BENS BLOG Christmas Part 1

first_img[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I shall update you, as it happens, in note fashion, of BREAKING NEWS, important events, Sky Sports News style:Belindabelle in Spain, enjoying a get-together with 4,000 family members. Best avoided, I thought. Will certainly be more pleasurable for her, without my presence.Arrival time at the Elderly & Infirm’s: 8.11pm. Sourced fish n chips, a sausage, and a pickled onion, from Fishers, in Burgess Hill. OK.I noted that the wooden gate-post has been knocked down. Apparently, it was done so, by ‘an illegal immigrant’, that my mother caught in the act. She chased after him, on foot, as he sped off. The offender was however, NOT brought to task.Tamara, my sister, and her husband, Rob, a leading Computer Person, both perfect human beings and ultra straight-batters, are also in attendance. It’s going to be a thriller…My increasingly unpleasant grandmother, finally kicked the bucket, earlier this year. Part of the early celebrations, in spending the long, long awaited booty, have been to update the bathroom. I was asked of my opinion on the resulting works. I observed that the floor looks great but the new sink is a bit ‘disabled-access’ for my liking.Spoke to Giraffebet proprietor, Harry Macadam. He has returned to his beloved Kenya, and taken residence, for the festive period, at his favourite; the Muthaiga Club. He had a swim this morning. On completing bathing, ‘a native’ passed him a towel, and he enjoyed a fruit platter, whilst sitting in the shade.9.26pm: The E&I retire for the evening. I am now left in peace, to ponder over the coming year, and all of the problems, from the Punters & Staff, that will thus entail.Christmas cheer to All.Over and out, B xBEN’S BLOGS 2014 NOW IN HARDBACK !!!Regular readers might like to know Ben’s Blogs 2014 have been collated into a hardback volume which is available now.All his blogs from 2014 in a 200 page book (right) including thoughts on betting, Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, the World Cup, politics, restaurants and current affairs.As usual –  never sitting on the fence !!Available for £15 (+ P&P) direct from the publishers.BONUS:USE CODE ‘TREAT’ on checking out and get 25% OFF (valid until 30 December 2014)TO ORDER: read more