Vetting of GDF recruits

first_imgDear Editor,I wish to give special recognition and applause to Brigadier George Lewis for putting things in place to properly vet recruits into Guyana’s Armed Forces.This is a necessary procedure which should have been in place for some time now.It is no secret that many military personnel are involved in criminal attacks on civilians of this country who pay them via their tax dollars. It is also known that some Police Officers have been involved in criminal activities during their service, while being active members of the Guyana Police Force and after they had left.It will appear that many join these historic serving institutions of our nation not for the purpose of serving the people of this country or to protect our borders and our people, but to profit from their appointments by taking advantage of the people and country they were hired to protect.I recall sometime in the past the Police Force had a policy of publishing the photographs, names and addresses of recruits or persons applying to the Guyana Police Force so that people who are aware of any nefarious activities they might have been involved in, can identify them and forward such information to the relative department.I know also, that many persons objected to the fact that photographs were being published in the media for persons who are applying to join these forces.I believe personally that a government is employed by the people and in that employment, is a contract by which they make decisions. Sometimes decisions may not be agreed upon by all, but that is what they are hired for. To make decisions that will be in the best interest of the people and country.In my opinion, it is the same with Guyana’s Armed Forces, as they have to make certain decisions. An example would be the practice of publishing the photographs of recruits in the national newspaper. Regardless of objections from people in the country, it should be done.It is also possible that one may not have a record, as the Police department has a unique system of vetting persons’ criminal records via their fingerprints. However, some of them might be serious delinquents and involved in banditry in the communities, but it is not recorded in the country’s fingerprint department, which houses the only way they will be able to identify persons involved in criminal activities.I encourage these law enforcement agencies of great calibre and history in our county to do all they can to keep away negative elements from the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Defence Force.Once again, congratulations to the Brigadier for his appointment as Brigadier of the Guyana Defence Force and for this excellent idea of trying to identify recruits who may be involved in activities and who could be dangerous to the people of this country.Sincerely,Roshan KhanCEO/Chairman/Founder, RK’s SecurityServiceslast_img read more