Let’s celebrate the faces of the future

first_imgIf you have been to the UBM stand at Ecobuild and haven’t caught sight of our Top 50 Rising Stars in Sustainability, you may want to get your eyes checked.Images blown up to life size posters are plastered over two of our stand walls to highlight just how important these 50 are to the sustainable future of the industry.We have spent the last few months searching far and wide for the Top 50 and today we will be officially celebrating them.Please join us for drinks at 15:30 on the UBM stand to meet our rising stars. They span the construction sector from consultants and contractors through to architects, housebuilders and specialists.A great opportunity to meet the industry’s green trailblazers and a cause worth supporting.Read the full feature on our Top 50 Rising Stars here.last_img

Player to make decision on Man City offer this week, only…

first_imgAtletico Madrid, on the other hand, are planning to retain Rodri, which is why they are willing to offer him a new deal to increase his wages and also his buyout clause.The midfielder has a €70m release clause in his contract at Wanda Metropolitano, meaning the Premier League winners don’t have to negotiate with Diego Simeone’s side and must only convince the 22-year-old of the transfer.Monday’s edition of AS once again relays the domestic treble winners have submitted an offer to the former Villarreal man and only his signature is missing for the deal to take shape.Embed from Getty ImagesUnfortunately for Pep Guardiola’s side, the player has not made a decision on his future, despite studying various options for the last 15 days.It’s almost certain that Rodri will decide this week as to where he will play next season.The newspaper is of the belief that since this has dragged on for the last 15 days, the Spaniard could decide to continue with Los Rojiblancos.AS state Rodri is now more close to staying with Atletico than packing his bags for City in the summer.Rodri, on the other hand, also wants to make a decision on his future soon so that his employer can then plan for the future.For Simeone, it is paramount the midfielder continues at the club, which has already been communicated to Rodri.by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this Game is a Must-HaveForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndoDating.comFind out where single guys are hanging out in Tung ChungDating.comUndo熱門話題小心會長過頭…網友推爆:「真的長得超誇張!」熱門話題UndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoMisterStocksThese Hilarious Photos Were Captured On The SubwayMisterStocksUndoPerfect-Dating.comThousands of successful men are looking for women in Tung ChungPerfect-Dating.comUndoKeto减肥1個簡單的妙招一夜「融化」腹部贅肉(今晚試試)Keto减肥UndoSmart Tech TrendOver 55? You Have to Try Those Revolutionary Glasses!Smart Tech TrendUndoLoans | Search AdsNeed a loan? Search hereLoans | Search AdsUndo Last month, reports from Spain suggested that Manchester City have submitted an offer for Rodri and was close to joining them.last_img read more


first_imgI’m busy.You’re busy.You are probably sitting in the airport on your way to #SHRM15 going what.the.hell.  I’m not ready.  Where do I go?  I just sat at gate C3 and recognized 20 others from my small town going to the conference.  Multiply that times a jillion other cities.  Crap.  It’s a big conference.DON’T SWEAT.  You’ll be fine.If you are late on the upswing prepping for the conference, here are a few things that will ease your mind.The App is where it’s at.  Download the SHRM15 app.  It really will walk you through a bunch of stuff. Use your air-flight time wisely.  Spend the $10 on wi-fi, you cheap-skate and work on the plane.  And this is easy work.  All it takes is one hour to surf the #SHRM15 app or webpage to navigate the speakers/schedule. Don’t over-schedule.  Just like anywhere else, enjoy a little breathing room.  I say pick 4 must-see speakers.  The rest of the time…. Check out the Smart Stage.  Lots of speakers talking about innovative things.  You can hang out there most of the time.  Problem solved.  Or… CHECK OUT THE EXPO FLOOR.  Check out all the new technology.  Please, don’t miss this part of the conference.  If you are an HR pro, you must learn how to leverage technology to help you do your job better. Make scheduling easy:  Pick two speakers that will help your organization and two that will help your professional development.  Looking at the speakers in terms of “tracks” is helpful. But I want to give back!  I forgot to register for the SHRM Foundation event!  Give to No Kid Hungry.  A bunch of great HR pros have championed this cause.  Click here to give. Forget to pack shaving cream?  You are going to Vegas, not the moon.  You can get some at the Airport, the hotel, a block down any street.  Vegas is built for people who, at any given moment, forget stuff.  That’s their thing. What about my luggage!??  Fretting that you won’t be able to land, go to the hotel, then make it to the conference to hear Coach K?  Or the Expo?  No worries.  They have a big luggage pen at the convention center to park you stuff while you attend. My nails look like crap!  Airport = nail file + clear coat = good to go. Please have fun.  I mean, it’s Vegas.last_img read more

95 Million Reasons to Conduct An I-9 Self Audit…Very Carefully

first_imgIn 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) began auditing the I-9 practices of Asplundh Tree Experts Co.  Last month, the Company pled guilty in Pennsylvania federal court to a charge of knowingly employing immigrants without authorization to work in the U.S.  The fine: a record $95 million.In response, more and more employers are considering self-audits before DHS comes knocking at their doors.   While employers are well-advised to conduct an I-9 self-audit, there are legal minefields that need to be navigated or the self-audit may increase the employer’s potential liability.  Here are but some examples:In the interest of being super compliant, some employers have considered having all employees execute new I-9s.  This is not super compliant, but rather super dangerous.  It raises serious discrimination risks under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (“IRCA”). Other employers have questioned whether the Trump Administration’s Executive Order on DACA workers (Dreamers) requires that employers complete new I-9s for these DACA workers.  The answer is an unequivocal “NO.”   Employers cannot select for inspection employees they perceive to be high risk, such as those on visas, or those with “foreign-sounding” last names.  This type of targeted audit raises all but certain liability not only under ICRA but also the employment non-discrimination laws. Inevitably, employers may find that some I-9s are missing.  In these cases, employers should complete new I-9s, dating them on the date in which they are completed.  NEVER back date.In other cases, employers may find I-9s that are incomplete.  In these circumstances, the employer, using a different color ink, should have the document completed (either by the employer and/or the employee, depending on the omission) and, again, the employer should date the change on the date in which it is made. In still other cases, there may be a mistake.  No employer ever should white out anything on the original I-9.  Rather, the employer, in a different color ink, should cross out the incorrect language, substitute the correct language and date same on the date the change is made. The employer should prepare a summary of the scope of the audit, the manner in which it was conducted, and its findings.  But this is another blog for another day. This blog should not be construed as legal advice.last_img read more

Delhi takes to kick-boxing. Here’s where you can lick them or join them

first_imgHilary Swank boxed her way into the Oscars. Uma Thurman impressed Bill and the rest of the world with her high kicks. Now it’s Delhi’s turn to get fighting feet. City studios have been sparring with one another to lure fitness fiends and PYTs to don boxing gloves.Forget the Oscars,Hilary Swank boxed her way into the Oscars. Uma Thurman impressed Bill and the rest of the world with her high kicks. Now it’s Delhi’s turn to get fighting feet. City studios have been sparring with one another to lure fitness fiends and PYTs to don boxing gloves.Forget the Oscars and the blood and gore. If you want to kick some serious butt and look good doing it, get into the ring. Kickboxing is the new fitness fetish.First, let’s get all the facts straight. “Kickboxing as an athletic workout includes shadow boxing, kicking and heavy bag work complemented by strengthening and conditioning drills,” says instructor Robin Gogoi of Club Xcell.It can best be described as a mixture of karate and boxing, another east meets west trend. The traditional form of kickboxing, Muan Thai-popularly known as Thai boxing-is a full-contact martial art. The winner in a competition is determined only when the opponent is annihilated. Translation: possible death.In contrast, the modern version is a semi-contact sport. Those who swear by this workout don’t actually have to fight one another in any ring. Kickboxing allows them to enjoy all the benefits without actually sparring or spilling blood-burning fat, toning muscle, enhancing metabolic rate, achieving greater agility and flexibility, and, of course, a figure to die for.Body Force GYM Ring leader Get in the ring with trainer Edward Noordanis (left) and his class for an actual fightEdgar Noordanis means serious business with his weekend Thai boxing classes. He is undoubtedly the most professional trainer in Delhi and ridicules the city’s airconditioned studios. “I train my students outdoors and even hold classes during the blistering heat of May and June,” says this Dutch trainer who learnt Muan Thai in 1984 in Holland. One visit to his back garden and you know exactly what he’s talking about. He actually has a boxing ring there. Ten bags are hung around the boxing ring. “Different bags have different purposes- a hard, low hanging bag works for the shin, a six feet long bag is meant for combination work, and speed bags are purely for elbow work,” explains Noordanis proudly.The warm-up routine is clearly written for all to see on one wall of his shed. “You can’t throw a good punch if you’re unfit. So everybody has to run at least three kilometres on a dirt track, no matter how long it takes. That’s followed by 10 minutes of skipping, 200 sit-ups and 10 minutes of stretching. Mind you, that’s just the first hour,” says Noordanis. After a short water break, the second hour is for “bag work.” On Sundays, students fight in the ring. In spite of his rigorous workout, Noordanis has had 300 students in the last four years. “Rules are not bent even for new students,” he says. Only proving that his claim of a 10 kg weight loss in the first month is not just fluff. Fees: Rs 150 per class. Tel: 9810194427.Club Xcell advertisementHigh jinx Robin Gogoi incorporate self defence in their kickboxing classesTrainer Robin Gogoi has chalked out his aerobic and anaerobic kickboxing programme scientifically, an attribute he learnt from his Japanese karate grandmaster Haya Shi. This karate black beltholder describes the former as “aerobics topped with karate and boxing.” The anaerobic class is comparatively faster and is meant for people used to the regime. Saurabh Vig incorporate self defence in their kickboxing classes”This is a more intense class which utilises the chemical system of the body,” explains Gogoi. New students work on punching, kicking, striking and blocking. Only after they have familiarised themselves with the basic moves are they allowed to try out these techniques with music.”Kickboxing unites the mind, body and spirit, says Gogoi who ends his classes with a martial art meditating position, Seiza, where one squats on the knees with eyes shut. Gogoi also has an hour-long self-defence class that is a hit with women. Fees: Rs 1,815 per month. Tel: 9810259501.FitnesolutionFighting feet Kiran Sawhney of Fitnesolution believes that kickboxing helps one achieve perfect mind and body coordinationKiran Sawhney started this studio just 10 months ago and holds her kickboxing classes with her trainer pal Saurabh Vig. “Kickboxing has become a popular workout as it teaches one to stay positive,” says Sawhney. Judging from her batch of 20 trainees, there is clearly no age-bar for this exercise. “I even have a 60-year-old in my class,” she exclaims. Even though kickboxing is not a martial art per se, Sawhney believes that “it can come in handy when one is in a vulnerable situation.” She also makes it a point to give students tips on self defence. “The rules of a ring don’t apply in real life. The knees and elbows are our most powerful weapons. I always tell my students that if they are ever mugged, they should kick and punch the attacker’s groin,” says Sawhney, who is saving up to buy speed-bags for her studio. Fees: Rs 2,000 per month. Tel: 9810530027.Studio 8To really tone up those muscles, Vineeta Sarkar combines her kickboxing class with the gym ball and weightsVineeta Sarkar is on cloud nine. Her studio is a great hit with women in Gurgaon. “My kickboxing classes have become so popular that my students are constantly pressuring me to allot more classes, especially during the weekends,” she says. “A regular class begins with simple movements. As the tempo builds up, so does the complexity of the workout. Later, the class slows down again and students move to stretching their legs, arms and back to increase mobility. To really tone up those muscles, the last half hour of the session is devoted to the gym ball and weights.”Sarkar learnt her skills at the American Aerobics Fitness Association in San Diego. She claims her classes give her students “lean legs, sculpted arms and a flexible body”. No wonder she’s in such demand. Fees: Rs 2,000 a month. Tel: 9810202919.advertisementlast_img read more