St Helier Harbor Dredging Project Almost Finished

first_imgA three-week dredging work program in St Helier Harbor, Jersey, Channel Islands, is about to come to an end.It has been 14 years since the last dredging program took place in the area and it is estimated that over a period of a year approximately 5000m³ of silt accumulates on the seabed.The work is being carried out by the dredging vessel MV Margrethe Fighter, focusing on areas at the northern end of St Helier Harbor, the entrance to La Collette Yacht Basin as well as around the fishermen’s mooring area in the Basin.The dredged material is being deposited in an area known as foul ground, approximately 4 miles south of the harbor, under a FEPA licence issued by the States of Jersey Environment Department.This licence requires that depositing the sediment can only be undertaken between one hour after high water and one hour before low water to ensure that it is allowed to settle on the seabed while the tide is running to the west and away from the Island’s south east corner RAMSAR site.MV Margrethe Fighter started the dredging operations on Monday, April 11th 2016.[mappress mapid=”22312″]last_img read more

2018 US Championship: Shankland seizes solo leadership

first_imgBy A.E. Boy Espejo Jr.Round 5 matches of the ongoing 2018 US Chess Championship all ended in draws, so we’re jumping to the results of Round 6 which has concluded as we write this.Samuel Shankland emerged the solo leader after Round 6 of the tournament after beating co-leader Varuzhan Akobian from the black side of a Nimzo-Indian in 59 moves, even as another erstwhile co-leader, Wesley So, was held to a 30-move draw by a fighting Zviad Izoria. It was So’s fourth straight draw after winning two consecutive games.Top seed Fabiano Caruana, who was beaten by Izoria in Round 4 and held by Shankland in Round 5, finally bounced back with a victory over the fading Ray Robson, Caruana used his pet Petroff in hacking out a 39-move win and caught up with So to share 2nd-3rd places with him. The rest of the round’s matches were drawn. Hikaru Nakamura remained winless and marched to his sixth straight draw this time against Jeffery Xiong; Yaroslav Zherebukh and Alexander Lenderman halved the point in 30 moves of a Queen’s Gambit, while Alexander Onischuk and Awonder Liang smoked the peace pipe after 34 moves of a Semi-Tarrasch.Standings after Round 6: 1. Shankland, 4½; 2-3.So, Caruana, 4; 4. Akobian, 3½; 5-6. Nakamura, Zherebukh, 3; 7-10. Lenderman, Izoria, Xiong, Liang, 2½; 11-12. Onischuk, Robson, 2.Akobian,V (2647)-Shankland,S (2671) [E36]Saint Louis (6) 20181.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 d5 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.Qxc3 dxc4 7.Qxc4 b6 8.Nf3 Ba6 9.Qa4+ Qd7 10.Qc2 h6 11.g3 Bb7 12.Bg2 Be4 13.Qd1 Nc6 14.0-0 Rd8 15.Be3 0-0 16.Rc1 Qd5 17.Qa4 Ng4 18.Rc3 Nxe3 19.fxe3 Qd6 20.Nh4 Bxg2 21.Nxg2 Ne7 22.Qxa7 Nd5 23.Rc2 Ra8 24.Qb7 c5 25.dxc5 bxc5 26.Qb5 Rfb8 27.Qd3 Qe5 28.Rxc5 Qxb2 29.Rfc1 Rd8 30.Qe4 Qxe2 31.R5c2 Qb5 32.Nf4 Nf6 33.Qb4 Qe5 34.Qc5 Qxc5 35.Rxc5 g5 36.Ne2 Rxa3 37.Rc8 Rxc8 38.Rxc8+ Kg7 39.Rc3 Ra1+ 40.Kg2 Ra2 41.Kf1 Ne4 42.Rd3 g4 43.Rd4 f5 44.Rd3 Kf6 45.Rd8 Ng5 46.Rh8 Ra1+ 47.Kg2 Nh3 48.Rb8 Re1 49.Rb2 Ke5 50.Ra2 Ke4 51.Ra4+ Kxe3 52.Ra3+ Ke4 53.Ra2 Ke5 54.Rb2 Kf6 55.Ra2 e5 56.Ra6+ Kg5 57.Ra2 Kh5 58.Rb2 f4 59.gxf4 Rxe2+ 0-1So,Wesley (2786)-Izoria,Z (2599) [D02]Saint Louis (6) 20181.Nf3 d5 2.d4 e6 3.c4 a6 4.Nbd2 Nf6 5.g3 c5 6.Bg2 Nc6 7.0-0 cxd4 8.cxd5 Qxd5 9.Nb3 d3 10.e4 Qb5 11.Nbd4 Nxd4 12.Nxd4 Qd7 13.Be3 Bc5 14.Nf5 exf5 15.Bxc5 Nxe4 16.Re1 Qd5 17.Qa4+ b5 18.Bxe4 fxe4 19.Qxe4+ Qxe4 20.Rxe4+ Be6 21.Rd4 Rd8 22.Bd6 f6 23.Rxd3 Kf7 24.Rd2 Rd7 25.Bb4 Rxd2 26.Bxd2 Rd8 27.Bc3 Bg4 28.Re1 Rd1 29.Rxd1 Bxd1 30.f4 Ke6 ½-½Robson,R (2660)-Caruana,F (2804) [C42]Saint Louis (6) 20181.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nf3 Nxe4 5.Nc3 Nxc3 6.dxc3 Be7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 Nd7 9.0-0-0 c6 10.Kb1 d5 11.c4 Nb6 12.cxd5 Nxd5 13.Bc4 Bf5 14.Bxd5 cxd5 15.Qxd5 Qc8 16.Nd4 Bg6 17.Ka1 Re8 18.Rhe1 Bf6 19.c3 Re5 20.Qb3 a6 21.Bf4 Rxe1 22.Rxe1 Qd7 23.Be5 Re8 24.f4 Bd8 25.a4 h6 26.Rd1 Qg4 27.Rd2 b5 28.axb5 axb5 29.Qd1 Qd7 30.f5 Bg5 31.Rd3 Bxf5 32.Nxf5 Qxf5 33.Bg3 Ra8+ 34.Kb1 Rd8 35.Kc2 b4 36.cxb4 Rc8+ 37.Kb3 Qe6+ 38.Rd5 Rd8 39.Kc4 Qc6+ 0-1last_img read more

Ask It Results: A Stitch-y Question, What’s Best for Stitch in Tomorrowland?

first_imgShare This!All joking aside about how dated the Carousel of Progress is or how deep under your skin the song in it’s a small world can get, people genuinely like those attractions. If either of them were closed to make a meet and greet, there would be justifiable outrage from every corner of the Disney fanverse. But sometimes there are attractions that have earned a reputation for being irritating with a surprising amount of universality.Mission to Mars is one of the attractions that I have distinct memories of on early trips to Walt Disney World. (Although technically it was Mission to Almost Mars, seeing as you never actually got there.) It was a solid enough attraction, but it was incredibly dated. I personally loved ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, except being nailed in the face one time with “blood”, but I do remember watching adults and children alike come out ashen-faced and clearly traumatized. Disney must have had at least decent hopes for it, putting the “part B” of the ride in DisneyQuest, and yet it really missed the mark in Magic Kingdom because of the high kid:adult ratio. Why they didn’t just move it over to the Studios is anyone’s guess–it would have been amazing there. But I remember the outright hate about the attraction going around while the ride was open, with the idea that something…ANYTHING….would be better than this. I can imagine that a boardroom discussion went something like this:“Well, we’ve got this attraction where a scary alien comes out and eats people. Can we make that a little more kid friendly?”“Stitch is an alien, but not scary.”“Okay, but what about the eating bit?”“We’ll have him eat a chili dog. People will love that. Just a scent, no blood and guts being splattered on people.”And thus Stitch’s Great Escape was born. And….people generally didn’t like it. But how much did people not like it? Recently, Stitch’s Great Escape has moved to seasonal and now appears to have been replaced with a Stitch meet and greet. Was this an improvement or not? We asked you:Which do you think is a better use of the Stitch attraction space in Tomorrowland?Here’s your results.Meet and Greet (1,157 votes, 68%)Overall, while many more people think that a meet and greet is better than the attraction, for some people, it was a case of “anything is better than the attraction”. Some other write-in suggestions we received included stroller parking, a new attraction (with ideas like WALL*E or Tomorrowland being mentioned by name, although my vote would be for Big Hero 6), or bringing back the previous attraction(s). Some people were actually keen with the idea of a Stitch meet and greet, if Stitch was in his alien form or Stitch was meeting and greeting with fellow experiment Angel. There also was quite a bit of love for having a meet and greet inside, out of the rain and the heat. But in general, the consensus by most votes was anything is better than the attraction, and since there were only two choices, this was the default.Stitch’s Great Escape (535 votes, 32%)At the end of the day, some people actually do like this attraction. It has some neat effects, and it does fit the bill for being more child friendly than the previous version. For kids who are fans of Lilo and Stitch, this attraction has a bit of child-like charm, and has some appeal because the height requirements means it is something to look forward to. In many ways, the popularity of hating the attraction is far greater than actually hating the attraction. And there’s many people who would prefer to have any attraction–even an unpopular one–over yet another meet and greet.So there’s the results. Feel free to share what you think would be the best use of the space in the comments. Meanwhile, next week’s Ask It is live on Twitter and on the blog here. We’ll be back with your results next week!last_img read more

Brazilian claims Quiksilver Pro Durban

first_img28 April 2009Brazilian Jadson Andre seized the 2009 Quiksilver Pro Durban title at Ansteys Beach on Sunday, putting on an amazing display of backhand power surfing to beat Australian ripper Owen Wright in the final.Andre walked away with $20 000 in prize money and 3 500 World Qualifying Series (WQS) ratings points for the win. With a heat score of 18.00 out of a possible 20, the highest score of the entire event, he put his stamp on the event as a deserved winner.In clean four-foot conditions and a pushing tide, the Brazilian goofy-footer was in incredible form, blasting some inverted backhand vertical moves on his way to victory.After two early waves, Andre showed his intentions when he logged a 7.00 to take an early lead. Wright quickly answered back with a 5.00, but as Andre arrived back in the lineup he found himself sitting directly in the path of a heaving right.Near perfectFlying off the bottom, the Brazilian squared up and went vertically up the face to smash a huge re-entry, sending spray flying into the air. Racing down the line, he then backed up his initial cracker with two additional turns to secure a near perfect 9.33 out of a possible 10 and leave Wright needing a combination of scores to take the lead.Not one to lie down, the plucky Australian paddled into a solid left-hander that walled up perfectly for him as he boosted a beautiful aerial move to pick up an 8.33 and close his required score down to 8.10.With just nine minutes to go Wright found a similar looking left and again boosted a huge 360 aerial, but unfortunately he came unstuck on his second move, a vicious forehand layback, and scored only a 6.83.In the 32nd minute of the 35-minute final, Andre put the nail in Wright’s coffin as he paddled into a big left and smashed two powerful forehand turns as the crowd on the beach showed their appreciation. The judges awarded him an 8.67 to effectively end Wright’s hopes of taking home the title.‘Really happy’“I’m really happy to have won this event,” said the elated victor, after spraying the crowd with champagne, “and I’d just like to thank all my friends and everyone who was on the beach today supporting me.“When I was out in the water I just concentrated on surfing as well as I could, and I am really happy to have won such a prestigious event.”Andre’s form throughout the event was excellent and he eliminated a host of big name surfers on his way to the final, among them World Tour stalwart Victor Ribas (Brazil), superbly talented Kirk Flintoff (Australia) and Bluff local Rudy Palmboom.“I’ve had a great time here in Durban,” said runner-up Wright at the prize-giving, “and I’m super stoked to have made the final. This is the second final I’ve surfed against Jadson, so I guess now it’s one-all buddy!”Semi-finalsBoth semi-finals were closely contested affairs, with each of the winners only sneaking through on the siren.In the first semi-final new school standout Julian Wilson took on compatriot Wright. Starting off slowly, Wilson was behind for most of the heat until a huge forehand 360 aerial saw the judges award him an 8.00 to push him into the lead.Needing a low six to take back the lead, Wright found a meaty looking left right on the siren, milking it all the way to the beach where he finished with his own 360 air to post a 6.33 and knock his 21-year-old compatriot out of contention.In the second semi-final, Australian Matt Wilkinson found himself having to contend with an in-form Andre who had put on a phenomenal display of aerial surfing in the quarter finals to eliminate Ireland’s Glenn Hall.Changed tacticsAs the tide pushed in, Andre changed tactics and began using his rail as he carved some beautiful turns. However, he had a terrible start to the heat, breaking his board on his opening wave and losing time as he had to swim in and get a back-up of the beach. Meanwhile, Wilkinson went to work and began to build a lead over the unfortunate Brazilian.Andre fought back hard, but in the dying seconds he found himself in second place and facing elimination.Needing a low score, he paddled into a medium size left-hander and carved it up all the way to the beach, ending in the shore-break before stepping off his board and running on to the sand.When the commentator announced his wave score, a 5.23, enough for him to advance to the final, an elated Andre punched the air with his board.Durban favouriteDurban’ favourite Travis Logie bowed out of contention in the quarter finals of the event as Australian surfers came to the fore and dominated the round. Fresh off a win in the Mark Richards Pro in Newcastle, Australia, Logie went down to Owen Wright and was clearly disappointed at the defeat after showing great form throughout the event.Nevertheless, a fifth-place finish saw the 29-year-old pocket $2 950 in prize money and 2 275 points for his efforts, a substantial boost to his 2009 WQS campaign.In the quarter-finals, despite starting with a classic tube ride, Logie came unstuck on several of his follow-up waves and was unable to answer Wright’s heat score of 15.57.Quiksilver Pro JuniorThe final of the Quiksilver Pro Junior preceded the main event and featured Umhlanga Rocks’ surfer Kyle Lane against Hawaii’s Kiron Jabour.Lane was quickly out of the starting blocks, finding himself in his element in the running four footers to take an early lead.His backhand attack proved too much for the Jabour and when the siren sounded the Hawaiian found himself short of the South African’s 14.83. Lane’s win saw him walk away with $2 500 in prize money.“It’s been a nerve-wracking week waiting to surf the final,” he said after leaving the water, “so I just surfed and trained as much as I could, and I guess it paid off in the end, and I’m really stoked.”The Quiksilver Pro Durban was contested by some of the world’s best surfers and carried the highest possible WQS rating and $145 000 in prize money.RESULTSQuarter-finalsHeat 1:1. Owen Wright (15.57) 2. Travis Logie (12.83) Heat 2:1. Julian Wilson (11.17) 2. Daniel Ross (7.77) Heat 3:1. Jadson Andre (12.84) 2. Glenn Hall (4.56) Heat 4:1. Matt Wilkinson (8.44) 2. Marco Polo (8.40) Semi-finalsHeat 1:1. Owen Wright (12.16) 2. Julian Wilson (11.84) Heat 2:1. Jadson Andre (10.03) 2. Matt Wilkinson (9.16) Final 1. Jadson Andre (18.00) 2. Owen Wright (15.16) SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Setting Retail Trends

first_imgMost would agree that invention and innovation are at the heart of a successful business. In a hyper-competitive industry such as retail, ingenuity has become a business necessity; driving our leadership and shaping the company mission and direction. This is where an organization and the company team can set itself apart; setting the tone for current victories and future retail trends.But how do we create a company culture that unleashes and capitalizes on innovation? What is it that makes an organization a leader at setting retail trends and pushing the envelope for tomorrow’s successes? While there are many different strategies that can lead a retail company to future accomplishments, there are also some common qualities that many of these organizations will share in this pursuit:Creating a Culture of Innovation: Great ideas can come from employees at all levels and areas of an organization. Employees who’ve been taught and are encouraged to think like innovators will help set new retail trends.No Fear of Failure: Innovation requires the leap of faith to think outside the box; brainstorming ideas and looking to do something that hasn’t been done before. Some ideas will pan out, while others won’t. But innovation simply isn’t possible when failure is not an option.Balancing creativity and imagination with relevant strategies and operating processes: It is in our nature to be creative and allow our imagination the freedom to explore the limits of possibility. But in order to successfully bring these ideas to fruition they must be balanced with reason, structure, and planning. Innovation is a means to achieve strategic goals.Establishing an Environment of Trust: There is a great deal of risk involved when trying to establish new retail trends. Highly creative ideas can sometimes initially sound improbable, impractical, or even ridiculous. But if employees fear ridicule for sharing their thoughts and ideas, they will likely not share such ideas. Welcoming creative thought feeds innovative ideas.Autonomy: Along with trust, individual and team autonomy is a key component of innovation. Giving team members clear goals together with the freedom to find their own path to achieve those goals, creates fertile ground for innovation.A Devotion to Teamwork and Collaboration: Ideas become stronger when people with different points of view and backgrounds work together. By working together we can speed the process of vetting, testing, and implementing the innovative ideas that create new retail trends.Stepping out of your comfort zone: Disrupting the status quo fuels innovation. Embracing the unknown and exploring possibilities outside of our comfort zone encourages creative thought.Implementing ideas: Most businesses have creative employees with a lot of ideas, and some of those ideas may even be relevant to the company’s needs. However, one thing that differentiates innovative companies is a willingness to implement ideas.Innovation-friendly processes: Innovation processes typically start with discovery, move to invention, are followed by adjustments and improvement, find internal acceptance, and then go to market where new retail trends are established. Developing great solutions is a process.Committed leadership: Successful innovation is dependent on leadership that is open to new ideas and following a model that promotes innovation.Leading the WayFollowing is the annual ranking of the top 10 most innovative companies setting retail trends as determined by consumer publication Fast Company. This provides a brief review of those rankings and the companies, which mixes the familiar — Target and Amazon — with such upstarts as Casper, that are leading the way by creating new and creative retail trends.- Sponsor – CVS Health: For reinventing the pharmacy; The pharmacy and health care chain is setting retail trends by looking to grow its customer base with extra services that explode traditional expectations. The company banned tobacco products from its stores and is rolling out new services and education programs.Amazon: For quietly becoming a cloud giant; With more than $83 billion in sales worldwide,, Inc. engages in the retail sale of consumer products in North America and internationally. The company sells merchandise and content purchased for resale from vendors, as well as those offered by third-party sellers through retail Websites. It also manufactures and sells electronic devices, provides direct publishing that allow others to publish and sell content, and other services.Warby Parker: For opening eyes around the world; Warby Parker is an American e-retailer of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that also has 20 physical retail locations. Known for its try-at-home packs of inexpensive hipster-approved frames, the company also partners with nonprofits to train people to provide eye exams and sell glasses in their own communities.Farfetch: For putting the world’s best boutique fashion retailers on a global stage; Farfetch is a global e-commerce company connecting shoppers with more than 400 luxury boutiques through a single Internet storefront. The company offers any small shop a sleek, streamlined online shopping technology to power e-commerce. Farfetch has signed on boutiques based in 35 countries and ships to customers in 190 countries, generating a revenue of $500 million in 2015.Everlane: For reinventing affordable basics; Everlane is an American fashion e-retailer dedicated to “radical transparency” by openly reporting the sources and manufacturing processes of its minimalistic designs. Slowly but surely, the company has expanded from T-shirts to include pants, sweaters, shoes, and coats. Next, the company plans to develop proprietary fabrics so that it might become an innovative technology company.Kit and Ace: For designing luxe casual-wear from next-generation performance fabrics; Kit and Ace is a Canadian technical streetwear brand. In just over a year, Kit and Ace has staked its claim solidly in the athleisure space. Instead of selling leggings and sweat-wicking tees to replace jeans and button-downs, the company has created semi-athletic clothes that also work as bona fide outfits. Local emerging designers are invited to set up in the shop for eight-month residencies to experiment with Kit and Ace’s fabrics, without restriction. That provides the company with testing ground for new designs, and those experimental designs are often integrated into the official collection and sold around the world.Shopify: For enabling every business to pursue a “retail everywhere” strategy; After surveying the smartphones and favored apps of its employees, the popular e-commerce software platform Shopify realized that three major social hubs–Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest–were missing out on a big retail opportunity. If store owners poured resources into crafting their social profiles, why not enable followers to buy items they coveted with a few taps of a button? Now, more than 200,000 Shopify-powered stores can boost their mobile presence by selling on social media.Pinterest: For deploying a variety of buttons to make its pins more affordable; Pinterest is a social network currently becoming a formidable source of traffic, particularly to retail sites. Pinterest allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards and browsing what other users have pinned. It has a very slick user interface and strong revenue model. The site is strongest among young women in the center of the country.Casper: For reducing the headache of getting a mattress to your door (and up the stairs); Casper is an e-commerce site that sells mattresses directly to the consumer. In February, the company announced that it had raised $1.6 million and by April, the startup was abuzz with positive press coverage and social media messages from consumers eager to order its mattress.Target: For treating its stores like an innovation lab. Target is currently testing about 50 enhancements and innovations to study the power they have on guest experience and sales. Some of the tests are programs and services already piloting; others are brand-new ideas we’ve never tried before. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

The Loss Prevention Foundation Announces Two New Board Members

first_imgThe Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) has announced the selection of its newest board members to assist in governing and providing strategic direction for the Foundation at its recent board meeting.Elected to the board of directors was:Sue Read, LPC, director of EHS and loss prevention, FleetPrideKathleen Smith, vice president of asset protection, Albertsons-Safeway“We are thrilled to have Sue and Kathleen join us on the Loss Prevention Foundation Board. We welcome their leadership and diverse loss prevention backgrounds to assist in the Foundation’s mission of education,” said Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of LPF.- Sponsor – “The Loss Prevention Foundation Board is comprised of many great leaders in the industry. We welcome Kathleen and Sue as dynamic thought leaders who will continue to grow our board with their skill sets,” said Frank Johns, LPC, chairman of The Loss Prevention Foundation. “With the goal of education and certifying loss prevention executives through the LPC and LPQ certification programs, the Foundation strives to help elevate loss prevention professional as leaders in the retail industry. By expanding our board with leaders like Sue and Kathleen, we will gain more diverse thought to achieve that goal.” Sue Read Kathleen SmithThe LPF also held reelections at the meeting. Those reelected to another three-year term on the board of directors include:Steve Hyle, LPC, vice president, director of national accounts, AFA Protective Systems, Inc.Paul Jones, LPC, director of asset protection – risk management, CKE Restaurants, Inc.Lisa LaBruno, executive vice president of retail operations, RILADavid Lund, LPC, vice president of loss prevention, Dick’s Sporting GoodsBill Napier, LPC, president, Napier Consulting LLCAllan Watters, LPC, SVP asset protection, Stage Stores, Inc.For a complete list of the Loss Prevention Foundation board members, visit: LPF Board of Directors. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Milan free up 60m for Zlatan?

first_img Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: Milan are reportedly ready to sell Fabio Borini, Franck Kessie and Ricardo Rodriguez to raise €60m for January, including a €4m per year Zlatan Ibrahimovic contract. The Swedish star confirmed he is leaving LA Galaxy and MLS yesterday and is being linked with a move back to Serie A this winter. Milan are now trying to free up some space in the squad to make room for their targets in the transfer market this winter. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the trio of Borini, Kessie and Ricardo Rodriguez should be on their way out the door to accommodate for new signings. The newspaper claims it will free up a total of €60m in spending money for the Rossoneri, who are willing to offer €4m a year to Ibrahimovic. It’s also suggested that the 38-year-old might have some reservations against a move back to San Siro, as his strong reputation at Milan might be ruined by another appearance at the end of his career. He helped the club secure their last Scudetto in 2010-11. Milan are currently 14th in Serie A and are looking to the transfer market to find solutions, but Ibrahimovic has also been linked with moves to Napoli and Bologna.last_img read more