clothing for all the teams. Nike actually did the sensible thing and used each team’s specific font.Developing a custom unique font is lazier than using existing team fonts?I was talking more about the production of the apparel. I would think it’s a lot easier producing apparel using one font than it would be using 30 different fonts. Also, it’s not like the fonts they came up with were really unique or detailed. They looked pretty basic and plain. pcgd Sodboy13 Go To Topic Listing Phoenix is a bangwagon town Posted April 1, 2012 Share on other sites Tealpocalypse Posted April 1, 2012 0 Link to post 1,963 posts All Activity Prev Pizzaman7294 3 Share on other sites Share this post Forums Home Banned Posted April 1, 2012 3 Share on other sites Share this post Link to post Sports Logo News Legend Share on other sites pcgd 257 Posted April 1, 2012 2 GriffinM6 Link to post illini1 0 257 Link to post 659 Link to post 1 5,835 posts Members Link to post Share this post 3 Next Sports Logos illini1 0 Share on other sites Posted April 1, 2012 Favourite Logos:Pensacola Blue Wahoos Primary 659 Pizzaman7294 Members not gonna lie…a little dissapointing It’s Live (New Nike NFL Apparel)last_img read more

Controversial penalty ends Haiti’s dreams

first_imgPHOENIX, Arizona, CMC – A controversial extra-time penalty by Raul Jimenez shattered Haiti’s CONCACAF Gold Cup dreams as they went out of the competition with a 1-0 defeat to Mexico in the first semi-final here Tuesday night. Regular time at State Farm Stadium ended with the scores still locked at nil-all but the game changed in the third minute of the first period of extra time when Herve Bazile was adjudged to have fouled Jimenez with a high boot in the area.The Wolverhampton Wanderers forward then calmly finished low to the right of goalkeeper Jhony Placide to put Mexico ahead for good in the contest.Minutes later, Jimenez almost doubled his side’s advantage when he curled his drive just over the crossbar from 17 yards out and with the pressure intensifying on the Haitian goal, Placide was forced into a one-handed save at point blank range to deny Rodolfo Pizarro. In the dying moments, Haiti almost snatched the equaliser but substitute Mikael Cantave smashed his curling long-range volley onto the uprights with goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa beaten.Mexico had earlier had the lion share of chances in regular time, Jimenez firing over from six yards out in the 12th minute and Carlos Salcedo blasting wide in the 56th minute. Captain Andres Guardado then forced Placide into an acrobatic save in the 66th minute with a superb free kick, as Mexico continued to dominate.last_img read more

Can you get your very own Starbucks? CTO says yes

first_imgTags:#Adobe Systems#coffee#Gerri Martin-Flickinger#Internet of Things#IoT#McAfee#mobile#Postmates#starbucks#VeriSign How Myia Health’s Partnership with Mercy Virtua… Related Posts Follow the Puck Starbucks is one of the smarter businesses when it comes to integrating mobile technology, but the new CTO wants to make the experience even more simple, connected, and personalized.At the annual shareholder event in Seattle, CTO Gerri Martin-Flickinger laid the vision to shareholders of a future where customers have personalized menus, automatic orders, and autonomous deals depending on volume and sales data.“Imagine you’re on a road trip, driving across the country, and you pull into a Starbucks drive-through that you’ve never been to before,” she said, according to GeekWire. “We detect you’re a loyal customer and you buy about the same thing every day, at about the same time. So as you pull up to the order screen, we show you your order, and the barista welcomes you by name.”She followed by saying that this isn’t a crazy pipe-dream, but a goal Starbucks is working towards in the next few years.Starbucks serves IoT hot with sprinkle of Silicon ValleyFlickinger is a Silicon Valley veteran, working at VeriSign, McAfee, and Adobe Systems, so its not surprising she is fixated on all sorts of technology trends and how they can be applied to Starbucks. She was named the first CTO in late 2015, affirming the coffeehouse chain’s commitment to the integration of technology.Two months after Flickinger was appointed, Starbucks began a test delivery service with Postmates. It also partnered with Lyft for the My Starbucks Rewards Program.Starbucks already uses some innovative systems in its store, like internet-connected ovens and coffee machines that receive automatic orders to change the temperature, based on new products and customer feedback. That reduces the human error, by ensuring that there is a standard across all stores.In the future, the system might be able to personalize the heat, texture, and even the design of a product to meet the customer’s demands, according to Flickinger. The huge amount of data acquired by Starbucks on its customers will help tremendously in this personalized pursuit, with 90 million transactions per week from customers.Flickinger didn’t give a precise roadmap for these new systems, but as we move into a more connected age, we suspect Starbucks will continue adopt these technologies before other stores.center_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … David Curry Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

Wednesday Cheat Sheet: Everything That’s Gone Viral The Past 24 Hours (2/18/15)

first_imgBraxton Miller running with the football for Ohio State.COLUMBUS, OH – SEPTEMBER 19: Wide receiver Braxton Miller #1 of the Ohio State Buckeyes looks to run the ball in the first quarter against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Ohio Stadium on September 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images) Twitter/@BigJah15Twitter/@BigJah15Here’s everything that has gone viral in college sports over the past 24 hours.1. Florida State’s Jameis Winston and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota are planning to throw at the NFL combine.2. Duke’s freshman center Jahlil Okafor believes in mermaids and Bigfoot.3. Louisville Cardinals’ guard Chris Jones is suspended for their game vs. Syracuse tonight.4. Kentucky’s John Calipari took a picture with Dick Vitale and Seth Greenberg and tweeted “three fired coaches.” 5. It was reported Georgia’s new indoor football practice facility will cost approximately $30 million.  6. New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick visited the Indianna Hoosiers yesterday.7. Draymond Green and Nik Stauskas agreed on a wager for last night’s Michigan State vs. Michigan basketball game. 8. Former Oklahoma center Gabe Ikard tweeted and quoted Sooners’ coach Bob Stoops’ advice on domestic violence. 9. Five-star quarterback Shea Patterson committed to Ole Miss over LSU and USC. 10. Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett posted pictures of the screws he recently had removed from his ankle. Video of the Day: Kentucky’s Devin Booker Asked About the Tennessee Cheerleader He Ran IntoTweet of the Day: Oklahoma’s James Fraschilla Had A Funny Response When His Dad Posted A Baby Picture Of His On Twitterwelp. RT @franfraschilla: This guy @jamesfraschilla now a senior at Oklahoma.— James Fraschilla (@jamesfraschilla) February 17, 2015 Girlfriend of the Day: Nik Stauskas isn’t at Michigan anymore, but he and the lovely Taylor Anderson attended last night’s gameNik Stauskas back in the house— Bryan Fuller (@FullOfTwitt) February 18, 2015Check Out Tuesday’s Cheat Sheetlast_img read more

Minnesota approves Enbridge Energy Line 3 pipeline project

first_imgST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota regulators on Thursday approved Enbridge Energy’s proposal to replace its ageing Line 3 oil pipeline, angering opponents who say the project threatens pristine areas and have vowed Standing Rock-style protests if needed to block it.All five members of the Public Utilities Commission backed the project, though some cited heavy trepidation and a narrow majority later approved the company’s preferred route despite opposition from American Indian tribes and climate change activists.Several commissioners cited the deteriorating condition of the existing line, which was built in the 1960s, as a major factor in their decision. Tribal lawyers had reluctantly backed an alternative route that went much farther south as the least bad option.After the commission’s work is formalized in the next few weeks, opponents may file motions asking it to reconsider. After that, they can appeal the decision to the state Court of Appeals.Several commissioners said the issue was difficult. Chairwoman Nancy Lange choked up and took off her glasses to wipe her eyes as she described her reasoning for approving the project. Another commissioner, Katie Sieben, said it was “so tough because there is no good outcome.”The pipeline currently runs from Alberta, Canada, across North Dakota and Minnesota to Enbridge’s terminal in Superior, Wisconsin. Enbridge has said it needs to replace the pipeline because it’s increasingly subject to corrosion and cracking and that it would continue to run Line 3 if regulators rejected its proposal.Much of the debate has focused on whether Minnesota and Midwest refineries need the extra oil. Enbridge currently runs Line 3 at about half its original capacity of 760,000 barrels per day for safety reasons, and currently uses it only to carry light crude.The project’s opponents, including the Minnesota Department of Commerce, have argued that the refineries don’t need it because demand for oil and petroleum products will fall in the coming years as people switch to electric cars and renewable energy sources. Opposition groups also argue that much of the additional oil would eventually flow to overseas buyers.Enbridge and its customers strongly dispute the lack of need in the region. They said Line 3’s reduced capacity is already forcing the company to severely ration space on its pipeline network, and that failure to restore its capacity would force oil shippers to rely more on trains and trucks, which are more expensive and less safe. Business and labour groups support the proposal for the jobs and economic stimulus.The Public Utilities Commission’s decision likely won’t be the final word in a long, contentious process that has included numerous public hearings and the filings of thousands of pages of documents since 2015. Lange said earlier this year that the dispute was likely to end up in court, regardless of what the commission decides.Opponents have threatened a repeat of the protests on the Standing Rock Reservation against the Dakota Access pipeline, in which Enbridge owns a stake. Those protests in 2016 and 2017 resulted in sometimes violent skirmishes with law enforcement and more than 700 arrests.Enbridge has already replaced the short segment of Line 3 in Wisconsin and put it into service. Construction is underway on the short segment that crosses northeastern North Dakota and on the longer section from Alberta to the U.S. border, and Enbridge plans to continue that work. Enbridge has estimated the overall cost of the project at $7.5 billion, including $2.6 billion for the U.S. segment.(THE CANADIAN PRESS) “It’s irrefutable that that pipeline is an accident waiting to happen,” Commissioner Dan Lipschultz said ahead of the vote. “It feels like a gun to our head … All I can say is the gun is real and it’s loaded.”Pipeline opponents reacted angrily when it became clear commissioners would approve the project. Tania Aubid, a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, stood and shouted, “You have just declared war on the Ojibwe!” Brent Murcia, of the group Youth Climate Intervenors, added: “We will not let this stand.”Opponents argue that the pipeline risks spills in fragile areas in northern Minnesota, including where American Indians harvest wild rice. Ojibwe Indians, or Anishinaabe, consider wild rice sacred and central to their culture.Winona LaDuke, founder of Honor the Earth, said opponents would use every regulatory means possible to stop the project _ and threatened mass protests if necessary.“They have gotten their Standing Rock,” she said, referring to protests that drew thousands of people to neighbouring North Dakota to rally against the Dakota Access pipeline.Others welcomed Thursday’s vote, including Bob Schoneberger, founder of Minnesotans for Line 3. He said Minnesota needs the line now “and will need it even more into the future.”center_img In a statement Thursday night, Enbridge President and CEO Al Monaco said the company is “pleased” with the commission’s decision.“Replacing Line 3 is first and foremost about the safety and integrity of this critical energy infrastructure,” Monaco said.After commissioners agreed the pipeline upgrade was needed, the commission voted 3-2 in favour of a slightly modified version of Enbridge’s preferred route. The company wanted to depart from the existing pipeline to largely avoid two American Indian reservations currently crossed.The PUC’s modification does clip a portion of the Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa’s land in order to avoid going close to a culturally sensitive lake. Commissioners said they would adjust the route if the band doesn’t agree.last_img read more

Web Check-In

first_imgWatching Delhi Crime was a spine-chilling experience. Tell us about the emotional impact you endured as an actor when you read the script and began shooting. When I first read the script, I was absolutely stunned by the detailing. I knew that Richie (Mehta) had spent a lot of time on it. It was very evident that he had done extensive research. The way he chose to put that research together was brilliant. Besides being procedural, Delhi Crime sensitively examines the lives of the women investigating the case and how they negotiate patriarchy alongside discussing a world in which a crime like this happened. That is what touched me when I read the script. Also Read – ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ has James Cameron’s fingerprints all over it: Arnold SchwarzeneggerBut I felt its full impact only after I actually watched it. When you are shooting for something, you don’t see it holistically. When you are reading a script, you can visualise it to some extent. Sometimes, the result may disappoint you or surpass your imagination. In this case, it surpassed mine in just the way he chose to pitch the performances. The time he had spent on it, the research he had done and the script were all proofs of that. With any other team, it would have been difficult to sign up for a project like this. With this one, I was certain it would be handled with sensitivity. It would have been very hard to shoot for this if I hadn’t trusted the director. I don’t think I would have been a part of this series if I didn’t have that trust because it can so easily become exploitative. Also Read – Salman pays tribute to Vinod Khanna on ‘Dabangg 3’ wrap up Shooting for Delhi Crime must have been akin to revisiting the tragedy. In the series, we see you interacting with the family of the victim. How did you internalise the situation and the emotional graph of your character? When you are part of a project like this, you have no choice but to give it all you’ve got. While it was disturbing to revisit the tragedy while filming, I really wanted the revisit to experience the incident differently from what I had experienced as a civilian when I had heard the news. I felt like I had moved on too quickly. I thought it was something that deeply affected me at that time and it is important to remember these incidents. It is also important to fight for a society which doesn’t allow incidents like this to happen again. We forget the victims very soon, we slip back to our lives and other things take over. I felt guilty for forgetting an incident like this. I wanted to remind myself and this project, in a way, was assuaging my guilt. Even though it was disturbing and painful, it was important to revisit it. What I found compelling about this character, Neeti, was the spirit and idealism that she comes with and how she begins to change. It happens for a variety of reasons such as her realisation that she is working within a system and her disappointment at everything around her. Hence, her idealism begins to crumble and that is very heartbreaking. The breaking of a woman’s spirit is something we see all the time. Rape does that too. Every day, something like that happens through an act of violence or even smaller things that erode a woman’s morale. I wanted to tell that story and be part of it so that I could trigger conversations among people. If I can do that through my work, then I would be happy. In Delhi Crime, we get to see the human side of the police, which we do not generally see in our Hindi films… (Cuts in) Yes, yes! That is why it was very new for me. The police are either valourised or they are villainised in our films. I don’t have any friend or family in the police service. So this is the first time I learnt about their lives. It was fascinating and the detailing was very interesting. The kind of the things they have to fight for in their jobs was a revelation to me. Delhi Crime, like you said, really humanised the police for me. As Neeti, I met a lot of IPS officers who were training at that point. Mirzapur, Made In Heaven and Delhi Crime are among the biggest web series India has had of late, and you have been a part of all three. What importance do they hold in your filmography? It feels so good to be part of these series. I have always had good work in terms of content, roles and scripts. But my films, unlike these shows, did not have this kind of reach among the audience. So it is lovely to see that the web has room for all sorts of content. There can be a Made In Heaven and a Mirzapur. They belong to two completely different genres. And then there is Delhi Crime, which is again different. All three of them are getting a very wide viewership, which means there are audiences for all kinds of genres. That is very, very encouraging and I think this is the best time to be an actor (Smiles). When I made my acting debut, there were lots of good films that were being made at the time but they would always get stuck in distribution. That was the bottleneck for small films and it still is. Smaller films just don’t get a chance even if they are accessible. I felt very disappointed when my film Qissa did not reach a wide audience. It deserved a lot more. Lots of people told me back then that the film was not accessible. I told them that we underestimate our audiences and they said to me that I am too much of an indie artiste who doesn’t understand the film business. Then there was a film called Tu Hai Mera Sunday, in which I played a small part. People labelled it as a very accessible film. Even that didn’t get the viewership it deserved because of the same issues – stuck in distribution, very few theatres and odd show timings. But things have changed for actors like me. Now, content is more important. Web platforms already have a viewership. They are not yet star-driven even though I have already begun to hear a lot of murmurs here and there and that is disappointing (Chuckles). But I hope it doesn’t change. Does it give you a high to see your work reach out to 190 countries across the world? Yeah! None of my films has experienced that. So, it is new territory for me. The other day, I got a message from somebody from Israel on Instagram. He said he had watched Delhi Crime. It is nice to get feedback. It is tells you things you might not have thought about. It is nice to see that your work has affected people, stayed with them and it is something they will carry with them because this is why you do it. When it comes to the web, the biggest plus is that there is no censorship. But there has been talk of regulation. As an artiste, how do you look at creative freedom? I believe that a story will dictate how it is to be told, if you are true to it and if your reasons to do it are not exploitative. If you are telling a story with integrity and truth, it will tell you how it should be told. Therefore, I don’t feel like there should be an outside body governing and telling an artiste what to do and what not to do. I know that society feels the need for rules and that is how we live with each other. But I hope the web remains a free space and we are allowed to say what we want to say through our stories. What is next on the cards for you? There are two films I have shot that are yet to be released. One of them is more in the commercial space than anything else I have done. It is in the comic zone. That should be out in the next two or three months. They have not announced the date or the title of the film yet. It is in its post-production stage right now. Then there is this independent film I did, which is an improvised film. We had a rough structure to every scene but we didn’t know how exactly we were going to achieve the intent of the scenes. So I worked with a lot of improvisers from this group called Improv Comedy Mumbai. My husband is a part of that group. I have worked with him in this film. Then there is Mirzapur Season Two, which I will start shooting for from next month. After that, I have Delhi Crime Season Two.last_img read more

Ohio State football utilizing medical tent in 2016

Ohio State’s medical tent placed behind OSU’s bench during football games. Credit: Kevin Harrish | For The LanternThe Ohio State football team added a scarlet and gray medical tent to its sideline for the 2016 season to provide more privacy to injured players.The tent will allow a player to be evaluated away from the public eye, according Alexis Shaw, a spokesperson for the team’s sports medicine physicians.“There’s no special equipment inside the tent,” Shaw said. “Players are just brought there for a private assessment before determining whether they will be put back on the field or taken out of the game.”In the past, injured players were assessed on an open medical table in plain view of fans and television cameras. The goal of the tent is to allow for a more isolated and controlled environment while remaining conveniently close to the field.Along with the added seclusion from onlookers, Ohio State hopes the tent will allow the football program to stay up to date with national trends.The tent debuted at the Buckeyes’ season opener against Bowling GreenThe University of Alabama began using a similar tent during the 2015 season, designed by a group of the school’s mechanical engineering students, according to Kyle Burger of WVTM 13.Their collapsible model has since been marketed and sold to at least 29 college football teams, as well as the Buffalo Bills, to be used during the 2016 season.“These sideline tents are relatively new to football stadiums,” said Jerry Emig, a spokesperson for the Ohio State football team. “We do like to stay contemporary and at the forefront with regard to the resources we are able to provide our student-athletes.”Aside from adding privacy, the medical tent does not change anything about the medical procedure when a player is injured.“It won’t change the way our medical staff delivers its expert care,” Emig said. read more

Heynckes happy with his future replacement

first_imgJupp Heynckes decided not to prolong his career once again and he will leave Bayern Munich after the end of the season – but he insisted that he is very happy with the club’s choice of his replacement.Bayern Munich have decided to appoint Niko Kovac, the current Eintracht Frankfurt coach and their former player, as a new coach and Jupp Heynckes insisted that he believes that the Croat has been predestined for this position.The experienced German coach spoke about his future replacement as he said, according to Goal:“I have already said that Niko Kovac works with a lot of different types of players and nationalities at Frankfurt.”rb leipzig, bayern munichReport: Bayern are held by Leipzig George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Bayern Munich was held to another draw, this time by RB Leipzig.Bayern Munich finds themselves in the unfamiliar position of sitting third in the…“He does it excellently, so for sure he is predestined to become coach of Bayern Munich.”“He has made a very good and positive impression on me. Above all, he is very diligent. That is not always the case.”“He is innovative. He is a coach who loves football and who maintains good communication with his players. I think Bayern Munich made a good choice.”last_img read more