America Movil beefs up in Peru with two acquisitions

first_img Tags America MovilPeru Related Español Author Previous ArticleUS watchdogs probe mobile securityNext ArticleCitigroup chief warns on hacker threat America Movil’s Peruvian subsidiary struck agreements to acquire smaller rivals Olo Del Peru and TVS Wireless in the country for an undisclosed fee.In a statement, the company said its local subsidiary America Movil Peru had reached purchase agreements with Metsanco Limited to acquire the two companies, which provide telecoms services throughout the country and also hold radio spectrum in the 2.5GHz band.America Movil, which operates under the Claro brand, is the country’s second largest operator with an estimated 12.1 million connections, behind Telefonica, which boasts more than 16.8 million, according to GSMA Intelligence.The tie-ups in Peru come after CFO Carlos Garcia Moreno reportedly told Reuters in March the company had no acquisitions planned, shortly after the release of its Q1 2016 financial results, which saw it take a sizable hit in its domestic market.Greater competition in Mexico, coming from newcomer AT&T and Telefonica, saw overall revenue decline, while the company also grapples with the effects of the recession in Brazil.Completion of the deals in Peru is subject to the closing of certain conditions being met, added America Movil. Kavit joined Mobile World Live in May 2015 as Content Editor. He started his journalism career at the Press Association before joining Euromoney’s graduate scheme in April 2010. Read More >> Read more center_img América Móvil deberá pagar 2 millones de dólares a Colombia America Movil takes $2M Colombia hit Home America Movil beefs up in Peru with two acquisitions Kavit Majithia Beneficios de América Móvil en el primer trimestre gracias a la reducción de costos AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 10 MAY 2016 last_img read more

The untimely itch

first_img“The Itch”Ever since it was advised that one should refrain from touching the face, especially the nose , the mouth and the eyes, itch in these parts have shown a sudden increase, much more than the rate at which the community spread of this notorious virus is assumed to take place. And if you are someone who makes deliberate observations, you would have noticed that these bouts of itching comes in circumstances when your beloved fingers have indulged in activities that have increased the probability of them being contaminated by this miniscule of a creature which has brought the entire humanity on its knees. So you try the various ways which have been advocated in the myriad whatsapp messages to overcome the intense craving that one undergoes to carry out the forbidden itching. While the nose is screaming for intimate contact with the fingersitch the fear inside you keeps reminding you of that devil ” Corona” which has put severe restrictions on  such intimate behaviour between your body parts, both in private and in public. My idle mind carrying outsome develish thinking  in its workshop can’t help but conjure up a  conspiracy w,the nature has hatched with the virus to ensure it spreads at a pace beyond the reaction time of us mortals. If you are not convinced about it then definitely my experience that I am about to narrate will make you tow my line. So the not so glorious sequence of events started when I was inside the book store and sensed  a slight itching on my nose. I had gone to “Higginbothams ”  at Chennai to get some books to keep up the pretence of being involved in deep literature so as to escape the household chores during the lockdown that was soon going to be announced. I promptly sanitised my hand and used my fingers to subduethe itch. The way I took out the sanitiser from the pocket and overcame the itch made me feel like James bond when he takes out his flashy( no pun please) weapons and decimates his enemies. I did get nodding approval from the other customers who too were probably finding ways to overcome the dangerous consequences of forced quarantine with their better halves.While in the first occurance I was fortunate enough to have my hand free to carry out the job, I soon found myself in a situation where I was  are unable to carry out this mundane activity. The second bout of itching came when after picking up few books I was about to leave for billing. And this time the battlefield was shaping up  a remote corner of my nose.My itch was not on the tip of the nose , but just below the lower end of the nose where it curves inside and requires intricate movement by your finger nails to carry out the task. I tried to rub my nose on my shoulder but the double chin and the extra fat on my neck did not allow that flexibility. When the torture goes beyond your threshold level, the sympathetic nervous system takes over your functions. It’s either flight or fight. It is said that when rational brain stops working the creative right hemisphere takes over. My creativity was about to be on display. I made a pout so that my brush moustache were pointing upwards and then moved the lips in a clockwise direction to allow the moustache to brush against that nasty itch. While it didn’t have the desired outcome , it had two undesirable effects. A toddler on her dad’s shoulder started crying out loud probably by seeing the grotesque display on my face. Second, many other portions on my nose too developed itching. The fight between the id which looks for instant gratification and the ego started taking place in full earnest. Freud too must have discovered the three states of mind in such a situation. The itch on the nose kept on intensifying and I was looking for the gratification that my body was demanding. I discovered , at that moment, that the intensity of itch is directly proportional to your inability to reach that area to carry out the itching. As I told you , my sympathetic nervous system had taken over and I was no longer governed by rational thoughts. Images of all the whatsapp messages which my well meaning friends had posted started floating in front of my eyes. And my cerebellum was searching for the solution in them. Suddenly my brain seemed to have found the solution, which I was not aware of and it instructed my right hand, which I infer in hindsight, to stretch to the left in front of my face like the famous hook of Cassius clay, and tried desperately to connect the middle portion of the upper arm with that remote part of my anatomy which I became conscious of in that precarious situation. I swore I will never again take anything for granted. Where my fingers had failed, here was the neglected part of my anatomy that was coming to my rescue. As in my life, the plans were perfect, but the execution went horribly  awry. There was some miscalculation by my not so bright grey matters, and the contact could not be established. Instead I ended up punching the pile of books that an elderly customer was carrying in his hand. As the books that we both were carrying tumbled out of our hands on to the floor I tried to sheepishly mumble out apologies. ” Sorry sir, I was trying to itch here”….and as the realisation dawned upon both of us there was a expression of pity on his face as he must have seen a horrified expression on mine. Now that my hands were free, I had inadvertently touched the itching part with my finger. I resigned myself to the fate. And suddenly I realised that there was no more itching on my nose. I was convinced of the conspiracy that the mother nature was hatching to make a Dodo of us humans. My hands were free, and I could have easily sanitised my hands to do the itching, but it had mysteriously vanished, the same way that the virus has done the disappearing act from Wuhan.I took my books, came out of the book store. I declined the spray of sanitizer offered by the doorman who gave a nod which was filled with genuine sympathy. I said a silent prayer and hoped that the Corona being a living creature must also must be having emotion of ” karuna” and would have spared a law abiding, non octopus, non milipede eating non vegetarian like me.I got into the car. The itching had subsided, I put on some music and drove towards my home. About a kilometre short of my home there was a sudden suge in traffic. A bus few inches on the left and an autorickshaw wickedly trying stunts on my right…I was focussing on the road and there it was….I couldn’t believe it…there was this  rising sense of itching in my eyes….. There was no way I could  use my hands in that heavy traffic…I looked up in a desperate plea towards the place where the Gods are supposed to reside, but all I saw was  a lone patch of cloud making a sinister and sarcastic smile on the clear blue sky!!!last_img read more