King Mohammed VI to Visit Fez, May Inaugurate Aeronautics Zone

Rabat – King Mohammed VI is expected to visit the city of Fez on Sunday, April 7. Civil services members are preparing for the royal visit by cleaning and setting up flags in preparation for the monarch’s visit, a source told Morocco World News Friday. The source added that the King is expected to inaugurate socio-economic projects in the city. The visit may also include the inauguration of an aeronautics economic free zone, the first of its kind in the Fez-Meknes region. The industrial zone will be inaugurated in Ain Cheggag, a town in the Fez-Meknes region, according to MWN’s source.The state-owned news agency has not reported any updates about the possible free zone, a project that was unveiled by Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani in January 2018.Read Also: Oxford: Vocational Training, Industries to Increase Morocco’s EconomyEl Othmani said that the government is “reflecting on the subject in collaboration with the Ministries of Industry, Investment, Finance as well as Education and the local officials.”He also expressed hope that the project’s implementation would offer more job opportunities.“All the parties concerned by this project will work together to make it come true, and convince investors of its importance and urgency,” El Othmani stated.In addition to the automotive industry, the aeronautics sector has been fruitful for Morocco, as it boosted its economic performance. The geographical strategy of the kingdom attracted several international firms to build factories in Morocco, using it as a gateway to Europe and Africa.The Oxford Business Group said in March in an overview about Morocco’s economy that Morocco’s plans to promote economic development through investment “has witnessed success, in particular in the automotive and aeronautics sectors.”Oxford said that industry contributed an average of about 19 percent to GDP, and “in 2017 this increased, raising the sector’s contribution to around 25% of GDP.” In March local media reported that the King would visit the city to launch socioeconomic projects.The King’s last visit to the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco was in August 24, 2018. read more

Army may scale down operations in Meethotamulla

However he said the machinery used for the search and rescue operations will remain in Meethotamulla for the moment. The Army deployed a large contingent to Meethotamulla following the garbage dump landslide in which 32 people have been confirmed killed so far. The Army says it may scale down its operations in Meethotamulla following a week-long search and rescue.Army spokesman Brigadier Roshan Seneviratne told the Colombo Gazette the Army is considering reducing the number of troops involved in the operations in Meethotamulla. Meanwhile, the Urban Development Authority is to handover 98 new houses to the owners of 98 houses destroyed in the Meethotamulla tragedy.A monthly allowance of Rs. 50,000 is also to be provided to the families to be relocated from Meethotamulla for thee months. (Colombo Gazette) read more