Left out in the cold

first_imgDear Diary,Dis is Nagga Man again. Ah mad like rass and dat is why me a press suh hard pan yuh when me write. Na tek am personally. Why me mad? Well, tell me if dem na tek dem eye and pass me, Dear Diary? If Prezzie ah Number 1 in de country, who ah number 2? Na me?Suh how come when ‘e tek wan “high level” team fuh meet Jagdesh he na include me?? Me a wha? Low level? Me understaan’ how he tek Har Monium Man. Dem army people ‘custom fuh gat dem “Aid de Cyamp”. Wha’ is da yuh ask, Dear Diary? Da is a fancy name fuh wan army secretary. Me na min’ he a’tall.Wha me blasted min’ is ‘e tek Trat Man!! How come Trat Man mo’ high dan me? Me stan’ up nex’ to he and me just as tall. But dem fellas seh is because a some Accard he and Prezzie sign in Bagaamas. Some Nasuh Accard.Wha’ de arse is da? Me an’ de whole KFC party sign de “Coming-Barge Accard” pan Valantine Day! Da na count? Me bring 11% a me Berb-Ice people. Da na count? Dem all a cuss me now… da na count?And de hurtful t’ing, Dear Diary, is dem know Jadgesh ah me enemy! Ah woulda gi’e me lef’ hand fuh gyam good! Jus’ like how ‘e use fuh gi’e me good when abee two bin in de PPCEE.In Parliament, ‘e doan like when ah talk afta he…an’ he does laff when me talk. Well, ah woulda like fuh show ‘e las’ lick bettah dan las’ laff.But now me gat fuh shut me mout’ beca’se ‘e look like me get Larwah fuh true. Excuse me fuh wet up yuh page, Dear Diary. Me eye-wata na stap run!last_img read more